Max apologizes to Stephanie about kissing her. She thanks him for being there for her. And she tells him she wants him to know how much she appreciates all he has done for her. Chelsea walks in and tells Stephanie that they are in big trouble. She thinks her Mom knows something. She tells Stephanie about the contact lens that they found in the basement. She says Nick is pressuring her to go to the police and tell them. Stephanie says she can’t do that, if she does then they will all go to jail. Stephanie tells Chelsea she is going to have to convince Nick that they can’t. Chelsea offers to take the blame for it all. Stephanie says that won’t work. Chelsea thinks they should go to the police. Stephanie says she can’t believe what she is hearing. Chelsea says that she has been having nightmares after all of this and Stephanie cries out what about the nightmare she has been going through because of that son of a bitch. Chelsea asks her what she means by that.

Someone is banging on the door and it is Ford’s father. When they open it he burst in telling them that he knows they killed his son so he wants to know where he is. Chelsea told him they don’t know what happened to Ford. He says Ford has not used his credit cards or cell phone and he even has not driven his car. He tells them he just wants to know what they done with his body. Stephanie cries to him that his son was a rapist. She says she knows that because he raped Cordy and she finally admits that he raped her too. He tells her he doesn’t believe that.

When he leaves Chelsea asks her if that was true. She tells Chelsea she told Max and her Mom and asks her if she is mad at her for not telling her. She says she was having a hard time going through it all alone. She says she still has nightmares of him holding her down raping her. Chelsea says she isn’t mad, she is just glad she at least told someone. Chelsea doesn’t blame her at all. Stephanie is feeling guilty for not testifying against Ford before but Chelsea understands why she didn’t. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she is so sorry but this isn’t about her or any of them, it is about a man that is dead thanks to them. She says they need to get them all together and get them to turn themselves in.

Phillip tells Sami about Belle and Claire being kidnapped. Sami asks him where Shawn is but he tells her he hasn’t called him yet to tell him about it. She tells him not to worry. She says she is going to find her father.

Shawn is at the pub with Cloe talking when Phillip calls him. When Shawn answers he tells Phillip what a pleasant surprise. Phillip tells him this is serious. Shawn goes to the scene where Belle and Claire were taken and tells Phillip he has nothing to say to him. He asks the officer if they know who took them. Hope comes up and tells Shawn that Stefano is behind this. Shawn asks what possible reason Stefano could have to go after Belle and Claire. Shawn says he is going down by the docks and start looking. Phillip stops him and offers to go with him. Shawn nods his head and they leave.

Bo and Roman are talking to Stefano when Hope comes in and tells them they found him. Meanwhile Marlena is with John and she releases the straps on his hands binding him to the chair. She tells him she knows he will never hurt her. He asks her why is she shaking and she tells him because they thought he was dead. Bo goes to see John leaving Stefano and Rolf with Roman. John doesn’t know any of them but he attacks Bo saying he is a cop. Marlena whispers to him that it is ok, that Bo is a friend so John releases him. Marlena walks in the room where Stefano and Rolf and Roman are and she says it is ok. Then she motions for John to come in. She tells them that John doesn’t know anyone.

Hope comes in and tells Bo about Belle being kidnapped so he tells Roman they need to wrap this up right now. They arrest Stefano and Rolf. Stefano tells Marlena that Rolf has saved John’s life.. He warns her though that he is not the same John that she knows. He says he will never know who they are. Marlena says he will come back to her, she just knows it. John goes to attack Stefano and Roman and Bo grab him trying to hold him back. Rolf comes up from behind them all and stabbed John with a needle. Marlena yells at Rolf asking him what did he do to him you monster. Rolf says it was just something to calm him down, he will be ok.

Stefano asks if they will tell him who tipped them off that he had John there. Roman says since he won’t answer their questions, then they will return the favor by not answering his. They call an ambulance for John and Roman tells Bo to get them out of there, he is tired of seeing Stefano’s face. He takes Rolf out and Bo tells Stefano to come on old man. Stefano tells Bo that this is not over now just because they are arresting him. In fact he says this is just the beginning.

Crystal tells Belle they have not taken her and Claire to hurt her. Belle asks then why. Crystal tells her to protect her, she asks from whom. She tells Belle to protect her from Stefano DiMera. She tells Belle not to worry. They are not the bad guys here. Belle asks her about Brady. Crystal tells her she can’t answer her questions. She says all she needs to know is that they are safe right now.

Jan Barrett

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