Caroline stands over Victor screaming out his name, until the paramedics come in. When they take Victor to the hospital Caroline tells Max that Pete is on his way. She tells Max he needs to tale a break while he finds the answers he is looking for. Max argues with her but she says not to argue with her. She heads to the hospital. Max tells Stephanie that his Mom can’t take losing another person she cares about.

Hope drills Phillip about Lucas being back in jail. She tells him she overheard him telling Lucas that he knows what he did. She wants to know what is going on. Phillip tells her to trust him, it isn’t a police matter. Bo walks up and tells Phillip it is time for him to start talking. He tells Bo what is going on is between his brother and him. Phillip gets a call from Morgan telling him something happened to his father but she can’t give details. She says it looks like he has had some sort of attack and the paramedics are working on him. He asks her to please tell him he is still alive. She tells him yes but that is all she knows. He says he is on his way but she tells him the paramedics took Victor and they are on their way to the hospital so go there.

Chelsea goes to the hospital to see Daniel. It is her first day on the job as an instant occupational therapist trainee with the child development center. Daniel tells Chelsea they will soon be colleagues there. She says it feels so good. He says he would love to kiss her right now. Hr says he is about to get off of work right now and wants her to go with him to grab something to eat. A nurse walks up and tells Daniel they are bringing in a patient and the family asks that they notify him. He asks why him. She says she doesn’t know but the patients name is Victor Kiriakis. He tells the nurse to get a room ready and to notify everyone needed. He tells the panicky Chelsea that he promises to do his best.

Cloe sees Kate and asks her how come she isn’t home recuperating. Kate suggests for Cloe to just stay away from the Kiriakis men. Cloe says she must not have heard the news then, she and Phillip aren’t together anymore. Kate is happy to hear that but Cloe tells her not to get too excited because she hasn’t gotten rid of her yet. Kate says if they are broken up that is all she needs to know. Cloe says she wouldn’t be happy if she knew the rest of the story. Kate looks in the Pub and sees a lot of commotion going on and she wants to know what is going on.

Stephanie nags Max about his decision not to look for his sister. She begs him to let her help him. She says he promised he would. He tells her that was a mistake and she doesn’t understand. She says she has to go to the hospital to see Chelsea. He stops her and tells her he loves her and wants her to remember that. She asks him if she will see him later and he says of course. As soon as she is gone he goes upstairs.

Daniel tells everyone that Victor is going to be ok, but it looks like he has had a stroke. Once they get Victor in a room, Daniel says getting a room immediately is one of the perks of having your godson as a doctor. He tells Victor everything is going to be ok. He says he is a strong guy and he is going to pull through this. He says he did it before and he will do it again.

Outside in the hall Kate wonders what they aren’t telling them anything. Phillip wonders if that is because it is because something is wrong. Kate tells him everything will be fine. He tells her not everything will. He tells her that Lucas left the house to go see Cloe and got caught so now he is back in jail.

Chelsea says Victor is going to be ok because Daniel is an amazing doctor. Caroline and Bo talk to Chelsea and as Bo hugs Chelsea to reassure her of everything she says she knows Victor cares about her because she is a part of what he creat4ed with the love of his life, Caroline. Caroline tells her not to say it like that. Stephanie interrupts asking if there is anything she can do. Caroline tells her the most important thing she can do is to be with Max right now.

At the pub Max comes downstairs with a bag packed. Pete asks him why he is heading to Europe. Max doesn’t want anyone to know where he is going.  He tells Max it is almost as if he is running away. Max says in a way he is and then asks for something to write on.

Daniel gives Victor and injection into his IV and Victor tries to talk. Daniel tells him to hold his thought for right now until the medicine takes effect.

Phillip gives Kate some tea. Kate thanks him but she thinks she needs something stronger than the tea. She can’t believe this with Lucas. She says she thought he was in love with what’s her name. Kate can’t believe it when Phillip gives him the details. He says maybe he just pushed Cloe into Lucas’s arms. He says if he wants her he can have her.  Then he says oh he guesses he already has had her.

Hope talks to Lucas again trying to find out why he did what he did. She asks him what he was thinking. She tells him her heart is broken and so is Sami’s. He says she would really be hurt if she knew what happened. He tells Hope he just got his daughter back and he won’t lose her again.

Daniel comes out of Victor’s room and everyone wants to know if Victor is going to be ok. He tells them he has had a stroke and they are treating him now. He tells them it was a good thing they got him there in time. Kate asks if the treatment has any risks involved. He asks to speak to both Kate and Caroline. They are surprised he is speaking but Daniel gives credit to the medication for that. In the room, Victor tells them he is so proud of his sons. Outside in the hall, Bo asks Daniel for the truth. He wants to know if Victor is going to make it.

Phillip sees Morgan and thanks her for calling him about his father. He asks her if she has heard any news on her father. She tells him except for that strange letter he left her she hasn’t heard anything. She vows to make anyone who hurts her father pay though.

Cloe starts thinking about the time she had with Lucas in the elevator. She remembers Lucas telling her that there is a difference between her and Sami. She whispers that it is her fault that Lucas is back in jail. She calls her mother and asks her if she has time to talk. She says she really needs someone to talk to. Cloe tells her Mom that Lucas is back in jail.

Max writes a note and hands it to Pete telling him it is for his mom and Stephanie. Pete wishes him luck. .Max thinks back to when he was at Shawn’s grave. And then he leaves. Right after that Stephanie comes in and asks Pete where Max is. He hands her the note.

Caroline comes out of Victor’s room. She tells Bo and Phillip they can go in now to see him. She doesn’t want to but she has to go back to the pub. Chelsea promises to call her if there are any changes. Chelsea goes in and watches them with Victor.

Kate tells Daniel that she is glad Chelsea has him to lean on right now. He asks if she is sure she means that. She says she wants Chelsea to be happy. She looks at Daniel and tells him Chelsea can never find out what happened between them because it would kill her.

Jan Barrett

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