Caroline shows up at Kayla’s to see Lil Joe. Kayla says he slept all night. Caroline tells Kayla she wants to talk to her about Bo. She says she is very worried about him. Caroline thinks this could have something to do with Paul Hollingsworth. She tells Kayla about the jacket being found. Kayla tells her that Steve is trying to find out what he can from Bo.

Steve goes to see Bo and asks him to go have a beer. Bo says it is only 11 am and he can’t go anywhere. Bo says he shouldn’t have told him what he told him last night.. Steve tells him he thinks he did the right thing. Bo thinks Phillip could have killed Paul. Bo tells him he could lose his badge. He says he could lose everything including Hope. He says he can’t include Hope in this. Steve thinks she will eventually figure it out on her own. Bo says he just can’t let her get involved. Steve says he will see what he can dig up on Paul. Steve tells Bo these secrets have a way of coming back and biting him, he says believe him, he knows.

Kate and Phillip are eating and they talk about Bo. He tells her that Bo actually thinks he killed Hollingsworth. She sips her coffee and says he might not be the only one. Kate swears that she believes Phillip is innocent. She says she destroyed the evidence so they can’t pin him on it. Henderson walks in and hands Phillip a note he found on the front doorstep. Phillip shows Kate the note. It says “I know your secret” Phillip says someone is obviously trying to get to him and he doesn’t like it. Kate asks who he thinks is doing it. He says who else, John Black and he is going to put a stop to it, and he walks out. Kate burns the note and says if John or anyone else threatens her son it will be the last thing they do.

Ava tells John last night was incredible and so was this morning. John is reading the paper and Ava tells him they look like an old married couple. He tells her he is reading that they found Paul’s jacket in the river and are dragging it for the body. He says too bad it’s a waste of time. Marlena walks in and asks John how he knows it is a waste of time. John tells Marlena that she just can’t get enough of this place. He says she is always welcome here after all she is his wife. She tells him he doesn’t act like it. Ava says she is going to go upstairs but John tells her she doesn’t have to go. EJ walks in and tells Ava they need to talk.

Ava tells EJ they can talk later. She tells John thanks for last night and for this morning too. Marlena tells John that it looks like he and Ava have gotten mighty friendly. He tells her Ava doesn’t try to change him. She reminds him that is infidelity. John tells her then she has grounds for a divorce. She asks him if that is what he wants. He tells her he can’t give her what she wants. She says the sad thing is he never tried.

Marlena goes to talk to Rolf who is worried if he helps her John would go after him. Marlena tells him they are working on immunity for him. Rolf says there is nothing he can do. She tells him John will never find out.

Steve comes in and asks how his favorite mother in law is. Kayla says her mother came by to see the baby and also because she is concerned about Bo. Steve says he just saw Bo and he seemed ok. The drill him about what Bo said to him. They tell him they are really worried. He tells them he doesn’t think they have anything to worry about. Caroline and Kayla decide to go talk to Bo themselves, leaving Steve to watch the baby.

Ava sees Marlena at the pub and she apologizes about her and John. Marlena tells Ava she is going to fight for her husband. She tells Ava to enjoy it while it lasts because when the real John comes back he will be through with her.

Caroline and Kayla go to see Bo. Caroline goes upstairs to see Ciara leaving Kayla to talk to Bo. Bo assures her that there is nothing wrong and he is OK. He tells her that she should know that his little surprise he had for Hope is canceled. He says it isn’t the right time for it. Kayla tells him she has to go but she tells him not to cancel that surprise and to tell Hope what is bothering him. She says she knows Hope will understand. Kayla leaves and Caroline comes down and says it is true.

Ava goes to see Steve to talk to him and Kayla. He tells her Kayla isn’t there so whatever she has to say she can just say it to him. He lets her in and she says she wants him to know she is so sorry about all the trouble she has caused him and his family. She wants him to know she is a different person now that she is off those drugs. She says she is moving on with her life. He says yeah with a married man. She says she and John are a couple of misfits. She tells Steve she wants him to consider testifying on her behalf at her trial. Steve tells her he won’t lie for her. She tells him he can testify that she is a different person when the drugs were messing with her head. Steve tells her he is confused. He says he thought she wanted to pay for what she did. She tells him John helped her to see that she isn’t responsible for what happened. Steve finally agrees to tell them about the person she use to be but that is all he is going to do. She says that is all she is asking. She starts to leave just as Kayla walks in. Kayla wants to know what is going on. Steve tells her she came to ask if he would testify on her behalf. She asks what did he tell her. He says he told her he wouldn’t lie.

EJ gets Judge Fitzpatrick back over to discuss Ava’s trial. She doesn’t know what she has to do with it though. He says he wants to have the trial moved back to the US. She tells EJ that isn’t unreasonable at all. He tells her how good it is that they are becoming such good friends and he’d like to keep it that way. When she leaves EJ tells John having the good judge as a friend will be good for his trial too. Without warning Morgan storms in and tells John she wants to know what he did with her father.

Caroline tells Bo that Daniel still won’t let Victor have visitors. Bo thinks Daniel has it in for him because he doesn’t like him dating his daughter. Bo says the pressure he is under is work related. Caroline pleads with him to tell Hope. She asks him what about the surprise. He tells her it is going on as planned and nothing to worry about.

Morgan tells John he killed her father and she wants him to admit it before she kills him herself. Eddie walks in and John tells him it isn’t a good time and besides Ava isn’t there. Eddies tells John Ava is on her way. He says she wanted him there when she talks to her attorney. Morgan starts screaming again swearing she isn’t going anywhere until she gets some answers. John says he understands that Morgan is upset. EJ tries to come between them defending John. She swears John will pay for this. He gives her his word that he didn’t do anything to her father. She asks him did he have her father taken out. She starts screaming and asks where is he?

Phillip runs in and Morgan keeps going on and on saying she isn’t going anywhere until she gets her answers. John tells Phillip to take her out of there. Morgan starts digging through her purse and Eddie sees her. He draws his gun and shoots. Phillip dives in front of Morgan. John just stands there and looks.

Jan Barrett

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