Lucas waits for Sami to come see him after his sentencing hearing. He tells her he was sentenced 8 to 10 years. Sami tells him Allie is still sick so she couldn’t bring her with her to see him. He tells Sami he would have liked to have seen Johnny too but he knows EJ wouldn’t have liked that too much. Sami tells him she knows this is rough on him being away from the kids and she is sorry it has to be this way. She tells him she had everything under control, all she had to do was marry EJ and all would have been OK. He says he didn’t trust her enough so he had to take matters into his own hands. She said but by doing what he did only made things worse.

Sami tells Lucas she has loved him all her life. She says she will love him forever. He tells her he doesn’t expect her to wait for him but he wants her to live her life without him. He asks her to promise to never trust EJ. He tells her not to go around him any more than she has to. The guard comes in and tells Lucas it is time for him to go. He asks for one more minute. He hands Sami a DVD. He says it is something he made for her. Well he says it is more for Allie. Sami hugs him crying saying she can’t do this. The guard says time is up so Sami has to leave. He tells her as she goes out the door to remember what they talked about, not to ever trust EJ.

EJ is at home with the twins and just as he gets one to stop crying the other cries louder. He is hoping some help will be coming soon. When someone knocks on the door he yells to come in and it is Tony and a police officer. EJ asks Tony what brings him there and Tony says he doesn’t have to have a reason to come see his brother. EJ asks Tony if he wants to hold the baby but Tony says it’s not his sort of thing.

Someone else knocks at the door and when Tony opens it he finds Anna standing there. She asks Tony what he was doing there. He says well he could ask her that himself. She says she bought gifts for the twins. He says well he doesn’t need an excuse to visit with his brother. Anna helps EJ calm the twins down and they get them to sleep. EJ tells Anna that Sami is at the jail telling Lucas goodbye. Anna asks if he is ok with that. He says well Sami still loves Lucas and he just has to live with that. Tony makes a remark saying he wouldn’t worry about it, she will never forget him. Anna looks at Tony and says oh, like the way you forgot about me huh Tony?  Tony tells Anna that she has a tendency to over- dramatize. Anna gets mad and warns Tony that he hasn’t seen anything yet and she storms out.                      

The Brady’s all board John’s jet to go back to Salem. Steve sits by the window when he sees the mystery woman and he gets off the plane to go look for her. While waiting for clearance to take off Kayla goes to look for Steve. Marlena asks John why he stayed back at the mountain. He tells her he thought he saw Colleen with Santos. Marlena says his mother died peacefully. He says she is right and her blood is not on his hands so everyone wins here.

Kayla finds Steve and asks him what was he thinking of to leave the plane like that. She wants to know why he did it. He says he is sorry and tells her they better get back to the plane before they leave without them. He says come on. They need to get back home to their daughter. Kayla isn’t happy because he didn’t give her an answer. Back on the plane Kayla asks Steve why did he run off like that? He hesitates and tells her he forgot his cell phone and had to go back to get it. Kayla still isn’t satisfied but Steve gets irritated by saying he just forgot the phone, simple as that. Steve tells her they need to check on her Pop.

Hope notices that Bo doesn’t seem to be feeling too good. She asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that there is something going on that he needs to tell her about. He says there was another reason that Kayla and Steve went to Ireland. He says he doesn’t have all the details yet so he can’t give her specifics. He asks her to trust him. She says she will just have to trust him then, but she asks him that if she just can’t take it anymore he will have to come clean and tell her.

Cloe is disappointed that she didn’t find her husband in Ireland. She says she was hoping Colleen was connected to his disappearance but she wasn’t. Phillip tells her that if anyone can find Brady his father can. He asks her what happens when they do find him, since things were rocky in their marriage already. He wants to know if she is going to file for a divorce. She says she doesn’t know as she reaches for his hand.

Jan Barrett

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