Max is excited about meeting his sister. He discusses with Stephanie about what he is going to say when he sees her. He asks the conductor out in the hall how much longer it will be before they get to Marseilles but doesn’t understand his answer so Stephanie tells him the man said they were a half hour away but there is a slight delay. She goes to see if she can find more out. She comes back and says they are 30 miles away but there will be a delay because there is something on the tracks and they don’t know how long they will be stopped.

Daniel takes Chelsea out to the balcony of the apartment to show her the view. Daniel wonders if the super would let him sleep out there from time to time. She asks him if he is kidding. He says he didn’t know she was half empty kind of girl. She asks him if he is committed to staying in Salem for a while. He says for a variety of reasons. She asks what those reasons might be. He says only one comes to mind and he says her.

Marlena goes to see Roman and tells him she is ethically unable to give them the details of her conversation with Ava. They talk about Sami almost subletting her apartment to Ava. They leave to go see Steve and Kayla.

Steve is switching channels on the TV and hears the news. He turns the TV off and then starts reading when Kayla comes out. He apologizes to her about his thing with Ava. He says he can’t forgive himself for her father’s death. Kayla says the sooner Ava is behind bars the better. Steve is having trouble sleeping. He says he knows he isn’t supposed to say it but he wishes Stephanie hadn’t have gone to meet Max. Roman and Marlena knock on the door. Roman says he hopes this isn’t a bad time. Steve tells Roman that he and Kayla both will testify against Ava at her trial. Marlena notices Kayla acting strange so she asks her if she is ok. Kayla tells her about the fight she and Steve had over Ava wanting to sublet Sami’s apartment across the hall. She tells Marlena she lost it with Steve.

Roman thinks Ava might do time for this. He tells him about one of Ava’s henchmen cutting a deal and will testify against her. Roman tells him he knows part of him feels guilty but he assures him this is not his fault.

John asks Ava if she is done talking to EJ. He tells her that he is sure that EJ will come up with something to help her. He thinks a jury trial would be good, and then reminds her that he is still facing charges himself. She tells him there is another option for both of them. They could just skip bail and leave the country. John says it sounds tempting but he doesn’t have to run because he is innocent. Ava tells him she heard him talking to Tony and she heard Tony says Hollingsworth is dead. He scolds her for listening in to his conversation but she says she was outside the room and couldn’t help but overhear. She thinks they will accuse John of murder.

John says he still won’t run. Ava accuses him of not wanting to leave because of Marlena. John tells her that Blondie has no say in his decisions. Ava says she is afraid she will lose him if she goes to prison because Marlena won’t give up. John tells her he doesn’t like the fact that she has already resigned herself to prison. She says she hasn’t given up. She says she doesn’t give up that easy. He tells her he is going to make a phone cal and see what he can do.

While he is gone the doorbell rings and Ava answers it. Marlena is at the door. Marlena tells her that she is prohibited against testifying against her. She asks Ava if she found a place to live. John walks in and says Ava will be staying with him. Marlena asks him if she can talk to him privately. Ava walks out the room and Marlena tells John she wants to ask him something that is important and she wants him to tell her the truth. John says he already knows what she is going to ask. She tells him it is not about Ava. He tells her she wants to know if he had anything to do with Paul’s disappearance. She asks him did he? When John lights a cigar she asks him did he kill him.

Morgan asks Bo and Phillip what is going on between them. Bo says it is personal so she assumes it has something to do with their father. Phillip goes to talk to Morgan and she tells him she heard cops talking and saying that his body could be down river by now. She starts whining to Phillip and he hugs her. Bo watches and gets irritated seeing Phillip with Morgan. Phillip invites Morgan to go to his house with him, and Bo watches them leave. He gets mad and slams his notebook onto his desk.

Marlena comes out and asks him if he is OK. He tells her he is fine but it is just a frustrating case he is working on. Bo goes to Phillip before they leave and asks if he can have a word with him. He tells Phillip that he really doesn’t want to believe that he has anything to do with Paul’s death but it is stupid for him to be hanging out with the man’s daughter. Phillip tells him she needs him right now and he is going to be there for her. He says he has nothing to do with Paul’s disappearance and then says he is taking Morgan home.

When they leave Bo makes a phone call and tells someone to bring him everything they have on the Hollingsworth case. Later when looking at the files he says there has to be something there that he didn’t see before and says he has to find it.

Kayla and Steve talk about Ava. Steve tells her that if Ava is convicted she’ll be going away for a long time. He says she nearly killed them and now she is messing with John and Marlena. He says sick and drugged or sane and sober, Ava is dangerous. Stephanie calls to check in and tells them she loves them. When they hang up Steve tells Kayla she is glad she called. She asks him if he feels better and he says yes. He says maybe they need to get some sleep. She says she has a better idea. She has a mission for him and it involves beer. Steve repeats the word, beer!

Morgan thanks Phillip for bringing her to his house. He offers her something to eat but she doesn’t want anything. He asks if there is anything he can get for her. She says yes a big hug. Phillip hugs her.

Bo and Steve drink a beer together at the pub. Steve complains about Lil Joe’s feeding schedule. Bo asks him how come he called him. Steve tells him Kayla wanted him to talk to him because Marlena was worried about him. Steve asks Bo if he is in trouble. Bo says not yet. Bo tells him how he covered up some evidence to protect Phillip.

Jan Barrett

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