Stephanie wakes from a nightmare, screaming at someone to get off of her. Max is there to comfort her. She apologizes to him and says she just wishes the nightmares would stop. He suggests that she talk to a professional. She says she just has a hard time telling anyone. When she just doesn’t seem to be able to handle it Max tries to dissect the problem and compare it to working on a car. She asks him if he is comparing her to a car. He says he is just trying to make her understand how important it is for her to get help.

Kayla and Hope talk about her getting pregnant and them having their own baby. Kayla is excited and hopes Steve feels the same way as she does. Steve is on his way to see the doctor when Kayla asks him if he is sure that this is what he wants. He tells her that she acts like she doesn’t believe him. He assures her that with his past he would never bring a baby into this word if he didn’t want it with all his heart. He says he would do anything for her but he really wants this too.

Stephanie finally agrees and makes an appointment to see a doctor. Max says he is going with her. Stephanie thanks him for all he has done for her. The doctor thinks they got off to a very good start with this session and sets her up for twice a week for appointments. With just the one session it has made her feel so much better and she thanks Max for talking her into seeing a doctor. As they are leaving, they run into Steve and he is worried when he sees the doctor giving her a prescription to help her sleep.

Stefano is at home and he finds John sitting at his desk smoking a cigar. Stefano reminds him that he needs to memorize all that’s in the file word for word forward and backwards. He asks John what is wrong with him. John looks at him and tells him he wants to go out. While Stefano is talking to John Rolf comes in and tells him he has a visitor. He says Marlena Evans is there and is insisting on seeing Stefano. At first Stefano says tell her to go away but Rolf says she won’t go, she insists on seeing him. He sends John off to another room with orders not to let her see him and then goes to see her. When she is there with him, she asks him where is Brady. Stefano tells Marlena he has no idea where Brady is and he swears he barely even knows Cloe. Marlena pulls a gun on Stefano and tells him the serial numbers have been filed off this gun so she could shoot him and no one would be able to prove she done it. Stefano tells her to go on and shoot then.

Belle tells Marlena she has to go to the Pub to pick up Claire. She says Shawn is going to be at the Academy all day so he left Claire there with Hope. Now she has to go face her. Marlena reminds her that Hope is only protecting her son. Belle says she knows but she also remembers how tough Hope can be. When she leaves Crystal is right there and she makes a call.

Belle gets to the pub and sees Hope through the window making her think back to a conversation she had with Hope about her infidelity. She remembers how she spoke to Hope. When she goes in Kayla offers to go get Claire for her. Hope asks Belle how her Mother is, then offers to help in anyway if they need it. Belle sits down and apologizes to her for what has happened saying she knows all this is her fault. Hope agrees with her that this is all her fault.

Bo and Roman decide to search the building that Marlena found Crystal coming out of that turns out to be owned by someone named C.B DiMera. When they get there they find a man there that claims he was in the building getting it ready for renovations. Bo finds that odd with no kind of equipment around and the man explains that it hasn’t started yet. They ask to speak to the owner and he tells them that the owner is out of the country right now. Bo and Roman decide since they don’t have a search warrant for the building they can stake it out 24 hrs a day til they find out something. Bo says good idea and says to put him down for the night shift.

Bo goes to the Pub and asks Hope if she has any plans for the night. He asks if she would be interested in spending a romantic evening with her favorite guy. She jokes saying she doesn’t know, he is out of town right now. They all laugh and then she says she doesn’t know what he has in mind. He tells her something down the line of a hot cup of coffee in the back seat of the car. Hope and Kayla laugh and Hope says ah a stakeout and then says she was starting to worry about her husband thinking he was going to take her on a romantic dinner or something.

Jan Barrett

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