Kate tells Daniel she is glad Chelsea has him to lean on. She says Chelsea can never find out about what happened between them, it would kill her.

Cloe is on the phone with her mother when Nicole overhears her saying she has sex with Lucas in the elevator. When she hangs up Nicole calls Cloe a tramp accusing her of having sex with Lucas. While they are talking Sami overhears and accuses Cloe of lying. Nicole tells her that it is true and she has heard it from the horse’s mouth. Cloe admits it and blames Sami. She says she ignored Lucas and treated him like dirt. She says she has been playing Lucas and EJ ever since he got out of prison. Cloe turns around to walk away when Sami calls her name and she throws food at her.

Cloe starts throwing food back at Sami and they start an old fashioned food fight until the guys in the pub break it up. Nicole says Lucas is nothing but a horn dog. Cloe tells Sami she has been two-timing Lucas since he got out of prison. She says she needed a friend and so did Lucas. She says he went to the Salem Inn even though she told him it was too risky, so what was she supposed to do. Sami says certainly not Lucas. Sami blames Cloe for Lucas being in jail again. Cloe tells Sami she is playing both Lucas and EJ like puppets. She says she can’t blame anyone but herself for that.

Nicole says she doesn’t know why Lucas would want either one of them anyway. Sami yells that she is not into EJ. Cloe says she is too. Sami grabs another handful of food and aims it at Cloe but she ducks and it hits EJ in the face. EJ wants to know who started this. Cloe and Nicole say Sami. He asks to speak to Sami. They sit down and he tells her she is only thinking of herself. He says Caroline has too much on her plate right now to have to deal with this in the Pub. Sami tells him this is none of his business, but he asks who she would have called if she had been arrested for this. Sami explains that Cloe and Lucas had sex the same night he had sex in the elevator with Nicole. She says Cloe went after Lucas.

EJ reminds her that Lucas is an adult and he did it on his own. Sami turns the tables in him saying he is the reason Lucas and Cloe slept together. EJ sarcastically says that makes complete sense. Sami tells EJ she is taking the twins and moving out of the mansion tonight and she walks out leaving EJ sitting there. Nicole walks over and tells him there goes the woman of his dreams, and she asks him isn’t he going to go after her.  EJ doesn’t say anything, he just gets up and walks out.

Nicole mumbles to herself that whatever he sees in that mindless manipulative twit, she will ever know. She and Cloe sit down and order drinks. Cloe tells Nicole this feels odd. Nicole says this beats drinking alone. Cloe tells her that she drinks like a fish. She says she used to pretend to be her best friend but that was so she could get to Brady. Cloe tells her that Phillip is too busy playing that southern sorority slut Morgan Hollingsworth. Nicole recognizes that name. Cloe makes a statement “Men, who needs them?” Nicole tells her she hopes that was a rhetorical question.

Bo and Phillip are sitting at Victor’s bedside. Bo tells him Victor is strong. Phillip tells Victor he still has a lot to learn and he says he needs him. Bo tells Phillip he can’t give up. Bo says Victor is proud of Phillip. Phillip says he has messed up though. Victor wakes up and says he is so proud in broken words. Daniel comes in and asks Victor how he is feeling. He says like hell. Daniel kicks Bo and Phillip out so he can examine Victor.

Out in the hall Phillip sees Morgan and he is happy to see her. He starts asking about her questions about her father. She tells him that her father apparently knew who it was after him and he left some sort of proof that was supposed to be mailed to her. She said her dad told her in the letter that if anything happens to him she will need what ever this is. She says she is scared. Morgan asks Phillip if he will help her go through her Dad’s things and of course Phillip will be more than happy to.

Kate tells Chelsea that Daniel is the best. Chelsea asks if she thinks so highly of Daniel then how come she wouldn’t let her do surgery on her. Kate says Daniel was too busy but Chelsea says he wasn’t. She wants to know the truth. Kate tells her when she was in the hospital Daniel and she became friends. She says having him as a friend made her uncomfortable about having him as her doctor. Daniel walks up and tells them that Victor is awake but he warns Chelsea that he isn’t out of the woods yet.

When Chelsea goes to see Victor, Kate tells Daniel they need to talk, “about us” she says. Later when they talk Kate tells Daniel she has no regrets about what happened between them but if Chelsea found out she couldn’t live with it. Daniel understands. He tells her he doesn’t want her to feel awkward. She tells him she cares about him and she doesn’t usually sleep around. Daniel thinks back to when he was drinking in the pub and Kate joined him. When he comes back to reality he tells Kate she helped him through an extremely difficult time in his life and he will always be grateful.  She says it was fun for a while, but it needed to end and it never should have started. He says but it did and they need to keep it in the past.

Victor tells Bo things aren’t good. Bo tells him he won’t let him give up. Bo tells him that Caroline is worried about him. Victor tells Bo that he needs his help with Phillip. Victor asks Bo to promise him that he will watch out for Bo. Bo hesitates but eventually he agrees to.

Hope calls Bo and asks about Victor. He gets a text message and then tells Hope he just got a break on the Hollingsworth case.

Morgan and Phillip go to the Pub and sit outside to talk. Morgan goes inside and sees her friend Slone who just cam back in town. She gives Morgan an envelope saying it was left in her mail slot by mistake saying it is addressed to her. Morgan looks at it saying OMG! Meanwhile Cloe is inside and she leaves. When she comes outside she sees Phillip. They talk about her sleeping with Lucas. He asks if she hates him that much. Cloe says she was angry and hurt. She says she and Lucas made a mistake but so has he. He tells Cloe he never promised her anything. Morgan walks up telling him she just received a notice from the post office saying she has a package waiting for her there. Phillip tells Cloe he is sorry but he has to go but they will talk later and he leaves with Morgan. Cloe says out loud, that there is nothing left to say.

Bo is on the phone and he agrees that they have to get on this big break right away. He tells them to keep him posted and he hangs up saying Damnit Phillip.

Sami goes home and yells for Rolf to help her pack the twins things because she is moving out tonight. EJ walks in and tells her she can’t go. She tells him she is not sleeping under the same roof with him for one more night. She says her life has been a train wreck since she met him. EJ tells her she brought this on herself. She reminds him that he made his choice with the town slut. She tells EJ she will work this out with Lucas.

He asks her is Lucas thought they had a future he wouldn’t have slept with Cloe and the same goes for him and Nicole. Sami says all she wants is to be with Lucas and her kids. EJ reminds her that one of her kids happens to be his son. She says she is getting out and there is nothing he can do about it. He tells her not to be so sure about that. He says there is something he can do and in fact he already has. He pulls out a paper and says it is a court order forbidding her from taking Johnny from their home before the custody hearing. He says if she does she would be forfeiting some of her parental rights. He says he is sorry but he is doing everything he can to keep his family together. 

Jan Barrett

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