Bo and Hope are back in the office and they discuss what evidence they have in the Paul Hollingsworth case. They try figuring out what post office Paul sent the package to Morgan from.

Morgan and Phillip go to the post office to pick up the package Paul sent her. She said she is weak and she is scared to see what’s in it. Morgan is whining to Phillip and he tells her he will help her any way he can. Morgan says OMG what if they are here. What if they followed us to see what’s in the package? Phillip assures her that no one followed them. She says well not as far as they can see anyway but as long as he is with her she isn’t worried.

Morgan hands the woman in the post office the paper and says she is there to pick up her package. The woman tells her she is sorry but she is out of luck. The woman tells her they already attempted to deliver the package so now it is probably being returned to the sender. Phillip asks her to go back and look again and see if she can find the package. He tells her it is urgent that they get this piece of mail. She goes to the back and looks. Morgan tells Phillip that was amazing and wonders what she would do without him. The woman comes back with the package and has Morgan sign for it.

Sami is furious with EJ for getting the court order. She calls him a bastard. He tells her that he is protecting his son. She says he is acting just like a DiMera. He says if that means he will protect his family then he is very proud to be a DiMera. She starts to walk out and EJ yells that he will be damned if he is going to let her leave this house with his son. Sami turns around and looks at EJ like she is surprised to hear him say that. Sami accuses EJ of bribing the judge to get the court order.

He asks her if she ever gets tired of playing the victim. She reminds him that he was telling her how much he loved her just a few days ago. He tells her that she was in bed with him one night and then the same day she was throwing herself into Lucas’s arms. He says and then she told Lucas she has feelings for him. He says how anyone dare suggest this might have anything to do with her behavior. He tells her she can leave anytime she wants but not with his son. 

She asks him why is he doing this to her. He says because she was going to leave this house with their son. She says she just wants a family and not this fraud. She wants all this to end. She tells him Lucas is the love of her life. He reminds her that Lucas is in prison. EJ thinks Sami needs a reality check. Sami doesn’t like EJ’s new attitude. He spent months telling her he cares about her and now he is telling her she can go but not with their son. He tells her to just walk away because he really doesn’t care anymore. She wants him to be civil. She says she can see through his act. She says she will never give up. He tells her he was wondering how long it would take for her to start spreading her vicious lies. He asks if she is going to tell the judge he hit his son like she did Lucas. Sami tells him she will do whatever it takes to protect her children.

Sami tells EJ they both want the same thing. She tells him he knows she is a good mother. He tells her she has some serious anger problems. He says this environment is not conducive to the raising of a child. He says it is not the life he wants for his son. She tells him she will always love her son. EJ tells her that her behavior has been disconcerting. He thinks her anger at him will eventually cause her to show resentment towards Johnny. She tells him she loves her son and no one could ever undermine that. She wants him to tear up the court order and forget all of this. He tells her this isn’t some sort of magic that will go away.

He tells her she is not exactly a candidate for mother of the year. She tells him Nicole wouldn’t exactly win the award for Little Suzie Homemaker. He tells her this has nothing to do with Nicole. He says the one time he makes a move to go on with his life she has a fit. He says with Nicole or not with Nicole, does it really matter. Sami doesn’t think is an appropriate caregiver. EJ thinks she is being dramatic.

Sami thinks Nicole is a bad role example, a bad role model. He disagrees saying she is a good person with a warm heart. He thinks she would look after a child like she does her dog. Sami laughs and he says this is serious. EJ says he has only been with Nicole only once. He says after that she blew him off. EJ says he may not be in love with Nicole but he will be with someone else one day and who ever it will be they will be in Johnny’s life. Sami doesn’t envy who he will be with. He tells her who ever it will be she will be a big part of Johnny’s life. Sami says she is the only mother Johnny will ever need. 

He tells her he use to be happy before going there. She suggests that perhaps he returns to that life. He says she might get her wish. He says he contacted Edmund and his mother and told them to expect him and he is taking Johnny with him. She tells him like hell he is. She tells him he isn’t taking her son anywhere as she smacks him in the chest. He says this is great. He is sure his cuts and bruises with impress the judge. She tells him to spare her. He probably already bought off the judge. He tells her good night and he walks away. She yells at him telling him he is not taking her son, she says this is not over. He tells her she got what she wanted and then congratulates her.

Bo gripes when the server goes down on his computer. Hope asks him if he tried an alternate router so she tries and fixes it. They find out the package is still at the post office near Salem University. Bo says the package is at the post office so they better go get it. Hope calls Morgan to let her know. Hope tells Bo she can’t get Morgan on her phone. Bo calls the judge and tells him he needs to intercept a package at the post office to see what is inside it. The babysitter calls so Hope has to go home to check on Ciara.

Bo goes to the post office and he is told that Morgan picked up the package already. He calls Hope and tells her Morgan has the package already.

Morgan doesn’t want to open it there so they go to the pub and order some coffee as they sit at a table. He tells her to take her time and open it when she is ready. She says she is too scared and asks Phillip to open it for her. Phillip is more than willing to open it for her. He says if it too hard for her of course he will.

Hope walks in with Ciara and she tells Caroline that she and Bo is working on a case so Caroline offers to watch Ciara for her. Caroline tells her that Phillip and Morgan are there. Hope starts to call Bo but he walks in. They walk over to the table and stop Phillip before Phillip opens it. Bo won’t let him open it but Phillip tries to keep them from taking it. Bo shows him a warrant for the package. Bo wants to know what’s up with Phillip’s attitude. They ask him to leave saying this is a police matter. Bo tells her since this is a police matter they should take it to the station to open. Morgan whines about not knowing what is in it but she isn’t sure she wants to know.

At the police station Bo tells Morgan to open the package. She finds an envelope full of money with a letter. It says “My Darling Morgan, this should be enough to give you freedom from your mother.” She breaks down and says she can’t read anymore so Hope takes her home. Bo tells her he will hold onto the money and she can pick it up anytime.

Phillip goes to see Victor and whispers to him that he isn’t sure if he can hear him but he doesn’t know who else to turn to. He says he may have really screwed up this time. He did something that can destroy him and the family.

Bo sits down with the package and finds a recording in the bottom of the envelope. When he turns it on he hears Phillips voice telling Paul, “Damit Paul, do what I tell you or I’ll kill you.”

Jan Barrett

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