Sami confides in EJ about Will. She tells him how Lucas had to have told Will everything before he went to Switzerland.

Kate is at the jail to see Lucas. Phillip comes in and tells Lucas he needs to plead not guilty but means of insanity. Kate says Phillip means temporary insanity. Lucas looks at them both and says they are both crazy. They get him all worked up making him mad by talking about Sami and the things she has done. He defends Sami and tells them they are crazy. Phillip says this is what they need from him to show he was crazy when he shot EJ. Phillip said he is going to talk to Sami and get her to go along with this. When he leaves Kate tells Lucas that as much as she hates to say it, his fate is in the hands of Sami. He says well that’s too bad since Sami isn’t even speaking to him right now. Kate says write her a letter and she will deliver it herself. Lucas says yeah right. That is the last thing that would get Sami on the good side.

Marlena is looking at pictures of her and John and is in deep thought. Roman comes in saying he rang the doorbell and when she didn’t answer he let himself in. She explains to him what she was doing and he says he understands. He says if John could talk to her right now he would tell her to get out there and get on with her life. She says she knows but she can’t do that yet. She says she still feels something, and then she asks Roman what if John is still alive. Roman tells her she was there when John was hit by that car and she was there when the doctors said his system has shut down and she was there at the hospital when he took his last breath. He tells her that if there was anyway possible he could bring John back to her he would. Then he promises her that they will find John’s killer.

Stefano tells John it is important that he understands what this mission means. He tells him it is most important that he can not be seen in this town but John doesn’t understand. Stefano says it is too dangerous for him out there. John wants to know dangerous for whom. He wants to go out but Stefano tells him not now, not til he tells him he is ready. He tells Rolf to do something.  John is asking too many questions. Rolf tells John to come with him and they will make Stefano proud.

Bo and Hope are dressed as homeless people sleeping on the ground by the building they are staking out. Rob walks up to the building and thinks they are homeless so he tells them there is a shelter down the street. Hope pretends to be playing with her cell phone and manages to get a picture of the man. After Hope refuses to leave they wait for Crystal and when she finally arrives they bring her to the police station for questioning.

Kate goes to talk to Sami and gives her the letter from Lucas. She says it will really hurt Lucas’s case if the jury finds out his wife has turned against him. Sami says ex wife. Kate says oh you really are a DiMera now aren’t you. She tells Sami that if she ever really loved Lucas like she said she did then she will give Phillip a call and see what she can do to help Lucas out here. With that Kate leaves. Sami reads the letter and starts crying.
She goes to see Lucas but talks to Phillip and the attorney first. His attorney lets her know that Lucas is temporarily insane. Sami says his mother is nuts but not Lucas. She says he is the sanest person she knows. The attorney tells her then she doesn’t know him too well. The attorney tries to explain to Sami that they need her to get on the stand and tell the jury all that happened to make it look like she drove Lucas to shooting EJ in cold blood. Phillip tells her that she needs to do this for Lucas. She tells him she isn’t going to do it, she says the hell with Lucas. She says she worked so hard to make people see that she had changed so she isn’t going to get on that stand and make it look like she did that.

EJ finds movers in the hallway taking his sofa. When he tries to stop them they hand him papers where they were told to move it. Sami comes out in the hall and asks what is going on and EJ says apparently his Father is repossessing all of his furniture. He hands some money to the guys, thanks them for their time and tells them he will take care of this. He tells Sami he needs to have this taken care of and she tells him to go. When EJ sees Stefano and tells him he is wrong for what he is doing. Stefano says he was offended when EJ didn’t trust him with his grandson. Stefano tells EJ that he needs to make something clear to him. He says that if he interferes in his business that he will eventually destroy everything that he holds dear to him. He says everything and everyone too. EJ stands up to him demanding everything he had back including his money and power or he will go straight to the Brady’s and tell him who he has living in his basement.

Marlena calls Nick and asks him to come see her. When he gets there she tells him she needs his help, but it has to remain confidential. He agrees and wants to know what she needs. She says she needs to find out if John is alive. Nick is confused and asks if she wants to exhume his body but she says no, because he isn’t buried. She explains that she had John’s body cremated to assure her that the DiMera’s wouldn’t get their hands on him. She gives him his ashes and asks him to take them to the lab. As he is going out the door Roman is coming in and then questions Marlena about it.

Jan Barrett

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