Tony comes in and tries to talk to Anna. She tells him she is busy preparing for a job interview. Tony laughs at her. She tells him to laugh now but he will be taking her seriously soon. Tony tells her she has been acting strange ever since they got back from their trip and he doesn’t understand why.

Adrienne calls Steve and asks him to meet her at the Brady Pub. When he gets there she tells him that she is leaving Salem. She and Justin and the boys are moving. She says Justin got a great job offer so they are going.

Roman finds Lexi at her father’s side frustrated. She tells him there are no signs where Stefano has had a stroke, and no signs of any drugs at all were given to him to cause this. She tells Roman she knows her father has done a lot of horrible things to a lot of people but he is still her father and she feels she has to help him. She has this feeling he can hear her but can’t let her know. Roman gets her to take a break and they leave the room. Stefano is saying within himself Alexander don’t leave him, help him.

Lexi asks Roman to call EJ and have him meet her there at the hospital and then she calls Tony and tells him to come too. When they get there they are shocked to hear that something has happened to Stefano. She tells them she called them both there to help her decide on what to do with their father now. She says she could run some more tests on Stefano. She says to be honest she is thinking that maybe she shouldn’t do anything. She says at least this way he can’t hurt anyone else like he is. They each take their turn talking to Stefano telling him how they feel about him. He can’t get them to hear him but he is forced to sit there and listen to how they all feel. Lexi asks EJ and Tony what they do. Do they try and help him now or do they send him to an institution where he can not hurt anyone again. They all agree to have Stefano sent to an institution.

Shawn, Phillip, Belle and Cloe find Crystal in Ireland and Belle tells her she wants her daughter back now. Crystal tells her she can’t now, it is too late. Finally Crystal tells them to go upstairs and they will get their answers. They all head up the stairs.

Marlena stands in front of a woman and tells her she is supposed to be dead. The woman in the chair tells her clearly my dear I am not. Marlena tells her that they all thought she was dead. She tells Marlena to trust her she isn’t, and once she answers all their questions all the mysteries will be solved. Bo and Hope walk in and ask what Marlena and John are doing there and Bo wants to know who the woman is. Hope looks at her and says oh it can’t be. The woman just sits there and says she is. Marlena says that was her reaction too when she first seen her.

Colleen tells them that she and Stefano has been playing a little cat and mouse game ever since he found out she was alive about a year ago. She admits that she is behind Claire being kidnapped. Shawn and Belle says they don’t care who this woman is, they just want their daughter back. Colleen says Claire is safe. Marlena tells them all that if this woman is who she says she is then she would never hurt a Brady child, then she looks at Colleen and asks her would she. She tells Marlena she would never hurt a Brady, not ever. Marlena tells her that she really is Colleen Brady then.

Steve goes back to the hospital and when Roman sees him he asks him if Adreinne was ok. Steve tells him she is moving and even Roman finds that is a but unexpected. Roman asks him if he came to pick up Kayla and Steve tells him yes. Roman tells him that Lexi is not only dealing with the problem with her father right now. She is also dealing with a problem from a recent test result she took. Roman tells Steve that he and Kayla should know about this.

Jan Barrett

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