Chelsea meets Daniel at the pub and they talk about her new job. She tells him that she is ok with not being able to have kids. She says she does get sad about it but she is really ok about it. He thinks about it all the time and feels responsible but she doesn’t blame him. She says he is a great doctor. She says even though she can’t have her own children she can always adopt so she does have options. She mentions her Dad and grandpa and asks him how they are doing. Daniel tells her that he thinks Bo is stressed out about something but he doesn’t know what. She says she has noticed he has been a little weird lately. He is concerned about Victor though. He says he thinks though that Bo and Phillip need to chill out and calm down when they are around Victor. He says when ever they go in Victor’s room he becomes very agitated. Chelsea says she will talk to Bo about that. She invites Daniel to have dinner with them at home and she assures him that Bo will be cool with it. Daniel agrees.

Abe says there is something off about that package that Morgan got from her father and he wants to know what it is. Lexi comes in and shows Abe a list of possible therapies for Theo. Abe is worried that Theo will be so busy with therapy that he won’t have time to be a kid. Lexi says that is just it, without the therapy he won’t know how to play. Lexi asks him why he seems so hesitant. He says he isn’t and then explains. He says he is worried about the expense for all this therapy and for Theo’s financial future. He asks about how much is this going to cost them. Lexi tells him about 1 or 2 thousand a month as a ball park figure and he asks if that is on top of their insurance deductible. She says yes. Lexi says maybe they can dip into Theo’s college fund if they have to. He asks her if that means Theo won’t be able to go to college. Abe gets a call and tells Lexi it is work and he has to take the call. When he hangs up she asks him what it is. He tells her they just might have gotten a break in the Paul Hollingsworth case.

Kate is at the mansion with Phillip and he is filled with guilt. She assures him that the recording has been destroyed.  She hopes he can be relieved that he doesn’t have to worry about it now. He says Bo cleaned up the mess he made but he says he still can’t make this right about himself right now. Kate tells Phillip that Bo knows what he is doing. Phillip tells her she has no idea what he is capable of. She says she knows he is not capable of murder. He tells her he has done things that she wouldn’t be so proud of. She tells him to tell her what he has done.

He tells her she will find out soon enough. She says she wants to know now. He tells her what he did was for the family. He is feeling guilty for what Bo is doing right now for him. He says what Bo did goes against everything he believes in. He says if he is caught he could go to jail. He says Bo is protecting him and risking his reputation and his family and their future. He asks Kate how he is supposed to live with that.

They argue some more and suddenly Morgan comes in and Kate says this is a surprise. Phillip says he invited her. Phillip hugs her and asks her if she is ok. She says she is ok now that she is with him. Kate leaves and Morgan thinks she is being too paranoid over Kate leaving because of her. Phillip thinks it is just because they are both so stressed over their fathers. She tells Phillip there is still no news about her father. She says she just doesn’t know what could have happened to him.

Caroline is serving dinner for Bo while watching Ciara. When they send Ciara out the room Caroline asks Bo if something happened between him and Victor. She asks if he had a fight with him but Bo says no. Bo tells her that since his Pops died, the thought of having to bury his biological father now is too much for him to deal with right now. Caroline apologizes for being so insensitive. Caroline thinks Victor will be fine. She says her grandfather use to say that pain is like a dog. You got to let it out, you got to walk it and if you don’t someday it will chew up the couch.

Max slips out of bed leaving Stephanie sleeping. Later Stephanie wakes up thinking Max is next to her but finds a stranger. She jumps up and screams for Max but the man keeps talking to her in French. She has flashbacks from when she was raped and screams more for Max. She reaches inside her purse and reaches for her mace. She points it at the man and he asks her what that is. She tells him something in French and says she picked it up in France. She tells him as she points it at him to get out so he blows her a kiss and leaves.

When Max returns he has coffee, juice, fruit and croissants. He asks Stephanie if anything exciting happened while he was gone and she tells him no but then she admits about the man that was in the room trying to steal her wallet when she woke up, She shows him her mace and tells him that is what she used to get rid of the guy. Max thinks they need to report this but she says she already did. She says to see that she can really take care of herself. She thanks him for the breakfast. He says he is excited about possibly meeting his biological sister. He says plus he has the love of his life with him.

Chelsea gets home and sees Ciara and asks her is she knows where her little sister is. Caroline comes in and Chelsea says she didn’t realize she was going to be there. Caroline says she was just there to help and says they are too late for dinner but offers to fix them something anyway. Bo tells them Hope is working some overtime and then he asks Daniel how Victor is doing.

Bo excuses himself to make a phone call. Daniel tells Chelsea that he is on call so he needs to go get his phone. When he walks into the other room, he tells Bo he wants to talk to him. Daniel tells Bo that he needs Bo to deal with his business on his own and not in Victor’s room. He tells him if not he is going to put him back in the hospital and lock him in the room with a do not disturb sign on the door. He is worried about Bo being under so much stress. He says his patients, his rules. Daniel’s phone rings.

Caroline tells Chelsea that her dad and Daniel look pretty serious in there and wonders what it is all about. Chelsea goes into the room and asks if everything is ok. Bo tells her that her boyfriend is just an overprotective doctor. When Daniel gets off the phone he tells them that he just got a report that every time Bo and Phillip goes in Victor’s room his blood pressure goes up so from now on, no more visitors.

Chelsea tells Bo and Caroline all about her new job as they sit down to talk. Daniel says he has to go because he is going to look at an apartment that he might rent and invites Chelsea to go with him and let her know what she thinks. She says yes but she will meet him after she helps her Dad and grandma cleanup. When Ciara calls out Bo goes to take care of her. Chelsea asks Caroline what is wrong with her Dad. After they talk Caroline tells Chelsea that he father loves her with all of his heart.

Kate runs into Daniel while he is looking at the apartment. He says that timing is every thing. He asks her how it makes her feel. She says what matters is how it makes him feel.
Kate thinks Chelsea will like this apartment with an amazing view. She says it is perfect. He says perfectly twisted. She tells him he is a good man. He says if he was a good man then he wouldn’t be in this position. Kate asks Daniel if he can promise her to never hurt Chelsea. He tells her he will never hurt her but she can never know what happened, and Kate agrees to never tell her.

While Morgan is talking with Phillip, Abe calls her and asks her to come down to the station to talk about new information on the case. When she hangs up she asks Phillip if he will do her a favor and go with her. Of course he says yes.

Abe calls Bo and tells him that they found something in the Paul Hollingsworth case. Meanwhile at the police station Abe tells Morgan that they found something but he doesn’t want her to get upset because it could be good or bad news. She asks him what they found. He says they found his jacket. She wants to know where. He says they found it floating in the river.

Jan Barrett

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