Marlena asks Belle if she slept at all last night. She says she is wondering if she done the right thing or not by telling Shawn the truth. She says now she is worried he won’t ever forgive her. Marlena says Shawn loves her and he will forgive her eventually. The doorbell rings and it is Shawn there with Claire. Belle asks Shawn if he has a minute but he says no he doesn’t and then leaves. Belle says maybe Shawn needs his space permanently, she is afraid she may never earn his trust back again.

She finally admits to Marlena how that night with Phillip she could have said no but she wanted it. She says she wanted to feel the lust he had for her in his eyes. She wanted to feel safe in his arms. Marlena tells her this is a good thing that she has finally said out loud how she feels. Belle says yes but now she has to convince Shawn that was all it was.

Marlena tells Belle that maybe she needs to get out for a little while. She suggests she goes to see her sister Sami, because she could use the company. Belle wants to know why, what is wrong with her. Marlena tells her that Lucas was arrested. Belle says OMG she had no idea, so she gets Claire and says she is going to see Sami.

Lucas and Phillip talk and Phillip tells him to plead not guilty and let the lawyers build a case up for him. Lucas tells him that Sami is disappointed in him. Phillip tells him to fight this thing. He says he will help him if he does in any way he can.

EJ goes to see Sami and she is whining about having to call Will to tell him his Father has been arrested for attempted murder. He tells her that he can’t help her with that but he think he needs to warn her that his Father just might go after Lucas for shooting him. EJ says his father and he are not exactly on the same page. He explains that he told his father that he in no way has any say so on how they raise their son. Sami says wow you finally stood up to him. Sami now wants to know what he has on Stefano. He must have something solid against him for him to stand up to him like that and she wants to know what it is.

Out of anger Sami rambles on telling EJ that she is sick of all this. She says Lucas has Kate to help him get out of this. She says she is sick of Kate and Lucas and then she just looks at EJ saying she is just sick of all this. He tells her they can talk about this some other time. He asks her if there is anything he can do. She says he can go to his father and talk to him. He agrees and starts to go, but she calls back to him and asks him to please do anything he can. EJ says he will and walks out the door.

Stefano is out of patients. He wants to know how much longer it will be before his house guest is ready. Rolf starts making excuses and Stefano says he wants it done now or he will just do it himself and storms out the room.

Hope tells Shawn that she knew about Belle and Phillip. He wants to know when this was. She tells him that it was right before he and Phillip had that big fight. She says she is sorry she didn’t tell him. He says he feels so angry and betrayed. After all these years he says things are finally starting to go his way. He says he is not going to let Belle mess things up in his life yet again. Shawn is beating himself up for not ever seeing this. Hope tells him it isn’t his fault. He is in love with her. Hope says once he has calmed down he can talk to her. He says he has nothing to say to her, in fact he says he told Belle he wants a divorce.

Sami is delighted to see Belle and Claire. She tells them that the twins are asleep so they can come in and keep her company. When they go inside the apartment the psychic that Marlena talked to is standing outside Sami’s door on the phone telling someone that she found her at her sister’s house, talking about Belle and Claire. Meanwhile Phillip storms into the pub to warn Shawn about Belle being in danger but Shawn tells him he is finished with Belle, she is all his. Phillip says he tried warning her but she won’t talk to him so he needs to protect her. Shawn says he is done talking to her too, he is not interested. Shawn and Hope both tell Phillip to get out so he leaves. Phillip then calls Marlena and makes up some story to get her to let him talk to Belle but Marlena tells him she isn’t there, that she went to see Sami.

Belle tells Sami about her admitting to Shawn about her and Phillip. She says the guilt was too much on her. She just couldn’t keep lying to him. Sami asks her if she is sure she loves Shawn. Belle says yes she knows it is Shawn and not Phillip that she wants to be with but she thinks now Shawn will never forgive her. Sami tells Belle about Lucas being the one that shot EJ. They discuss how they feel betrayed or how they have betrayed their loved ones. Sami says they all make mistakes but this isn’t the end of the world.  Someone knocks at the door and tells Sami they live upstairs and a car in the parking lot is blocking them in. Belle says that is her car and offers to go and move it so she and Claire get ready to go.

When she is out the door she apologizes for holding them up when the woman whispers to Belle that she needs to come with them, that she is in danger, Belle starts yelling for Sami and bangs on the door. They tell her they are not there to hurt her, they only want to help her but she yells more and knocks harder on the door again which scares them off. Phillip comes up from behind her and asks her what was wrong and she falls into his arms saying how scared she was. Phillip says he will drive her to Marlena’s and make sure she is safe. Then he wants to hire a body guard to protect her but she says no way, that’s the last thing she needs in her life.

EJ goes to see Stefano and tells him that Lucas has been arrested for shooting him. He asks Stefano to please let him deal with this issue. Stefano is mad and asks him if he is supposed to throw away everything he stands for and let him do this. He tells EJ it is too late. EJ asks what he is talking about. He says the wheel is already in motion.

They place Lucas in a jail cell with a man that is twice his size. When the policeman puts him in there he tells Lucas that he must know someone in high places since his arraignment has been set so fast. When the guard leaves the man stands up behind Lucas and looks around to see if any guards are around.

Jan Barrett

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