Bo speaks to Detective Sullivan about the missing of Ford Decker case. The detective tells him the story that the girls are giving but he tells Bo he doesn’t believe the story. He says the stories all were too perfect as though they had all practiced it very well. He says now he has the boy’s dad on his back to arrest someone, especially Bo’s daughter. Bo asks why Chelsea. He says it is because Chelsea went around campus passing out fliers stating that Ford Decker was a rapist. Bo says he needs to know more about the case so the detective agrees to have all the files sent over to Bo’s desk ASAP

Chelsea tells Nick that the girls voted not to go to the police. Nick says that was a big mistake. He tells her he is not going to leave her now though. He still thinks she needs to go to the police. Nick tells her that the police are now saying that Billie is covering things up for her and she could be in trouble now too. Chelsea says but she didn’t tell her Mom anything. .

After Nick leaves her doorbell rings and when she answers it she finds Bo standing there. After he gets inside he tells her he is not there as her father, he is there on police business. He tells her he knows she is trying to be loyal to her friends but he says this is the big league. He says he needs to know the truth. He says her Mom is going to be in trouble here too. She says she heard that, Nick had told her about it and she says it isn’t fair. She says she doesn’t know how her Mom could be in trouble for protecting them when there is nothing to protect them of. She tells him there is nothing new to tell him that he doesn’t already know.

Bo starts to leave and he says he was hoping she would have learned a lesson from what happened to Zach. She says she has. He says she was willing to let her Mom take the rap for Zach but he thought she had changed. She tells him she doesn’t want to hurt anyone especially not him. He tells her then don’t, it isn’t too late. She tells him thanks for coming by. He hugs her and tells her he loves her and then leaves.

Marlena walks in John’s new room just as he is waking up and she tells him he is in the psychiatric ward and he is heavily sedated. He tells her she was supposed to keep him from being drugged anymore. She tells him it wasn’t her call and he is partially to blame for it. She tells John he was on the truth serum and as soon as they mentioned Stefano DiMera he went crazy. He blames it on the drugs they are giving him. She tells him he just doesn’t get it does he. She says Stefano programmed his mind to nothing. She tells him this is not him, and she will never give up fighting for him.

Belle rips the IV out of her arm and gets out of bed and looks for her clothes when the nurse comes in telling her she shouldn’t be out of bed. Belle says she has to find her daughter. Phillip walks in and runs over to her saying she isn’t strong enough for this. She collapses in his arms so he carries her back to the bed. She says she has to find Claire.

She tells Phillip he has got to help her get out of there. Phillip takes the IV bottle down and puts it on her stomach. She asks him what he is doing. He said he is making sure she does what the nurse ordered her to do. He picks her up and sets her in a wheel chair. She asks where they are going. He says not to worry about it, it will be someplace she will like. Phillip rolls Belle into John’s room surprising John and Marlena. Belle insists on knowing why they have her father in the psychiatric ward. Marlena takes her out the room and explains it to her. Phillip asks Belle if she is ok. He says he will bring her back to her room. Phillip asks if it will be ok if he brings her back up here. Marlena tells her she will let them know.

Shawn and Cloe go off to look for Claire on their own even though this could risk Shawn’s job at the academy. When they get to the building they want to check out they realize someone is in there so they hide. Shawn knocks on the door and says he isn’t the police but asks them to open the door. When he opens it he shows the man a picture of the tattoo on the man’s arm that took Claire.

Marlena tells John’s doctor that John didn’t know it but he showed her how to get the answers she needs to know. The doctor tells her that he couldn’t have if he doesn’t remember anything. She says he gave her the answer she needs and then she leaves the hospital.

Jan Barrett

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