Steve goes to the hospital and Kayla asks him if he is alright. He says no because their baby girl was raped and he wants to kill the SOB that did this to her but he can’t since he is already dead. Steve runs into Ford’s Dad at the hospital. He tells him about how his father was a lousy father and how he beat his mother senselessly when they were together. He tells him he doesn’t believe he cared enough for his son.  Crawford swears he will see to it that these girls will pay for what they done to his son. Steve tells him he doesn’t know who he is messing with and Crawford says he just doesn’t know who he is messing with either.

Bo and Hope prepare for their trip to Ireland. They are trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together. Abe tells Hope her reinstatement paper should be ready when she gets back to town but she will have to get her physical first. She says that’s no problem in fact she says she can do that on her was to the airport. Abe reminds Bo that it is time for his next physical too. Bo says it is bad luck to see a doctor if you aren’t sick. Hope tells him to just come with her and they can do this together.

Lexi offers to give Bo his exam since he is uncomfortable with his sister doing it. She tells him she has a secret and it is killing her not to tell anyone. She says her name has went in as a possibility of being the next chief of staff there and she is so excited. After everyone is gone she gets a letter announcing that she was chosen as the next chief of staff. Before she can call Abe to tell him a nurse came to her telling her that her father has had a heart attack so she goes to check on him.

At the hospital Kayla is going to give Hope her physical when Hope notices she is kind of upset. She asks her what is wrong and she says she is just concerned about Steve. Hope tells her whatever it is she can tell her. Kayla admits to her that Stephanie was one of the girls that was raped and she is so worried about her now. After Bo and Hope both are checked out with their physicals they are ready to head to Ireland. Abe shows up and tells them he is glad he caught the two of them because he has some news. He says based on the fact that she passed her physical he has Hope’s reinstatement papers ready for her so now it is official.

Anna and Tony are back in town and at the Pub. Tony is just about to ask Anna something when Caroline walks up and welcomes them back. Tony asks what has been going on since they been gone and Caroline just looks at him. She tells them about Claire being kidnapped. Tony’s first thought was that Stefano did it but Caroline says they don’t think he had anything to do with it. When Caroline leaves Tony gets back to what he was talking to Anna about. She thinks he is going to propose to her when he suddenly announces that he has decided to put his roots down in Salem so he bought a business completely legit and all. Anna walks away upset and he goes after her to find out what he has done wrong. When he asks her she tells him he should know.

She storms back into the Pub and orders a drink. Caroline asks her where Tony is. She can tell Anna is upset with Tony so she asks what he has done now. She says it’s what he didn’t do, he didn’t propose to her. Caroline tells her she has never known her to let a man do this to her. When Anna mentions an advertising company that Tony just bought Caroline told her of two guys that were in the pub before desperately looking to hire someone. Caroline suggests Anna look them up and get the job and give Tony some competition.

Roman is at the hospital wondering what the hell happened to Stefano and who found him. The guard says his visitor notified the guard in the jail and they called 911 for him. He wants to know who the visitor was. Roman goes to the psychiatric Ward to talk to Marlena. He asks if he can talk to her a minute privately. She says sure.

The doctor is checking out Stefano. He tells the nurse something has caused this and he is determined to find out what it was. He orders a bunch of tests for him and then walks away. Stefano can’t move or talk but he is saying things in his head screaming that Marlena Evans did this to him and he needs to find out how to help him.

While in the room alone John whispers that when he finds his target for his mission he will illuminate it and if the good doctor gets in his way then he will have to take care of her too. In the meantime Marlena is getting things ready for her trip with John when she helps him escape. She has drugs in her bag that will help her control John in the event that he tries to escape from her.

Jan Barrett

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