On the train to Marseilles Max asks the conductor what time the train will be arriving but he can’t understand what the guy says. When he shuts the door and sits back down the door opens again and it is Stephanie and she plops down on his lap speaking French. Stephanie explains to Max how she got there. Max thinks Steve is going to kill him now but she swears that she talked to her Dad before coming and he was ok with it. He says he wishes she hadn’t come but she insists that she can help him. He says she is going home at the next stop. They argue over whether or not she is staying. He says he did what he thought was best. Stephanie says what’s best is having someone to lean on. She says she has been by his side through everything and that is where she is going to stay.

Ava meets with Nicole at the pub and they catch up with their love lives. Ava tells Nicole that she and John fooled around a little but John kept it PG-13 and that is it. Nicole asks what the point of foreplay is if you’re not going to play it. She says she just don’t get it. Ava confesses that she doesn’t think John is over Marlena. Nicole admits to Ava that she and EJ did it in the elevator when the power went out. She tells Ava she pushed EJ away after though. She says she screwed up and she doesn’t think she can fix it now. Nicole encourages Nicole to go after EJ. She tells Nicole that EJ likes her. She tells her to call him and invite him for coffee and take it slow. Nicole says she wishes she could but she can’t. Ava asks her how come. Nicole asks Ava if she tells her something she has to promise her she won’t tell a soul. Ava asks her what is it. Ava says OMG and she says to trust her she won’t say a word. Ava says she is glad she told her and isn’t she glad she got it off her chest.

Rolf goes into the pub dressed up like a motorcycle racer. Marlena tells him he looks like an extra from the Sopranos. He says if John finds out he is there he will be sleeping with the fishes. He asks Marlena what’s this all about. John calls Rolf and interrupts telling him to pick up a bottle of port on the way home from his ceramic class. John tells him when he gets home they are going to have a little talk. Marlena shows Rolf the broken disc. She tells him she wants him to help her put it back together again. Rolf tells Marlena that if the old John would resurface them he would get life in prison without parole. Marlena tells him not if she can get him immunity. Marlena tries to talk Rolf into doing this for her. He says he doesn’t trust her. Marlena tells Rolf that if he doesn’t help her she will just have to find someone else to help her and if that happens he will go back to jail.

EJ tells John his guest should be there any minute. He asks John if he still doesn’t trust him. John says no, but EJ says he will after this night is over. Judge Fitzpatrick comes in and when she and EJ are talking John walks in and she is disappointed that John didn’t recognize her. When he leaves the room, she tells EJ, that poor man, to think what he’s gone through. They talk about how generous John use to be with his charitable donations. EJ tells her that John has asked him to make a small donation to her campaign this year. He hands her a check and she says she can’t accept this. EJ brings up that he is sure that her opponent wouldn’t have any problems accepting the donation. He hands her the check and tells her if she decides to cash it is up to her. She takes the check and leaves. On her way out John walks in and she thanks him for the donation.

John admits he watched it on the closed circuit TV. He says he did well. John tells EJ he doesn’t trust anyone. EJ says but he is pleased how he handled things. John agrees. He says one good deed doesn’t change the fact that he shot him and relieved him of a kidney. EJ says that was a long time ago. John says they can do business if EJ can prove to him that he can be as loyal as EJ was to Stefano. He tells him but first he has to figure out what to do with Samantha. John says he knows EJ is still in love with Sami, even though EJ tries denying it. John says he is sure he would like another roll in the hay with her. EJ won’t deny that though. John mentions the court order and says they are both aware of his motivation. EJ says his motivation was to protect his son. EJ asks John since when does he care so much for Sami. John says she is starting to grow on him. EJ thinks this has more to do with Marlena. He says he thinks John is trying to score points with Blondie. John tells EJ not to worry about Marlena.

Lucas wants to know what is going on. Roman tells him there has been a slight change of plans. He tells him he isn’t going back to Statesville. Lucas wants to know where he is going then. Roman says to someplace much worse. Roman fills Lucas in and Lucas agrees. He tells Roman not to tell Sami. He says she will freak out when she finds out he is going to maximum security. Sami walks in just as Lucas says that and she asks, “What?” Sami is freaking out and Roman says he is sorry but it is out of his hands.

Roman gives Lucas and Sami some time alone. Lucas tells her he called Will and talked to him and he is upset. Lucas says he knows he let everyone down and now he has to pay the price. She says Allie is the one paying the price. Sami says she wishes he had been thinking of his daughter when he decided to have sex with Cloe. Lucas says he knows it hurt and then says he knows how it feels to be hurt. He says it hurt hearing that she has feelings for EJ too.

She asks him how come he had to go to Cloe instead of talking to her. Lucas tells her that he tried to be civilized but thinks that he may not be as noble as he thought he was. She begs him to fight this. Lucas says he can’t accept her having feelings for Cloe. She tells him she will shut EJ out of her life. He says but she has a child with EJ. He asks her if she is ready to call EJ a mistake. She asks him what about Cloe, is he saying she was a mistake.

Before he can answer they come to take Lucas back to his cell. He promises to find a way out of all this. Sami asks him as he is going out the door, so he can come back to Cloe. He says so he can come back home to Allie. Sami cries when they leave. Sami gives Roman a picture of Allie to give Lucas for her. When she is about to leave he invites her to have dinner with him and she agrees.

Sami storms in asking for Rolf. EJ asks her what happened. She tells him Lucas is heading back to prison. John says one less mouth to feed. EJ says maybe now is a good time to move on. She asks with who, him? He tells her not to flatter herself. Sami says Lucas made a mistake. She tells EJ she knows what it feels like since she made a mistake with him. She says she will forgive Lucas but she will never forgive EJ.

When Sami leaves John tells EJ he would suggests he backs off with the threats to Sami. EJ says that is his only leverage. John tells EJ that Sami loves the twins and he says what EJ is doing is cruel. John won’t say whether or not he is going to accept EJ working for him. He says they have a few things to iron out. First he isn’t working with him, he will be working for him. Second he still hasn’t proved himself. EJ says he wouldn’t worry about that. He is pretty sure he can prove himself.

Lucas goes back to Roman’s office. Roman gives him the picture of Allie. Lucas remarks how cute she is. Roman tells Lucas to remember he is doing this for Allie. Lucas says he just hopes the next time she sees him it isn’t at his funeral.

Jan Barrett

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