Billie goes to the Pub to question Nick about what happened to Ford. He tells her he doesn’t know anything. She says she has already talked to Chelsea and she isn’t telling her anything so she wants to know from him now. He tells her he doesn’t know anything. Billie tells him she is Chelsea’s mother and of course she would do whatever it takes to help her but she has to know the truth. Before he can answer Ford’s father walks in saying he wants to know the answer to that too, he says he thinks Nick knows more than he is saying.

Chelsea goes to the sorority house to talk to the other girls now that everyone is back after the holidays. She tells them about Ford’s Dad coming there to search the house and about them finding the contact lens that belonged to Ford in the basement. She tells them they need to go talk to the police. The girls are against it saying they don’t want it to start back up again. Chelsea tells them she thinks they need to take a vote on whether or not to go to the police and majority rules on the vote.

Marlena shows up in John’s room again even after he told her to leave. She tells him that she doesn’t give up that easily. She talks about a doctor that can help him get his memory back. The doctor comes in and has a syringe saying John is his patient and he is the one to decide what kind of medication he needs. He gives it to John through his IV with John repeatedly saying no more drugs. Marlena and the doctor start questioning John after he is given a truth serum. When they mention Stefano DiMera’s name he gets enraged. They agree to let him calm down now. After consulting with Marlena the doctor has agreed not to give him anymore drugs for now but suggests another treatment but he says it is one she might not agree to. He thinks they need to move John to the psychiatric ward but Marlena disagrees. He says they have all the tools there that they need to treat him. She is against it but he says other doctors will have to take over his case. When the doctor walks off Marlena says like hell they will.

Max brings Stephanie something to eat and she says it feels good to laugh again. He swears to her he will be there for her. They seem to be getting closer to each other. Stephanie tells Max that Chelsea arranged for a meeting of the sorority sisters about whether or not to go to the police with all this but she wants nothing to do with it. She reminds him that even if they get away with what they did, there is one person that won’t get away with it and that is him. She says he will be the one for sure to go to jail since he helped them get rid of the body. Max tells her not to worry about him. She says going to the police would mean she would have to go through that nightmare all over again with what Ford done to her. She will be humiliated in public and she doesn’t think she can do that. She says his father’s attorney will make her look like a slut. He says he will support whatever decision she makes but he thinks she needs to be there to cast her vote.

Max takes Stephanie to the sorority house to place her vote. She goes in just in time to change the girl’s minds on how they have cast their votes when she tells them all that Ford raped her too. Chelsea keeps telling them they are all making a mistake here. The doorbell rings and it is a detective from the Salem PD with two officers there concerning the disappearance of Ford Decker. They come in and say they need to question them all.

Hope tells Bo she is ready to get back to work. She thinks she needs to be out there helping to find Claire. She says Stefano is playing his games with them and she wants to help put a stop to it. Bo supports Hope’s decision. While they are talking about it Billie comes in looking for Bo. Hope leaves them alone and Billie tells him she thinks Chelsea is in big trouble. She tells him what is going on and she says she is worried about her. Bo remembers that over the holiday’s that Chelsea seemed out of it and he wondered what was wrong. They agree that whatever the problem is, she is in really deep. Billie apologizes to Bo about having to pull him in on this but she is really worried about their daughter.

Jan Barrett

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