EJ has talked Sami into packing up and leaving town so they can hide from Stefano. She wants to pack more clothes and then she wants to take the twins to see a doctor before leaving with them. He says they don’t have time for all that. She says while they are at it they need to set some ground rules here. She says she doesn’t need him to tell her what she can or can’t do with her babies.

Belle wakes in the hospital saying Claire’s name. Phillip is in her room waiting with her when she wakes telling her Claire is going to be fine. She tells Phillip she doesn’t know what is worse, not knowing where Claire is or not knowing if she is ok. Phillip says he is going to call in a nurse but she says no she doesn’t want to be drugged in case they bring her in to see her. Phillip tells her she looks exhausted and she says so does he. He says there is no place else he would rather be unless she would rather him not be there. She tells him to stop being so brave, it is only making her feel worse. He tells her he doesn’t blame her for anything that has happened or for anything she has done. She tells him she kept him at a distance and now he has saved her life.

Phillip tells Belle she needs to get well. To do that she needs to get some rest meaning she needs to sleep so he says he is going to leave and let her sleep. When he is about to go out the door she stops him telling him she doesn’t want him to leave. She thanks him for staying. She says it is nice seeing him there first thing when she wakes up. She asks him to hold her hand while she lay there to sleep.

Lucas is in jail with Stefano as his cell mate. Stefano is trying to make a deal with Lucas, but Lucas asks him if he goes for this deal with him exactly what is it going to cost him. The guard comes in and tells Stefano his lawyer is there to see him. When they leave the jail cell Lucas tells himself that he knows exactly what happens to people when they try making deals with Stefano.

Marlena goes in to see John asking him if he is OK. He tells her he had a dream and the dream was about her. He says the drugs are making him have these dreams. She tells him she will see about getting the dosage reduced on the drugs that they are giving him. Outside the room Hope asks Marlena if she thinks he is telling her the truth. Marlena says she thinks they may be making a breakthrough. John is dreaming again about when Stefano had him trying to program his mind to do what he wants him to do. He wakes up screaming out again. Marlena and Hope come in and ask him if he is ok. John says he doesn’t know. He can’t remember anything because of the drugs. He asks her if she talked to the doctor about lowering the dosage. She says she is waiting on him now.

The doctor walks in and John tells him whenever Marlena asks for something on his behalf to do it. She pulls the doctor on the side and asks him to lower his dosage. The doctor asks if this was her idea or his. She says she thinks it will help his memory if they do. The doctor says he doesn’t think it is a good idea. Roman walks up and asks her what was all that about. He tells her she is too close to this. John tells Marlena she can let go of his hand now. She has been taken off of his case. She asks him what is that suppose to mean. He tells her she can’t stop the flow of drugs so she is of no use to him now.

The babies start crying so Sami tells EJ it is his turn to check on them so he goes out the room. Her phone rings and when she answers it, it is Lucas telling her it is him and asking her not to hang up. She asks him what he wants. He asks her how come she hasn’t returned any of his lawyer’s phone calls. He asks about Allie and Sami says she is ok and then she tells him that he is taking the twins and going away so they can be protected from Stefano. He tells her she can’t take his daughter from him. She says she has to get away from Stefano. He asks her how he can hurt her if he is there in his cell locked up with him. She is shocked saying she can’t believe it.

She wants to know how he is calling from his cell in prison. He tells her Stefano is out right now and he went through his things and found his cell phone. She tells him Stefano has arms long enough he can reach through those bars and get hold of anything or anyone. About that time EJ walks in and asks Sami something and Lucas hears him. He asks her who is that there with her, is that her loving husband. He asks her again if that is EJ when she tells him she can’t talk anymore to him and she hangs up. She tells EJ that Lucas told her his new cell mate is Stefano.

Lucas is about to make another call when he hears Stefano coming back in. He puts the phone back where it was before getting caught. When Stefano comes back in Lucas tells him he never told him exactly what it was that he would want him to do for this so called deal. Stefano tells him he is going to need a little help getting his grandson away from his parents. He asks Stefano if he wants him to kidnap Samantha’s son. Stefano says yes that is what he wants. He says he can’t do that to Sami.

The guard comes in and gets Lucas to go stretch his legs. When he is gone Stefano takes out his phone and calls Sami after he sees that Lucas called her while he was out of the cell. When she answers she thinks it is Lucas and she tells him he has got to stop calling on Stefano’s phone. Stefano says something letting her know it is him calling and she hangs the phone up and throws it.

Jan Barrett

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