Chelsea tells Stephanie that she needs some time alone with Nick when he gets there. Stephanie guesses that she is planning to confess to Nick about Ford and tries talking her out of it. Chelsea says Nick is different, she says he will protect them. Nick comes in with Max instead of being alone leaving Stephanie and Max alone together when Chelsea and Nick go off to be alone. Stephanie admits to Max that seeing him with Morgan made her jealous. She finally confesses to Max about what Ford done to her. She tells him how she was with him and how he drugged her and then raped her.

In the other room Chelsea tells Nick she needs to talk to him about something. He asks if they can talk some other time but she says no this is important. She tells him that they agreed no more secrets between them. She says she loves him and he tells her he loves her too. Then she says she needs to tell him the truth about what happened the night that Ford was there. Nick says who cares about Ford anyway. She says well he is not coming back. He wants to know how she knows that. She says he wasn’t drunk that night, in fact they invited him over there. Chelsea gives the details of what happened that night with Ford and how she fought him off and how he went down the stairs. Nick wants to know what happened when Ford got up. She says he didn’t, it killed him. Nick wants to know what happened then. She tells him about how they got his body down in the basement and they buried him but after they knew they were going to be searched in the house they had to remove the body from the basement but she doesn’t know now where it is.

Belle calls Phillip and asks him to help her with Claire while she looks for her Mom. Of course Phillip is all for it. Belle tells him it will only be while she looks for Marlena then walks away. While he is watching Claire coloring Phillip sees Cloe walk in. He asks her if she heard the news about Shawn and Belle. She says yes, bad news travels fast. He says this doesn’t end their agreement though. She asks him if he will back out on his part. He assures her that he won’t. Cloe asks Phillip if he thinks Shawn will take Belle back. Phillip tells her that it is her job to make sure he doesn’t now.

Marlena is holding the gun on the stranger in the dark walking towards her. Her phone starts ringing again and she tells the stranger to stop. She sees him pulling a knife out so she reaches for her phone then she jumps in her car and shuts the door, locking it. The man comes up to her car and uses the knife to scrape ice off her windshield freeing her wiper blades. About that time Roman comes out the building with Belle yelling Marlena’s name chasing the man off before they see him.

After they are gone Stefano and Rolf find evidence that their houseguest has been by Marlena’s car. Stefano wants to find the man. As they scout the area they look for him suddenly Rolf is grabbed and is being choked with Stefano just looking at him in amazement. Stefano tells the man to release Rolf so he does, leaving Stefano pleased. He says well done my friend and smiles.

In the jail cell Carmine is talking back to EJ, threatening him too. EJ tells him not to try anything but when Carmine’s fist comes toward him EJ tries blocking it but fails to stop Carmine. Carmine grabs EJ and pushes him towards the bars and Lucas jumps him from behind climbing on his back while EJ punches the man. Lucas yells out to the guard for help. Sami happens to be there trying to talk the guard into letting her in to see Lucas when they hear him yelling. She and the guard both run to the back where the screaming is coming from.

Hope is making a video of Shawn’s first day for him being in the Police Academy. Neither of them notices that Crystal is sitting there in the pub. After Shawn leaves Hope and Bo are celebrating privately. Hope gets up to get more tea when she overhears Crystal talking on the phone and she mentions Marlena. Hope figures out who Crystal is so she approaches her and asks her why she would have told Marlena that John was still alive. Refusing to answer Crystal tells her to tell Marlena to be careful because she is in danger and then leaves.

Bo gets a call from Abe at the police station warning him about the incident there in Lucas’s cell. Bo says he is on his way there. He tells Hope what’s going on and says he has to go now. When Marlena comes in with Roman and Belle Hope tells them about the woman and she gives Marlena the message from her. Hope tells them about what happened at the station with Lucas.

Marlena talks to Lucas and he tells her what happened. She then comes out and tells Sami and Bo that she wants to talk to EJ now. EJ had just told Sami that Stefano is going to be furious not to mention betrayed when he finds out how he interfered in this to stop him from getting to Lucas. Marlena asks EJ for his help to put Stefano away for good. Later Marlena tells Sami that Lucas is a good man and he loves her very much. When Sami’s eyes roll Marlena tells her that this family will stand by him and do all that they can to help him with this.

Cloe goes to the Pub and arrives just as Shawn comes in from orientation at the academy. He tells her about the books he has to study from. He asks her if she wants a drink and she says no, she only came to give him a message from Phillip. Shawn wants to know what he wants. She says he wants him to know he has Claire. Shawn wants to know why he has her. She says Belle asked him to watch her.

Jan Barrett

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