Cloe is at the pub with Claire and Shawn and she is taking pictures of them. Caroline is watching and takes the camera and tells Cloe to let her take one of her with Shawn and Claire. Shawn asks her to keep an eye on Claire while he gets his uniform on and Cloe says sure. While he is gone Belle walks in and Claire shows her the picture on the camera of her and Shawn and Cloe together. Belle asks where Shawn is and Cloe tells her he is getting his uniform on. Belle asks if he left Claire there for Cloe to watch.

Before Cloe can answer Shawn comes out saying yes is there anything wrong with that. Belle tells Claire to go look for her Grandma Caroline. When she is gone she tells Shawn yes there is something wrong with it. She doesn’t like it and wants to know if he done this to get back at her for leaving Claire with Phillip. He tells her she is a piece of work. Cloe says she is leaving but Shawn doesn’t want her to leave because of Belle. Belle goes after Cloe then accusing her of doing something to Brady. She says she should be in jail. Cloe announces she is out of jail because of Phillip because he believes in her, leaving Belle surprised. She asks if Phillip is helping her. Cloe explains how she had no one else to turn to but Phillip and he believes in her and is helping her cover her legal costs. Shawn says Phillip is just full of surprises.

Cloe sits waiting on Shawn to come back with a beer for her and she thinks about when she and Phillip talked about him helping her. When Shawn comes back she explains why she went to Phillip for help to begin with. Shawn knows Phillip and thinks he never does anything without a reason. She says well maybe it is possible that Phillip believes her. Shawn says maybe but unlikely. Cloe asks him what about him, does he believe her. He asks her if she had anything to do with Brady’s disappearance. She says no and explains why she was like she was when she first came back to town. Shawn tells her after that, that he believes her.

Stefano tells EJ that if he walks out of that door then he will never be able to come back in. EJ leaves and Stefano says to himself that no matter what he will always be his son. EJ didn’t really leave and hears him and says back to him that he will always be his father too but that doesn’t give him the right to control him like he does everyone else. EJ finally convinces Stefano to give him his furniture back and his money. When he starts to leave Stefano tells him never threaten him like that again. EJ turns around and says he doesn’t think he will have to. He thinks he understands him now and then leaves.

At the police station Marlena insists on talking to Crystal. She begs her to tell her why she told her that John is alive. Crystal keeps saying she is just a psychic. Marlena asked her why is she doing this to her. She asks if she has ever been in love with someone before. Then Marlena asks once more if John is alive. Crystal finally admits she hasn’t seen him. Marlena asks does this mean you know more. She finally admits that John is alive and Stefano DiMera has him. Crystal’s attorney walks in and tells her to not say another word.

When Crystal leaves Marlena turns to Roman, Bo and Hope and says lets go. They tell her that they can’t just go burst in and search his house without a search warrant. She says the hell with that she wants to find John now. Roman says if John is in that house they will get him out only they have to go through proper channels. Marlena looks at them all and asks if they believe John is alive, and by their silence she storms out saying she must be the only one that thinks he is.

Hope tells Bo and Roman that Marlena is really falling for this. She isn’t going to be happy til she finds something out. Marlena walks back in and says this so called psychic is as real as she can be. She tells them she is not losing her mind, but she can not do this alone. She says she needs their help. Just then Nick walks in apologizing for it taking him so long. Marlena asks him if he got what she wanted done. He says yes but she is not going to like it. He says those ashes were of human remains but he can definitely tell her that it wasn’t John’s. Marlena is excited and hugs him and thanks him. When he leaves Roman tells her that just because those ashes weren’t John’s it doesn’t mean John is alive. Marlena tells them all she needs them to stand by her in this. Finally Roman agrees to try and get a warrant to search the house.

Phillip tries to talk Sami into testifying for Lucas. He tells her she is his only chance of getting out of this. She says she can’t get up on that stand and tell everyone she is to blame for him shooting EJ. Phillip tells her if she really ever loved Lucas she would do this for him, he needs her now.

EJ goes back to see Sami and she ask him what happened between him and Stefano. He says he thinks he will be taking Tony’s advice and not let his Father run his life. He says he has to be able to run it himself and he told Stefano that. She tells him she just wishes he would understand her position. She says she once trusted him and she doesn’t usually make the same mistakes twice but she is going to try and trust him now and help him fight his Father.

Belle is at a café and Phillip happens to be there, so she sits Claire down at a table so she can eat her cake and then pulls Phillip to the side and asks him how could he help Cloe out like that. He tells her because she was in trouble and he believed her story. Belle asks how he could tell her one minute that he was worried about her and Claire’s safety but then turn around and bail the one person that may have been involved in her brother’s disappearance out of jail. He says he is worried about Brady and he thinks Cloe might be in danger again. He asks her if she is jealous.

Marlena and Hope and Bo go to Sami’s apartment and Marlena says she is glad to see EJ there. Sami asks her what is going on. Marlena burst out that John is alive and Stefano has him in the mansion but they need to get in there to find him. Sami asks her if her Dad knows about this and Marlena tells her yes he is working on getting a warrant right now but time is running out and she is afraid Stefano will get word of this and get him out of there before they get the warrant. She turns around and says this is where EJ comes in. She needs his help getting into the mansion. EJ tells her he is sorry but he can’t. Bo asks him if he can’t or he won’t help them.

Jan Barrett

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