Marlena thinks back to when she told Belle that John was alive. When John walked in the room, Belle says no, Dad! She wants to know how this has happened. When Marlena comes back to reality Bo and Hope walk up asking how Belle is. She tells them she is better now that she knows about her father. Bo is surprised to hear that they let John out of his room to go see her. Marlena says he had a monitor on his leg and he was well behaved so there were no problems. She says he is back in his bed now. She thinks he is having some memories but is fighting them not knowing for sure what is going on in his head.

Roman is in the room with John and he lets him know he is not buying his act for Marlena and Belle pretending to have some kind of memory flashback. He tells John that he was held captive by Stefano himself so he knows how it is. He tells John that he won’t let him get away with anything. John tells him don’t be so sure. When Roman leaves John pulls out a small pair of scissors he stole and hid and is working on unlocking the handcuffs they put back on him in his bed. He lays back and thinks back to when he was being programmed to be Stefano’s soldier. John gets loose and when he is out of his bed and about to go out the room, Marlena walks in with Hope. John grabs Marlena and tells everyone to back off. The cops come in and John has memories again of being programmed and they take over and get him back in bed. Once they get him back in bed a doctor comes in and sedates John. When he is sleeping Marlena walks out the room. Bo and Hope and Roman are out there waiting on her. They tell her that he can’t be trusted.

Kayla tells Steve that according to her chart today is the day that she could get pregnant. Steve is ready to go right now but she tells him they have to wait til just the right time. He jokingly asks her if he can ask her one question. She says yes. He asks what she is wearing under that dress. She laughs and walks away. Kayla is at home and she checks her thermometer and says it’s her time.

She calls Steve and tells him that she needs him to come home. He tells her he is at the Pub and it will be a while before he can get away. She says no, it is time for her window. He needs to come home now. He says it would be rude if he left now. She hears a knock at her door and tells Steve to just get home as soon as he can. She answers the door and finds someone standing there holding flowers. She tells them she thinks they have the wrong room, when the man carrying them uncovers his face and laughs. It is Steve. She smiles then tells him to get in there. They start kissing and heading for the bedroom when someone knocks at the door saying it is her Mom. Once they get Caroline to leave Steve and Kayla are finally alone, til Kayla’s phone rings. She says it could be the hospital, she has to answer. While trying to talk Steve is kissing her and she finally is off the phone leaving her free again.

EJ and Sami are talking and he explains to her how bad things really are between him and his father. He tells her that his father wants Johnny to be the next heir to the DiMera’s fortune since he has apparently disappointed him as a son. He begs Sami to please understand that that is why they have to go in hiding, to keep his father from taking Johnny. Sami tells him she is not going to let Stefano take her son. He asks her if she trusts him. She says she trusts her father to protect her and her children. She says she has him to, she asks isn’t he helping her. She says unless he is going to just run from his father and hide and then she walks away.

When Sami gets back to her apartment she is trying to get inside with the twins when EJ shows up helping her pick up her keys that she dropped. While inside she and EJ hear a noise outside the door. Sami goes in the bedroom with the twins while EJ opens the door with his gun drawn. He looks around outside and sees no one but there was a box left on the doorstep. When he opens it he sees a baby rattler inside it. When he goes back inside he tells Sami it is from his Father. He tells her his Father wants the baby. She says he is right, they do need to hide but they are going to do it her way.

EJ calls Abe while Sami is checking on the twins. Sami is happy to see Abe. She is grateful for EJ calling him to get his help to protect them. Abe tells her she is family and he always does his best to protect his family. Sami hugs him and tells him thank you for his help. Abe warns EJ not to mess with Sami and those babies. EJ tells him he does love his son as Abe is leaving.

Jan Barrett

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