Ava says she has been tortured by the high heels she was wearing as John rubs her foot. She tells John that making love with him was magical and she would adore a repeat performance. He says so would he but not there because someone might walk in. EJ comes in and John tells him he was just helping Ava unwind after a hard day of apartment hunting. EJ tells her that he just came back from a meeting with the assistant DA. He tells her she shouldn’t be making any long term plans right now. John leaves EJ and Ave to talk about her case. EJ explains to her what is going on in her case. He thinks they are holding all the cards and this is going to be really tough.

EJ tells Ava that the DA’s office has overwhelming evidence against her. He says three people lost their lives and even though she was under the influence of the drugs he thinks they still have a strong case but he says he will do everything he can for her. Ava thinks they have her then. She says if she could go back and change any of it she would.

EJ tells her he can’t remember his name but one of her cousins that sabotaged the plane is willing to testify against her in exchange for immunity. He says the Irish government wants to try the case in Ireland but he will try to make sure she isn’t extradited. He tells her that is she doesn’t get the right judge or a miracle she will have to start thinking about making a deal. He tells her she will probably go to prison. He thinks she should make a deal as quickly as possible.

Ava wishes her Daddy was still alive. She says he would have taken care of all this for her. EJ tells her to talk to all the good and powerful people she knows and he will do the same. He says he will talk to John but she says no, she will take care of this. She says she needs a moment to think and she will wait for EJ to come back. When EJ leaves Ava falls apart.

Kate and Tony are celebrating money when Roman walks up and Kate tells him why they are. She knows whom she owes it all to.. She tells him she owes it to the great American consumer. Tony tells her she will knock Martha Stewart off her pastel painted perch in no time.

Roman gets a phone call and asks the caller if they are sure about that. Then he tells them he will be right there. Kate asks him what’s up and he tells her there is some new information that Paul might have met with foul play. He tells Kate he can’t discuss an ongoing case with her. Kate thinks back to when she destroyed the tape.

When Roman leaves Tony asks Kate what is going on. She says she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He sees right through her and asks what is going on again and then says maybe he should ask what she is trying to hide. Kate tells Tony he is reading too much into this. She tells him it is just that Paul’s possible murder upsets her. She decides she needs to call Phillip.

Tony thinks back to a conversation he had with John about Paul. Tony wonders if Uncle John has anything to do with this. Kate calls Phillip and tells him Roman may have evidence proving Paul was murdered. Phillip tells her he can’t talk and he hangs up. Tony asks her how Phillip is doing. He tells Kate he has another meeting. He says no rest for the wicked. He calls Anna and leaves her a voicemail telling her he is going to see John and would meet her at the pub later.

When Hope gets home, Bo tells her about them finding Paul’s jacket. Bo calls Phillip but doesn’t get an answer. He throws a fit causing Hope to think something is wrong so she asks him if he knows something about Paul’s disappearance. Bo says he doesn’t know anymore about the case than she does. Hope still thinks he is hiding something and asks him what it is. He tells her he keeps thinking about John and possible motives for him. She wants more details. He says he doesn’t want to get into it tonight. He says he doesn’t want her involved in this. He wants to take over the case on his own. She asks him if he is kidding her. He tells her it is for her own good. Hope keeps after Bo. He tells her he has a good reason for keeping her out of this. She asks him if he is in danger. Bo tells her he isn’t in any danger but he has things to take care of. He tells her to trust him as he walks out. She says she can’t trust him.

When Morgan gets to the station Abe asks Phillip to wait outside the office while he talked to Morgan. Morgan asks Abe where they found her father’s jacket. Abe tells her up further up the river. She asks him if he thinks her father drowned. Abe says that they can’t rule out drowning but they are trying not to jump to conclusions. He advises her to do the same. Morgan says her father just can’t be dead.

Morgan fills Phillip in on what Abe told her. She tells him her mind keeps taking her where she doesn’t want to go. She tells Phillip she and her mom got along but her mom just never could understand her but she always got along with her Father. She says she was always a daddy’s girl. She tells him a story about how she and her father made a model volcano and how it messed the kitchen up. Then she tells Phillip she just knows her father wouldn’t have just left her unless he was scared of someone or something. She says all she wants to do is protect her father but she is afraid she may be too late. She says she prays he is trying to make his way back to her now.

Abe orders the cops to drag the river for Hollingsworth’s body and Morgan becomes unglued. Abe and Roman try to calm Morgan down. She begs them to just please find her father. Bo walks in and Morgan says she needs to call her mother. Roman tells Bo he thinks they will find Paul’s body in the river. Bo drags Phillip off privately and accuses him of killing Paul. Phillip says he is only guilty of threatening him, he didn’t kill him. Bo thinks he made a mistake by listening to Victor. Phillip tells him it wasn’t. He knows Bo did it for their father and he will never forget what he has done for him. Bo tells him you damned right he won’t, especially since what he did was to let him get away with murder.

Bo thinks Victor will do anything to get what he wants and then says Like Father like son. Phillip tells Bo that Victor will do anything to protect his family. Phillip tells Bo he appreciates his risking his career for him. Phillip says what’s done is done but Bo says that doesn’t mean he can let it go. Bo tells Phillip if it turns out he is the killer, he will confess to what he did and turn him in himself. When he opens the office door Morgan is standing there.

Anna goes to the Pub and Kate tells her she just missed Tony. Anna checks her messages and hears that Tony is at John’s so she decides to wait there for him. She tells Kate she spoke to Carrie and she and Austin are going to try to start a family. Anna thinks of herself as a grandmother. She says there is a shocker. Kate tells her after the first one it gets easier.

Tony goes to see John. John says what an unexpected surprise. Tony says a good one he hopes. John asks him what he wants. Tony tells John he thinks Stefano’s house suits him just fine. John wants him to get to the point of his visit. Tony tells him he came to talk to him about one of his clients. John asks what client that might be. Tony says Paul Hollingsworth. Tony wonders why John was so eager to help Paul. John says he felt sorry for the guy. John says if that double crossing scum ever crosses his door again he will rip his heart out and feed it to his dogs. Tony says that sounds delicious but the man is probably already dead.

Jan Barrett

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