EJ tells Nicole and Ava he would prefer the old fashioned BBQ with hot dogs, apple pie and a baseball game rather than a sophisticated party. He tells Rolf to get this one going and asks him to throw a couple of weenies on the grill. Nicole questions his choice of words using weenies. Rolf says he doesn’t do weenies so EJ suggests some Bratwurst instead.

The lights start flickering in the house as EJ receives a call and leaves the room. Ava asks Nicole why she is suddenly in a bad mood. She tells her that EJ now thinks he has a chance with Sami. Ava asks her if she really thinks that will happen. Ava encourages her to make EJ forget all about Sami.

EJ gets off the phone and then calls Sami and leaves a message telling her how happy she made him and hopes to talk to her tonight. Lucas is coming down the stairs and he hears EJ. He calls Cloe and asks her to come over because he could use someone to talk to. She says she could use someone too but she can’t come there so he tells her he will go to her. She tells him that isn’t a good idea but he says he will be right there.

Lucas sneaks in at the lobby at the Salem Inn and he calls Cloe who was getting worried about him. He tells her he will be right up. Lucas gets past guards and he and Cloe sneak into an elevator. Suddenly the lights go out and Cloe freaks out saying she is claustrophobic. Lucas comforts her to calm her down. She tells him it is over between her and Phillip. He tells her that Sami admitted having feelings for EJ. Cloe suddenly feels better and she and Lucas move closer to each other. They kiss each other.

EJ tells Nicole he is sorry if he upset her but he thought it was important for him to be honest with her about what goes on. She tells him she knows his heart belongs to Sami and she wishes him luck. He says thanks but he doesn’t think he will need luck, since Sami has admitted that she has feelings for him. Nicole says she still doesn’t think it is going to happen though. She offers to bet that it just won’t happen. EJ gets a call from Sami and he goes to the next room to talk to her. Sami tells him no matter how she feels about him they can never be together. She says she loves Lucas. She tells EJ that they will never have a future together. She wants him to just leave her alone.

When he hangs up Nicole figures out that it was Sami and that she dumped him by the look on his face. She says that was the fastest $100 she ever made. EJ is upset so Nicole tells him to forget the bet. She advises EJ to just let Sami go. EJ tells her that perhaps she is right. He says he has had enough. He says she can be with Lucas. He says he is not going to stand around acting like an idiot anymore. He says he has to get out of there and Nicole goes with him. They get to the hotel she stays in and EJ wants to take the stairs since the lights keep flicking off but she says she lives on the 6th floor so they take the elevator. Once they get in the lights go off and stay off. They realize they are stuck in there. Nicole tells him then it is a good thing she brought champagne. After Nicole tells EJ he should take her advice about forgetting Sami he says maybe he should and they move to each other and start kissing.

John comes downstairs and the lights flicker again. The doorbell rings and it is Marlena. John lets her in and she tells him she came to see if he has come to his senses yet. She tells him if he hasn’t then she isn’t leaving until he does. She tells him she is sorry for getting so mad the last time they talked. She says she doesn’t understand how he can hesitate about getting his life back. She asks him if he has given the disc any thought. He says he has and he has made up his mind to stay away from it. He tells her that the man she knew and loved is dead and gone. He says the sooner she accepts that the better. Marlena tries to talk John into changing his mind. She asks John to let her have the disc for safekeeping. Ava is watching them as John tells Marlena no.

John goes back in for the party and the lights flicker again. Rolf comes in and tells him that someone has broken into the lab and security has been breached. It is Ava in the lab trying to steal the disc. John goes to the lab and he catches Ava in there. He asks her what she is doing there. The lights go out and John says they are locked in the lab. He tells her he can over ride the locks but first things first. He asks her what she is doing there.

She tells him she heard him talking to Marlena and she panicked. She says she doesn’t know what she planned on doing with the disc. She thinks he should destroy the disc before Marlena changes his mind. She says if not she could end up losing him.

Marlena finds the lab and can hear Ava telling John to destroy the disc but she can’t open the door. She screams through the door to please don’t destroy that disc. She begs him not to listen to her. She tells him not to throw his life away. John thinks about the disc and then says Change in all things is sweet and then he breaks the disc and then starts breaking things in the lab while Marlena bangs on the door crying out to him.

Victor surprises Caroline by showing up at the BBQ. She tells him it is a nice surprise. Bo asks them if they have seen Chelsea. Caroline asks him if anything is wrong and he tells her no, he just hadn’t seen her yet. He says he thought she would be there by now.

Daniel arrives to pick Chelsea up for the BBQ party. He seems a bit nervous wondering if Bo will be glad to see him there with Chelsea. Chelsea grabs him and they kiss.

Maggie tells Mickey that she is sorry that Lucas can’t be there. She thinks his living arrangements at the DiMera mansion must be tough with the tiresome threesome all together there. She says she remembers their little episode with him and Bonnie. She says after a while something has got to give.

Caroline asks Bo if he ever found Chelsea. She finally walks in with her date, Daniel. Daniel tells Chelsea that it isn’t cooling off is it. She tells him no and it is only going to get hotter. Chelsea walks up to Victor telling him it is good to see him. She tells him that Daniel is her date and she says he is the only one she feels comfortable telling that to because she knows he would understand. Victor looks at Daniel and asks for a minute in private. Victor thinks Daniel should have come to him and told him that he intended to date his granddaughter. Victor tells him he doesn’t think he is the right one for her. Daniel tells him with all due respect he doesn’t think it is his decision.

Bo tells Chelsea that it looks like he isn’t the only one that has a problem with her date. Chelsea tells him that she and Daniel are both adults. Bo says he is worried that Daniel will hurt her. She tells him thanks for the vote of confidence and she walks away.. Hope tells him to go after her. He tells Hope he can handle this. Doug remembers moments like that with Hope over her and Bo. When Bo catches up with Chelsea they have a talk and he asks her when she became so grown up. He tells him maybe he does need to step back. She tells him not to step back too far. She says if Daniel hurts her she will need him to kick his butt for him. Bo says he will gladly do that.

Jan Barrett

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