Belle is in the hospital unconscious and Shawn is trying to explain to her how he lost their daughter. Phillip is standing outside the door listening but Shawn doesn’t know it. Cloe comes up to Phillip and asks about Belle. He tells her she is still unconscious and Shawn is in there with her right now. Cloe says she bets he is wishing it was him in there with her instead. He turns and looks at her and says Shawn is her husband he needs to be with her now. He asks Cloe to stand by Shawn during this. She asks if he means stay with Shawn so Phillip can be with Belle. He tells her he means just to be a friend.
After all doesn’t she care anything at all about Shawn?

Cloe goes in the room to see Shawn and tells him she heard the news and wanted to stop by and make sure he was ok. He tells her she is resting so he is going to go down to the docks and see if he can find something out. When he leaves Phillip comes out in the hallway and then goes in to see Belle. He sits by her and kisses her hand and tells her he must have been out of his mind to ever have left her. Suddenly the buzzer is beeping faster. He keeps talking to her hoping she will respond and open her eyes. He tells her she needs to wake up and when she does he will be there for her. He says he may not be by her side but he will always be there for her. He promises to respect her decision now to stay with Shawn. As he sits there with her Belle wakes up saying she wants to see her daughter. He says she isn’t there. Belle wants to know where she is. He finally tells her that the guy got away with Claire and he doesn’t know where they are.

Marlena is trying to get John back by reminding him of things in their life. She tells him of her dreams that always seem to bring him back to her. He accuses her of working for Stefano. She says she is trying to help him, she is his wife. He answers back by telling her to get him out of there then. She says if she did where he would go then. He calls her Doc again without realizing it and she calls him on it. He says it is her name isn’t it. She tells him that she can’t let him go because it would be too dangerous. She tells him of things that Stefano has done to him. She talks about the scars on him and explains a few of them which is making him raging mad at Stefano.

John is getting frustrated. Marlena tells him this isn’t the first time he has been through this. She says that they worked together very hard til he came back to her the last time this happened. He sarcastically asks her why, is he really that good in the sack or something. He tells her that right now he feels like he could rip someone’s head off and he’d like to start off with DiMera’s. He tells Marlena when she almost shot Stefano, he told Rolf that she was really something after she left. She says well Stefano has always been a little obsessed with her. John tells her to go to hell. She says she has been there already.

Roman walks in and asks what’s going on. John tells him he just told her to go to hell. He asks Marlena to step out so they can talk. He asks her why she would stop them from sedating him. She says he has been through enough. Roman says all the more reasons that he should be sedated, to keep him calm. She tells Roman she is not going to change her mind. When they go back in the room Roman tells John that Marlena is only trying to help him so he asks him to go easier on her. When he leaves the room John says yeah he definitely has the hots for her. She laughs.

Bo and Roman are trying to find clues about who took off with Claire. Bo tells Roman he is not sure but this just doesn’t seem like Stefano’s style. He says it was done too sloppy to have been one of Stefano’s plans. He makes some pretty good points there. They try to analyze Crystal and her motives for wanting to kidnap Claire. Roman gets a call from the hospital informing him that Marlena will not allow them to sedate John. Bo tells him to go on to the hospital, that he has things covered there and promises to call him if any changes come up. Bo gets a call and is told that they found the Van but it was empty.

Bo and Hope head off to the hospital. Once there they tell Marlena the news that Belle and Claire had been kidnapped and how Belle got away and then fell overboard hitting her head. They tell her Belle is in the hospital in ICU right now but the kidnappers still have Claire. She says she has to go to her but Hope grabs her and hugs her first. Marlena goes back in the room and tells John she will help him get out of there but he has to do one thing for her first. He asks what that might be. She tells him she wants him to go with her to see their daughter.

Shawn is going over the details of all this step by step with Cloe trying to remember something he may have forgotten. He remembers breaking the back of the glass in the van and starting to get the door open when someone grabbed his arm to stop him before the van took off. Suddenly he remembered the man that stopped him had a tattoo on his arm and he had forgotten about hat before. He goes back to the pub and tells Bo and Roman about the tattoo. Roman asks if the tattoo looked like a picture he had that was found on John.

Jan Barrett

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