Max text messages Stephanie telling her that he is glad she isn’t upset with him. He tells her that he loves her and will talk to her soon.

Caroline asks Stephanie if she has seen Max. Stephanie tells her she doesn’t think he will be coming home soon. She tells her not to be upset but he is on his way to France. Stephanie gives Caroline the letter that Max left them telling her that he is going to France to find his sister. Caroline tells Stephanie she is sorry Max didn’t tell her in person but she understands.

Chelsea comes in and Stephanie fills her in. She says she wishes Max hadn’t lied to her and then says Trent Robbins is the blame for all of this.

EJ sees Trent outside the Pub and greets him calling him Brent. Trent tells him the name is Trent. EJ says oh yes like the river in England. Trent reminds EJ that he and Nicole are close friends. When Caroline leaves for the hospital she bumps into Trent outside and scolds him saying this is all his fault and then storms off. EJ says he thinks she is not his number one fan.

Nicole walks up and Trent tells her to tell EJ they are old friends. Nicole and Trent start to go inside the pub but EJ stops them asking to speak to Nicole. He says he doesn’t like Trent but Nicole tells him she can take care of herself. Trent says he thinks the two of them are done and tells Nicole to come with him. Trent tells Nicole that he warned her about EJ. She tells him she didn’t know he was going to be there. Trent tells her he needs her to do a little detective work for him.

Morgan goes to see Bo but when he isn’t there she tells Abe she doesn’t want the money her father left for her. She tells Abe they can give it back to her father when they find him.

Roman tells Marlena they need to talk. She asks him what is wrong. Then he informs her that he wants to talk about Sami. Roman tells Marlena about the things going on with Sami, Lucas and EJ. He tells her that EJ and Nicole got together in the elevator while the power was out and apparently Lucas and Cloe were together in the other elevator too. Marlena is shocked when she hears everything from Roman. He tells her that Sami was devastated. Marlena says they should have seen this coming. She says Sami has been playing them against each other for forever now. She tells Roman this is her fault. He tells her she can’t blame herself. Marlena thinks that Sami spent years watching her torn between two men. Roman thinks maybe Sami just might be a little to blame here. Abe interrupts and when Marlena leaves Abe tells Roman that Morgan doesn’t want the money.

Victor talks Bo into giving him the recording. When he leaves Victor’s room he sees Kate and Phillip. Kate asks what is wrong. Bo tells her to talk to Phillip about that. He says right now he wants a word alone with Phillip. Bo walks off with Phillip. Daniel stops Kate as she is about to go in the room with Victor saying no visitors. She asks Daniel if she is making him uncomfortable. Saying she doesn’t wants things to be awkward between them. He says he doesn’t think they should be talking about this anymore. Kate says Chelsea is a lucky girl. Daniel finally lets her go in to sit with Victor but tells her so sit quietly.

Ava wants to celebrate now that John got rid of that disc. She tells him it must feel good. He says she has no idea. She makes a toast to the future and to starting over. John says and to the beautiful woman that made it all happen. Ava and John are alone on the sofa when EJ walks in and says he isn’t in the mood for the two of them frolicking. Ava tells him he should stop dressing like an attorney and wear jeans and a t-shirt once in a while. She goes to the kitchen and John tells EJ she is right. EJ says he is tired of being the nice guy and is planning on making some changes and says he has a proposition for him. EJ tells John he has always admired him. He says the two of them are not so different. EJ wants to get involved in John’s business. John says he prefers to work alone but wonders what EJ can bring to the table. EJ says he can give him legal expertise. And he has an understanding on his father’s business dealings. John says he san get all of this elsewhere but then again EJ is family. EJ reminds John that after all he wasn’t always Mr. Nice Guy. John tells him ok if he wants to work for him then he will give it a shot.

Bo brings Phillip to his house to talk to him and when he sees Hope isn’t home he drills Phillip. He tells Phillip he knows he threatened to kill Paul. Phillip asks him who told him that and Bo says he did, and then tells him about the recording. Phillip says a threat isn’t a confession. Bo asks him out right if he killed Paul. Phillip says he did not kill Paul and he can’t believe he asked him that. Bo asks Phillip that alive or dead does he know where Paul is. He tells Phillip that all this is off the record. He says only because of Victor. Bo says this goes against everything he believes in but he did it for their father. Bo explains to him why he did this for Victor. He is upset because he let his emotions get in the way of his judgment. He says he is withholding evidence to protect his sorry butt. Phillip tells him to believe this, he didn’t kill him and he walks out.

Marlena talks to Abe about their problems with Theo and she suggests a support group them to join that meets at the hospital. Abe thanks her and says they were planning on joining the group. Marlena says she thinks that would really help them.

Roman and Marlena talk more about Sami. She wonders if maybe he could bend the rules one more time for Lucas. Roman says there is nothing more he can do to help Lucas. He says he has had three chances already. He says Lucas needs to learn a lesson. She asks him to try for her but he says there is nothing more he can do for Lucas. Marlena begs Roman to at least try until he promises to try with no promises.

Kate goes in with Victor and tells him Phillip left with Bo and wants to know what is going on. She finds the recorder in Victor’s hand. She asks him if he wants her to play it. She turns it on and hears Phillip threatening to kill Paul. All she can say is OMG Phillip. Daniel walks in and sees Victor’s heart rate is accelerating.

Caroline walks in and Kate leaves. Daniel doesn’t think anyone needs to be there right now but Victor wants Caroline to stay. When Daniel leaves she tells Victor they were all so concerned. He tells her that Bo is a good man and he asks her to tell him Thank you. 

When Caroline leaves Kate goes back in the room with Victor and tells him she thinks they both know what she has to do. She takes the tape out and she destroys it. She says she will burn the rest of it. Meanwhile Bo calls Abe and says he has something he needs to tell him. Bo stops and thinks of his talk with Victor then changes his mind and tells Abe he isn’t coming into work today instead.

Nicole walks up to Stephanie, Chelsea and Morgan and asks where Max is. They tell her he will be gone for a few weeks. She says she was just wondering because he was supposed to have ordered some special wine for her. She says no big deal and she leaves. The girls think that is weird. Stephanie says seriously.

Nicole tells Trent that Max is gone but she doesn’t know where. He tells her to get back in there and find out where he went. She tells him if he wants to know more for him to find out himself. Trent grabs her and she tries to free herself. He says he thinks she has fallen for EJ. He warns her to stay away from EJ. She tells him to stay away from her and she walks away. Trent makes a call and as he says Max, you went away without telling your old man, and then he says he is so offended. Max asks him if he wants something else offensive. Max says how about this? Max hangs up.

Jan Barrett

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