Shawn and Phillip are at the docks staking it out trying to find Claire and Belle. Shawn tells Phillip that once this is all over the same rules apply. He wants him to stay away from Claire.

Belle tells Crystal that they need heat in the van because she can’t keep her daughter warm. Crystal hands Belle a bottle and tells her to give her daughter some of this. Belle asks what it is and Crystal says it is cough syrup. They need her sedated for the trip. Belle knocks it out of her hands and says she is not going to drug her daughter. Crystal tells her she should not have done that. Belle asks Crystal where they are. She tells Belle she will soon find out. Crystal starts to touch Claire when Belle stops her. She tells her not to touch her daughter. Crystal starts to pour coffee from a thermos when she offers Belle some. She says only if it is hot. Crystal tells Belle to be careful not to burn herself. Belle tells her you too and she throws the coffee in her face. She takes Claire and runs.

In the alley, Bo is staking out the Van. He sees Rob walking out and yells for him to freeze. Rob acts innocent until Belle comes running from behind Rob yelling for help. Rob grabs Claire and uses her as a shield. He is holding a gun and there is a fight where Belle is knocked over board. Phillip jumps in after Belle and pulls her out the water. She is unconscious and has a bad cut on her head. Phillip tries giving her CPR and says he can’t find a pulse. Bo checks her and says he found one but it is weak. He says an ambulance is on its way. He tells Phillip that they didn’t catch the guy in time. He got away with Claire, but state police has all the major roads blocked so they won’t get far.

Phillip thinks back at the last time he saw Belle. He thinks about her telling him that she really wanted to be married to Shawn now. Belle wakes up and asks where Claire is. Phillip lies to her telling her that Claire is with Shawn. She wants to go to her. Bo tells her that she was in the water for a long time and she hit her head pretty bad so she needs to go to the hospital. Bo says Shawn will meet her at the hospital. Before they can get her in the ambulance Belle goes into cardiac arrest and the paramedics try to get her back, with Phillip yelling Belle don’t you die on me. Finally they give up and one of the paramedics tells Phillip she is gone. Phillip tries giving her more CPR after they tell him it is too late. When they are about to cover her with the blanket Belle takes a breath and comes back. They haul her off to the hospital after giving her oxygen. Bo tells Phillip to let Shawn take care of his wife. He tells him to stay out of their lives.

Shawn comes in and looks pretty bad. He tells Bo that that they got away with Claire. Bo says he needs to get to the hospital himself. He tells Bo he will drive himself there. He asks what they told Belle about Claire. Phillip tells him he told her she was with him because she wasn’t strong enough to handle the truth. He tells Shawn that it will be up to him to tell Belle the truth about Claire. He promises to back off. Shawn nods his head and leaves for the hospital.

John wakes Marlena in the hospital asking her how come she lied to him. He said she said no hospital and no more pills. She said they had to take him there because he was unconscious. John tells her she can make it up to him by helping him get out of there and he snatches the handcuffs on his hands tying him down. Marlena just looks at him. He wants her to get the keys from the guard to get him out of there. She asks him to tell her who she is. He says a beautiful woman that is going to help get him out of there. She says she can’t lose him again, so he says well go with him.

While talking he calls her Doc and she notices it right away. Marlena tells John to really look at her. He says they are wasting time here. She tells him how hard it has been for her, and how she tried not to cry in front of the girls. He asks what girls. She tells him life without him is unbearable for her. Marlena tells John this is rule #1. She will do anything for him. She says ordering her around never ever works. She shows him pictures of Brady and Belle and Claire. He doesn’t recognize any of them in the pictures.

He tells Marlena for the last time to help him get out of there. He gives her to the count of three. Before he can get to three she puts her hand over his mouth and he grabs her arm. She tells him if he wants to play hard ball then she is his lady. She says she told him she would never leave him again and she meant it but if he didn’t take his hand off her arm she would scream so loud that they would come running and put him in a straight jacket. He tells her that was a smart move. He let go. Then he tells her to let him see that picture again of Claire. He agrees to meet the people in the pictures. When she tells him it might take some time to get Sami and Belle there he thinks she is delaying it and gets violently mad and starts calling for a nurse to get Marlena out of there.

When the nurse comes in she tells Marlena that she has strict orders to sedate him if he becomes violent. Marlena tells her he doesn’t need to be sedated. The nurse says she is sorry but she has her orders. John sits in his bed saying no more drugs. Marlena talks the nurse out of giving it to him saying she will take full responsibility. She tells John he doesn’t need any more drugs. She tells him the kind of man John Black is. She tells him that he can not be replaced. She says their love is too strong to allow anything to come between them no matter what Stefano does to him. John tells her he does not love her. She says she knows, he does but not right now and that’s ok, she says she has enough love for the both of them.

Jan Barrett

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