Kayla and Steve meet with Stephanie. She tells them that Max lied to her and he is gone. Stephanie tells them she feels so stupid. She says Max told her he had given up on looking for his sister but he lied to her. She wants to know why she was so gullible. She says all she got was some sappy letter and she hands them the letter Max left her. She thinks Max doesn’t trust her anymore. Steve admits that he had warned Max to keep her out of this. Stephanie is mad at Steve for what he did. She says she should be with Max and he should want her to be with him.

Stephanie asks Steve how could he do this to her. Steve says he is sorry. Kayla starts to defend Steve but Stephanie doesn’t want to hear it. She says she is going after Max and he can’t stop her. Kayla tells Steve they need to support her on this. He explains why he is overprotective of her. Stephanie appreciates that he cares for her but she tells him he is going to have to go cold turkey on the overprotective dad thing. Kayla talks to Steve and convinces him that they need to let Stephanie do what she has to do and they need to give her their support.

In France Max is on the train. The ticket man comes to the door to punch his ticket. He sits in his berth and stares out the window as the train is moving. Outside the berth a man takes Max’s picture. Max catches the man taking pictures and orders him to stop, wanting to know what he is doing. The guy recognizes Max as the popular race car driver Max Brady. Max demands that he stops saying he isn’t a race car driver anymore and he wants to stay out of the news. Then he insisted that he deletes the pictures he has taken but the guy runs off.

Max checks his PDA to look at Melanie’s picture when he notices a message from Stephanie telling him she wanted him to know she isn’t mad at him and that she loves him. She says she is with him in spirit. Max just sits and stares after he reads it. Just outside the corridor the man that took the pictures of Max makes a call. He tells whoever he calls to guess who he snapped today. He tells them Max Brady is back and headed to Marseilles.

Hope is reading a book to Ciara when Bo comes downstairs. He tells Hope he tossed and turned all night. She says he just has a lot on his mind. Hope and Ciara go to get some coffee and Bo takes out the tape recording of Phillip talking to Paul, threatening to kill him. Abe knocks on the door so Bo lets him and Theo in. They discuss the case when Hope takes Theo to play with Ciara. Abe tells Bo he just can’t help but think there is a missing piece of the puzzle here. Bo doesn’t show Abe the tape recording. He tells Abe that he doesn’t find it odd that Paul would leave that money for his daughter. Bo says all he wants to do right now is to find out what happened to Hollingsworth. When Hope comes in with coffee, Bo says he has to get going so he leaves.

Abe and Hope start talking about the case. Abe says he thinks something is off here. He starts talking about the problems he and Lexi are having with Theo. He says Theo is their priority and if they are going to be strong for him they have to see things the same way. He says he and Lexi have been through some rough times but this time it is so different. He says they are trying to find a good program for Theo. Suddenly Ciara runs in and tells Hope that Theo is being mean. Abe takes care of it. He tells Hope there is a cease fire between Ciara and Theo now. He separated them and then promised them ice cream. He admits not having much patience with Theo. He says he should have been more supportive when Lexi first noticed Theo was having a problem but he refused. He says he wouldn’t talk about it nor would he accept it.

Phillip fusses at Kate when she tries to fix his hair. He apologizes saying he is just tired. She says she can see he slept there last night and she says Victor would be very touched if he knew. Kate asks Phillip if something happened last night that she should know about. Phillip says he confided in his father. He says it is between him and his dad. Kate thinks now is a bad time for him to do that. He tells Kate the legacy was left in his hands and he blew it. Phillip tells Kate he has said too much now. Bo walks up and Phillip suggests they let him have some time alone with Victor.

Bo goes in to see Victor and Lexi tells him something must have upset him but he is calm now. She leaves and tells him not to stay too long. Victor asks Bo about Hollingsworth. Bo tells him they don’t need to talk about that now. Victor asks him if he got the goods on Phillip. Victor thinks Bo has something on Phillip. He says he knows there is a tape and he wants to know if Bo has it. He tells Bo that he promised to be honorable and to protect Phillip. Bo says withholding evidence is not honorable though. Victor tells Bo to get out then. He asks to at least tell him if the evidence he has against Phillip is outright. Bo tells him no his guilt is inferred. Victor says he is begging him, not to damn his brother. He says Phillip didn’t kill Paul. He asks to hold off but Bo says he can’t. The beepers start going off again and Lexi makes Bo leave.

When Lexi comes out the room Lexi asks what happened but Bo says he doesn’t know. Kate and Phillip walk in and Lexi explains the beepers went off again. She says from now on they have to watch what they talk about to him. Phillip agrees only small talk now. She is off now but Dr. Jonas will be taking over now. She leaves. Kate asks Bo what Victor had to say. Bo tells her he doesn’t know, but why doesn’t she talk to her son. He storms out. Kate says ok that is it, she wants to know what is going on, now. Phillip tells Kate he is tired and he is going home but she stops him. She says if something is about to come out then she has to know. Phillip tells her it is too late for her to help. Kate begs him to tell her. She says it is never too late. He says she will know soon.

Bo is back in the room with Victor and he apologizes for upsetting him before but what he has asked him to do is in moral opposition to everything he believes. Victor asks him if destroying his brother in lines of his morals. He tells Bo he is a cop and he should prove Phillip’s innocence. Victor begs Bo to give him whatever he has on Phillip. When the machines start going off again Bo agrees telling him to calm down.

Lexi goes over to Hope’s to pick up Theo and she is surprised to see Abe still there. Hope goes to get the kids. Abe tells Lexi that the kids have been playing for quite a well. She asks if they were playing separately and he says yes. When she looks worried Abe tells her that he is so proud of her and she says that means a lot to her.

Jan Barrett

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