Sami sees the headlines in the paper that states Lucas Horton confesses to DiMera shooting. She can’t find Allie and starts calling for EJ. She finds him in the bedroom in the rocker holding Allie and he is sleeping. She takes Allie from him then wakes him saying he can’t sleep like that or his neck will start hurting. She thanks him for helping her with the kids last night since she was completely exhausted. He says it was his pleasure and reminds her that that is what parents do for their children. She suggests they start packing but he thinks they should wait til Abe tells them it is safe for them to go home. He makes the remark that he is only looking after his family and Sami notices it again that he is calling the twins his kids.

When they sit down to eat she tells him that she feels like she needs to remind him that Lucas is Allie’s father. She says she appreciates all he has done for her but she says he is not her father and he needs to respect that. He tells her that being a biological father doesn’t always make you a father. He says at least Allie does have a father figure in her life right now. Sami starts crying and EJ apologizes to her for upsetting her. She says her father was gone a lot in her life as a child and she doesn’t want her daughter to go through life without her father. She asks him if he can understand that.

He tells her it is ok, but he wants her to know that there is enough love to go around that Allie won’t suffer from it. Sami cries more and says she doesn’t know what to do now. EJ tells her she is the strongest person he has ever seen and he knows she will get through this. He says she will be there for her children and if she ever needs help all she has to do is pick up the phone and he will be right there. She tells him he actually just said the right thing. Her phone rings and it was Lucas telling her to come down to the jail because today is his sentencing hearing. She hangs up in a panic running to get dressed saying she has to go to Lucas.

Stephanie, Chelsea, and Nick plan a surprise birthday party for Max. Chelsea pretends to run into him while jogging. He says he thinks it is odd that he has never seen her out there jogging before now. She asks him if he would like to go for a walk and that’s when they surprise him. Chelsea pours them all some hot chocolate and they make a toast to each other. Max and Stephanie stick around to clean up after the party when Max thanks her for the party. He thanks her for his gift too. She says actually she has another gift for him and he asks what is it. She leans over towards him and kisses him.

Steve talks to Bo about what Lexi told them. Bo asks Steve if he is trying to scare him when Steve says that it must have been pretty important for her to have sent him and Kayla there to get Bo and Hope back to Salem.

Marlena is packing Colleen’s things when she finds an envelope addressed to The Brady Family. She hands it to Shawn Sr. and tells him she hopes he doesn’t mind but she took the liberty to open it and read it. She says she thinks they will all have no problem following her wishes. Marlena tells Belle that Colleen wanted to be cremated. She says that’s not the traditional Irish way but if that’s what she wanted then that’s what she will get.

Kayla talks to Lexi and tells her that she plans to surprise Steve about the baby once they get home. Lexi asks her if they have talked to Hope yet but she says not yet. After she is off the phone, Hope comes downstairs and tells Kayla she thinks she and Steve and Bo are hiding something from her and she would like to know what it is. Meanwhile Bo and Steve are talking and Steve tells him he should tell Hope but Bo doesn’t want to. He says he keeps thinking about what she is going to have to go through with this.

A memorial service is planned for Colleen. Marlena says she is sorry for the delay but it took a little longer for Colleen’s ashes to be delivered. Marlena asks Shawn Sr. if he would like to say a few words but he isn’t able so Marlena asks John to say something. He doesn’t want to in fact he refuses to. Marlena tells him she thinks he should since he was her only son. He asks her why she is pushing him to do this. She says out of respect for her. He takes the Urn and says fine he will take it.

He asks ok now what. Bo says he will say something now. One by one they all take a handful of the ashes and spread them out. As each handful flies Colleen is seen with Santos. John takes the last of the ashes into his hands as everyone walks away leaving him alone with his mother’s ashes. Everyone is getting packed to return to Salem when Marlena misses John. She goes to the window to look outside for him. John is out walking around when suddenly her see the ghost of Colleen and Santos and sees them kiss. At the same time Sami and EJ are sharing a close moment, as he helps her with her jacket on.

Jan Barrett

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