Marlena is telling Stefano that she is going to get even for all the things he has done to John. She finally gets him to wake up so she can talk to him so he can hear them. She tells him she gave him muscle relaxers, not aspirins. She explains to him what she gave him and what she intends to do. She says she made a mixture of a drug that will paralyze him yet he will be able to see and hear what is going on. She says this will make him a vegetable for the rest of his life and there will be no cure. She says the great thing about this drug is that it can not be traced. She says they will think he has had a stroke. He tells her she is insane. She says no, this is the sanest thing she has ever done. He tells her he won’t let her do this. She says he is in no position to make demands on her.

She has the serum and starts adding it to the syringe. She says she had to find a way to make her family safe and to help make her husband a man again and get him out of the shell that he has turned him into. Stefano says since he is the one that scrambled John’s brain then he is the only one that can unscramble it. She says she doesn’t believe him. He says he can prove it. She asks what his mission was. When he doesn’t answer what she wants to hear she turns his head and then gives him the injection in his neck and names all the Brady’s that he has hurt throughout the years saying this was for all of them. She says there, all done as she turns his head back. He tells her that he curses her. He tells her he wanted peace. She says he doesn’t know what peace is.

She says Samantha fulfilled her part of the deal so why did he go after John. He says she doesn’t know everything and she never will because he won’t tell her. He asks her if she wants to know what John’s mission is. She says yes she does. He says she will never find out until he has completed it. He slowly stops talking til he can no longer speak. Marlena tells him she knows he can hear her. She says he has been a very bad man but he will never be able to hurt anyone else again. She says the doctors will try to help him, to restore his life but they won’t be able to. She says he will try to get through to them but he won’t be able to communicate with them. She tells him when she gets her John back they will come to visit and he won’t be able to do anything. She walks to the door of the cell and tells the guard she is afraid that Mr DiMera has suffered a stroke.

John is agitated and starts yelling to get that blonde back in there because he is starting to remember things. The nurse comes in with pills telling him that the doctor told her if he becomes irritated she is to sedate him. He thinks back to when he was being programmed by Stefano.

Marlena goes to talk to John. She tells him that Stefano can’t hurt anyone ever again. He asks her what she has done. She says she took care of him. He tells her he remembered some thing. He tells her that he now knows what his mission is and he has to go to Ireland. She says that she did get one thing from Stefano and that is that John’s mission must be fulfilled before he will ever be able to come back to her. She says she figures his mission is to go and kill someone and she can’t let him do that. He says he won’t so will she help him. She says this may be the dumbest thing she ever did but yes she will.

Chelsea shocks everyone when she tells Ford’s father that Ford is dead. He asks Chelsea and Stephanie where his son is. He grabs Stephanie and Steve pulls him off of her telling him not to touch his daughter. Steve says his daughter was raped. He tells him but at least he can touch her and hold her, he has nothing of his son left. He begs them to tell him more. Chelsea says ok she will tell him.

She tells Stephanie they have to tell the truth. She says they didn’t tell anyone because they didn’t think anyone would believe them. She says all they wanted to do was scare him and make him learn his lesson for what he has done to them. Chelsea goes into details about what happened that night. Crawford accuses her of killing his son but Steve tells him to let her finish. He asked if they just stood there and let his boy die without giving him CPR or anything. Chelsea told him they tried CPR and checked for his pulse but he was dead. Chelsea says they tried to get help before any of this happened but no one would do anything and then Stephanie says and no one believed them then and they won’t now. She says they don’t care. Crawford tells everyone that anyone involved with this better not stand in his way and he storms out of the pub. 

Roman and Abe question the man that Shawn beat up and brought in for questioning in the kidnapping of Claire. Rob whispers to Roman that he plans on jumping bail but when asked to repeat it he refuses to since it would be recorded. Rob tells Roman that if they haven’t gotten out of the country yet with Claire they will and he can guarantee that once they do they will never find them.

Bo and Hope go to the hospital to see Belle and find Shawn and Cloe and Phillip there with her. They ask if they have heard anything and Hope tells them a woman with an alias name which is the woman they know as Crystal, just landed in Ireland and she had a little girl with her. Belle tells Shawn. Oh my God she has Claire with her. Hope tells them she and Bo are going to Ireland and she tells them not to worry that they won’t come back without her.

Jan Barrett

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