Stephanie goes into the Pub and sees Steve and Kayla playing around and she tells them to stop that while in public. Steve says he has something to tell her and Kayla wants to wait. He says no she should know. He tells her that this time next year she may have a brother or sister. Stephanie looks numb so Kayla says they need to talk about something else. Steve asks Stephanie what is wrong. He asks if she is having boy trouble. Then he says of course not because the only boy trouble she would have is fighting them off of her. Stephanie starts crying and of course Steve doesn’t know what he said wrong.

Kayla says she thinks they need to tell him the truth but Stephanie says she can’t. Kayla says Stephanie was raped. Steve wants to know who did this. When Stephanie says Ford Decker he says well he better be dead because if not, then Kayla stops him shushing him. He asks her if she is getting counselling and she says yes. He tells her that what happened to her doesn’t change her in his eyes. He says she is beautiful and always will be to him.

Chelsea looks through the window at the Pub and tells Nick she is going to go, but he wants her to wait. She says Stephanie is in there with her parents. He says she can still wait and talk to her when she is done. Nick tells Chelsea that this won’t ruin her friendship with Stephanie. It will only build it later.

Ford’s father walks in and asks once again to please tell him what happened to his son. He says his wife is sick and he is worried about her and his son now. Steve tells him this is not their problem after what his son did to his daughter. Nick gets Chelsea to look in and see Ford’s dad. He tells her that the man may not be the best of parents but he is still a Dad. He says he deserves to know where his son is. He makes her look again. Stephanie tells Ford’s dad that she doesn’t know anything about where Ford is. Chelsea walks in and says she knows. She says she is sorry sir but his son is dead.

Marlena goes to the police station and walks in while Roman is on the phone with someone talking about Claire. He is telling them he doesn’t care how but they have got to find that little girl. When he hangs up Marlena tells him she is sorry but she needs to see a prisoner of his. He leans back in his chair and says Stefano DiMera. Marlena says she has access to the prisoners but he wants to know what she is doing with her medicine bag. She admits she has some medicine in the bag. Roman finally says ok so he leaves to go get Stefano. Marlena tells Stefano he is going to get what John got. He asks and what might that be. She tells him the truth serum. He wants to know how John reacted. She says he will get more than John did. He tells her he is immune to the medication.

Marlena gives Stefano the truth serum and when he is out of it she nods to Roman that he is ready. She sits down and starts questioning Stefano and asks him why was John Black at his mansion. He is quiet. She asks him what the mission he gave John was. Stefano says Seek, Destroy and Revenge. He says he will not stop til he reaches his target. Marlena asks him what target, and who the target is. He tells her he has a headache. She gives him some aspirins and they bring him back to his cell. Marlena later goes in the back to see Stefano but when the guard tries to wake him he can’t. She asks for a few minutes alone with him and the guard says ok and good luck. She tells Stefano that it wasn’t aspirins. It was sleeping pills she gave him. She says now she will find out what she wants to know as she opens her medicine bag.

John’s doctor is trying a test on John but John keeps flirting with the doctor’s assistant. The doctor says he thinks she has become a distraction so he asks her to leave. When she leaves the room Sami is out in the hallway and asks her how John is doing. Sami goes in to see John after being warned not to get too close to him. She tells him she knows he doesn’t remember her but she is going away soon and she wanted to see him before she leaves. He tells her to wait, he does remember her. She tells him she missed him. She says they told her not to get too close but she sure would like to give him a hug. He tells her to go for it. So she leans over to him and hugs him but he grabs her by the neck and lifts her as he is choking her. Then he realizes it was only in his thoughts. When she really gives him the hug his hands are handcuffed to the bed and won’t reach her neck.

Shawn tells the man at the door that he is there to pick up the little girl. The man lets him in and pats him down then asked Shawn who sent him. When he says Stefano DiMera sent him to pick her up the guy went ballistic on him and attacked him. Cloe came in and hit the man in the head knocking him out. They want to know if Stefano isn’t behind this, who is. A voice from a shadow says someone that hates Stefano DiMera. Shawn recognizes the man as the one that ran off with Claire. They fight and the guy pulls a gun on Shawn. Shawn tells him he is going no where til he gives him his daughter. They fight and Cloe calls the police.

Jan Barrett

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