Shawn shows up at Marlena’s to get Claire. He tells Phillip he may have stolen his wife but he is not taking his daughter too. Phillip says Belle had an emergency and she didn’t want him to miss his orientation at the police academy so she asked him to watch Claire. When Shawn goes to get Claire’s things Cloe tells Phillip that he is looking quite pleased with himself. He says when she gets back to the pub with Shawn he wants her to start talking bad about him to Shawn. He says make it bad enough to make Shawn mad so Belle will see how he reacts.

Marlena is demanding that Stefano DiMera be arrested. She swears she will not rest til that has happened. She explains what she has been going through worrying that someone else that she loves will be killed or lost. Sami, Belle and Marlena talk to Roman and Abe about arresting Stefano. They all want justice. When Marlena says to do something about it then, she starts saying or else but stops.

Roman tells Abe he is worried about Marlena. Abe says he is too. They agree that Stefano should have been arrested a long time ago. They say they just have to do it the right way, no mistakes.

EJ storms in at Stefano’s and insists on knowing who Stefano’s house guest is. Rolf is refusing to answer him. EJ wants to know why they are holding the man hostage. Rolf tells him he must go. EJ says he will be back and leaves. He sneaks back in when no one is around to try and find out who the mysterious stranger is. When he see Rolf coming out a room he hides and then enters the room when it is clear. He lifts the sheet to see who is laying there and sees a hand and then uncovers the face. EJ is shocked to see John laying there. He backs up in shock just as Stefano walks in. He looks at EJ then the man laying there and he says, Magnificent isn’t it? EJ doesn’t agree with what Stefano has done. He tells Stefano that he has ruined any chance whatsoever for him and Sami. EJ runs out and starts to call and report Stefano, but Stefano grabs the phone from him and tells him he will not let him betray him. EJ says he will not allow him to torture that poor man any more.

Kate goes to Billie to ask for her help in getting Lucas to see her again. Kate explains to her about what happened with Lucas in jail. Kate asks her to do what she has to do to get her name back on the visitors list for Lucas. Billie says she will do what she can but she can’t make any promises. Billie comes out and tells Kate that Lucas doesn’t want to see her. Kate says too bad because she will get her name back on that list. Billie tells her to give Lucas some time, she says he needs his space.

When Marlena and Belle get home, Marlena is not too pleased to see Phillip there waiting. When she goes to another room, Belle and Phillip talk. She asks where Claire is, he tells her Shawn came and got her. She says she thought he had orientation. Phillip says he must have gotten out earlier. Phillip says he thinks he should warn her that Shawn was not too happy about Claire being left with him. He says Shawn told him this would be the last time he spends time with Claire. Belle says well she thought she was doing him a favor by not calling him and now he is mad at her for it. Marlena walks in just as she said that and tells Belle what she could expect. She tells her what was she thinking of leaving her daughter with the man she had an affair with.

Marlena apologizes to her after Phillip leaves but she does ask her why she didn’t call one of the others that she knows would have babysat. She asks why on earth she called Phillip. She says she should have known better. Belle says she doesn’t know why she called Phillip. Marlena says she isn’t trying to judge her but she thinks she needs to ask herself these things. Belle says she will deal with that later but she is really worried about her right now. She suggests that she should take a long relaxing bath. Marlena’s phone rings and she excuses herself telling Belle she really needs to take this call and walks out the room.

Cloe and Shawn are back at the Pub and they are talking. She tells Shawn she likes him so much better than Phillip. She says she really respects him for how he is handling things with Belle. After they share part of a beer together Cloe says she has to go. Shawn invites her to go out and shoot some pool and have some fun at the Cheating Heart. Cloe accepts and says she will beat him.

EJ goes to see Sami and tries to warn her that she and Johnny could be in danger. He says he saw a side of his father tonight that he never knew existed. Sami tells him she has known all her life that Stefano doesn’t care about anyone but himself. EJ replies in that case as long as his Father is alive no one is safe. Sami tells him she has never seen him in this shape. She wants to know exactly what happened tonight. He says he just saw his father in a different way tonight. She asks if he really thinks Stefano will come after them, EJ says it is possible. Sami tells him he is the only one that would have something on Stefano to take to the police that will stick and she begs him to go turn him in, but EJ is worried that would only make matters worse.

Stefano is talking to his houseguest. He hands him a folder to study with papers and information in it about a woman that Stefano wants him to take care of. In the meantime Roman and Bo find out the building that the woman, Crystal, came out of when talking to Marlena is owned by a DiMera that he they don’t know anything about.

Jan Barrett

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