Chelsea gets Nick to meet her and they talk about what happened with Ford Decker. She tells him she only told him about it because they agreed not to keep any more secrets between them. She asks him to keep this a secret and he tells her that he doesn’t think he can do that. She tells him he has to keep quiet. Nick says Ford’s parents have been on TV all day and his mother has been begging anyone to help her find her son.

Billie walks in and Chelsea asks Nick what her Mom is doing there. Billie pulls up a chair and tells them she needs to ask the two of them some questions. Nick tells them he will leave them alone but Billie asks him to stay. She tells them that the police found a contact lens in the basement and they checked it with Ford’s contact lens prescription and it is a perfect match. Chelsea says well he must have dropped it down there. Billie asks what he would have been doing in the basement. She says she doesn’t know, maybe for beer since that is where they keep the beer. Billie says that as soon as Ford’s Dad gets news of this he is going to go after them. Chelsea says Ford’s Dad has been after them from the beginning. Billie tells Nick that if he cares anything about her daughter he will tell her the truth. He says he doesn’t know anything since he wasn’t there that night. He says as far as he knows everything Chelsea has said is true.

Once Billie is gone Nick tries to get Chelsea to tell the truth. He tells her to take a stand and tell the truth here. He says she is the strongest persons he knows, he knows she can do this. Nick tells her that either she comes forth and tells the truth or he will walk out of her life forever.

Belle is upset with Phillip. She says if she can’t trust him to be a friend then she doesn’t know how she can trust him to be anything else. Phillip tells Belle not to let this one little thing come between them and ruin what they have together. Belle says she doesn’t want them to see each other again. She says she has ruined Claire chances of ever having a normal family life. She says she has encouraged Claire to love two Daddies’ and she was wrong. Phillip asked her what he can do to help her. She asks if he is serious and when he says yes she tells him to help her put her marriage back together then. Phillip asks her if she thinks Shawn would ever take her back. She says she thinks he wants to forgive her but doesn’t know how to admit it. Phillip asked her if that is what she really wants and she says yes.

She gets Claire and says they are going home for real this time. They go out the door and she sets Claire down while putting her scarf around her neck, the guard asks her if she is ok and she says yes she just wants to go home. Claire ran ahead of her so she tells her to wait. As Belle and her body guard leave Crystal comes out the Café and tells someone on the phone this time do it right. Belle and the body guard are in the car when they stop because of a stalled van ahead of them blocking the road. The cop calls it in to dispatch then gets out the car to check it out.

Belle is aggravated when her phone rings and it is Phillip wanting to work all this out with her. They show Rob lurking outside the car looking in. When the cop comes back to  the car Rob is standing behind him with a shotgun and tells him easy now and no one will get hurt. While Belle is talking to Phillip on the phone she hears a gun shot and sees the bodyguard being shot. He is shot again and she sees him fall in front of the stalled Van. She says OMG and then Rob comes up to her car. She says please there is a baby in here but he opens the door and Crystal climbs in on the driver’s side. Crystal tells her she is sorry sweetie but she has to go with them. They pull Belle out of the car with her screaming don’t hurt her daughter. Meanwhile Phillip is in a panic yelling for her on the phone and runs out the door of the café where he is.

Marlena and Sami get EJ to confess to them that John is really alive and that Stefano has him but he says he hasn’t seen him. Marlena says it is true, John is really alive. Sami asks EJ if he asked Stefano why he has John there. He says his father told him that he needed him for some sort of mission but that is all he would tell him. Marlena thanks EJ and then she says she is forever grateful. EJ agrees to write out a statement for Bo to give to the judge stating that he knew John was at the DiMera mansion so Bo could get a search warrant, but he says he won’t go with them. He tells Sami later that even if the cops do get Stefano he always manages to get out and that’s when he will come for his revenge.

Rolf assures Stefano that John is almost ready for what Stefano wants him to do. Stefano says that it has to be ready soon. Stefano goes in to John to question him. He asks John where is he and John says Salem. Stefano asks who does he belong to and John says Stefano. Rolf interrupts telling Stefano that the police are there. Stefano goes to the door and let’s Bo and Roman in. He rattles on about a painting he can show them when they want to take a look around, when Bo tells him to can the chatting old man. He says they want to know what he has done with John Black. Stefano turns around and looks at Rolf.

Marlena and Hope sneak into the mansion and they see John in the lab. Marlena wants to go in there but Hope is scared. Marlena says John would never hurt her. So she tells Marlena she will go get Bo and she will be back. Marlena walks up to John whispering his name. He just sits there staring. She has tears rolling down her face and asks what they have done to him. He grabs her arms when she starts to reach for him then lets go.

Jan Barrett

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