Marlena is sitting at home alone and her neighbor knocks at her door asking her to come to their party but she says she plans to just sit quietly at home and read a book. When she sits in front of the fireplace with her book, the noise from the party is overwhelming so she tells John as she looks at his picture that he wins. She gets up and goes to get dressed.

Bo is at work with Roman when he gets a note delivered telling him to get his handsome self at the Pub so he can get his lips kissed. Roman teases him saying he thinks that note was for him since it said his handsome self. Then he tells him to go to his wife and have a good time.

When Bo gets to the party he and Hope are dancing when Maggie comes up to them and asks if they had seen Marlena. She was wondering if she was going to come. Hope makes an excuse for her and just as she does Marlena walks in saying they never could resist a fun party.

Marlena spots the woman she talked to at the cleaners. She goes up to her and asks her what she is doing there. She tells Marlena she is trying to help her. Marlena asks if she means help her about John. She says no, but about his son. Marlena asks if she means Brady.

Cloe is talking to Phillip trying to get his help. She keeps telling him that she is innocent. She says she didn’t do anything wrong. She says she tried to find Brady but she got the note threatening to kill him if she didn’t stop her search. He says well where the note is. She says she threw it away. He says she threw away the one piece of evidence that could prove her innocence. She says she doesn’t have time for games. He says he will help her if she agrees to his terms. She asks what his terms are. He wants her to move in on Shawn. She asks him if he is trying to pimp her out. She says Shawn is in love with his wife, end of story. He tells her to take the deal and she won’t regret it. Finally Cloe agrees to do what he wants but she makes it clear it is only because he isn’t giving her much choice. Cloe tells Phillip that the men that took Brady had a picture of Belle. She didn’t know what it meant though. Phillip panics and asks why she never said anything about this before.

Belle confesses to Shawn that she slept with Phillip but she blames it on her being confused after her Dad died. She says it didn’t mean anything to her, that she loves him. Shawn asks her if this was before or after they got married. She says before. He tells her she always had to go to Phillip to talk. She swears it will never happen again and she begs him to forgive her. Shawn tells her it isn’t so easy to forgive. She tells him they have a daughter, he says he doesn’t think she should bring that up. He asks her how many chances is he suppose to give her.

She says she won’t give up on her love for him. He tells her those are just words, only he was too blind to see it til now. He asks her if it is because he doesn’t have enough money to buy her a big house. She says she doesn’t care about all that. She asks him if he loves her even after everything she has told him about what happened. He admits that yes he does, and then she says they can work through this. She asks him to please tell her that is what he wants. He says what he wants is a divorce. She bursts out in heavier tears. Shawn says Claire can stay there with him tonight since she is asleep but he thinks it is best if she stays at her Mom’s tonight and when she gets settled somewhere they will talk about what to do with Claire.

When Belle leaves she tells Shawn she thought he would fight for them. He tells her that there is nothing left to fight for. When she goes out the door, she watches Shawn through the window and cries. Phillip comes up and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him she and Shawn broke up. He tells her he is sorry. Then he tells her that Cloe told him something that leads him to believe she could be in danger. She tells him Cloe can go to hell and so can he and then she walks off.

Belle goes to Marlena’s and cries to her about Shawn. She tells her that Shawn told her all this is too much for him to forgive. Marlena tells her that’s not true. Nothing is too big to forgive. As she hugs Belle she looks at John’s picture over the mantle.

While dancing Kayla tells Steve she made an appointment with this fertility specialist just as a precaution to make sure everything is ok. She says she has a lot of studying to do. He asks her when class begins.

Jan Barrett

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