The family tries to talk Colleen into going back to Salem to get help. She says it is too late for that. The cancer has been there for a long time. She has finally gotten to do what she set out to do a long time ago. She has seen her little brother again. John tells Colleen that she was pretty much damned for being a liar and betraying her sacred vows to God. Shawn Sr. yells at him and tells him not to talk to his sister like that. John tells Colleen to never compare him with Santos. She says she would never do that, he is nothing like him, but she prays that someday he will be. Shawn Sr. asks him if he has to be so cruel to her. Colleen says she is afraid he does, because he is terrified of whom he is now being who he will be forever. She says that would scare the living hell out of her.

One by one Colleen tells the family good bye. Shawn Sr. tells her he doesn’t want to lose her again. Colleen says he never will. Kayla tells her she wished there was something she could do for her. Colleen tells her there is nothing anyone can do now but her biggest dream was to have them all here. She asks for some time alone with her brother and son. They one by one say their goodbyes and leave the room. On her way out the door, Belle hands John the medallion and tells him Colleen gave it to her but she thinks he should have it. When she goes out the door he throws it into the garbage. Marlena pulls the medallion out of the garbage can and slips it in her pocket without John seeing her.

Colleen holds her arms out to John but he just stands there. She asks him not to deny her last dying wish to hold him in her arms. John goes to the bed and sits down with his back to her and she hugs him. Marlena looks on in tears as Shawn Sr. watches. Marlena goes out in the hallway and tells the family she thinks they need to come back in now. She doesn’t think it will be long now. Colleen is begging John to hold her in his arms. She says she has to rest now. She lays her head on his shoulder and passes away. John gets off the bed and Shawn Sr. softly kisses her good bye. Bo folds her arms and then slips the covers over her face. The family stands there in silence.

Lexi calls Phillip asking about Bo or Kayla saying she can’t reach them on their phones. Phillip tells her their phones are probably turned off because they are in a family meeting. Lexi is shocked to hear that Colleen is still alive. After he hangs up he tells Cloe that he just realized that Lexi is John’s niece now. They talk about how dying alone is so sad.

When they all go downstairs Cloe and Phillip give their condolences about the death of Colleen. Belle asks Cloe and Phillip if Steve still has Claire out and Phillip says he is buying her ice cream. Phillip says he has to go give Kayla a message. Belle says she thinks she will make them all some tea. Cloe says not for her, she thinks Belle and Shawn need some time together right now and walks away. Belle tells Shawn she is right, they do need each other right now more than ever. They sit down to talk and Shawn asks her if she wants them to be together. He wants to know if she thinks they can make it work. She tells them she wants them to be a family. He tells her that he isn’t angry anymore. They agree that just maybe they can make this work.

Marlena asks John what he is feeling right now. He says isn’t that just typical for a shrink to ask. He asks what she thinks he should be feeling right now. She says sadness from just losing his Mother. Then she looks at him and says she thinks he is starting to remember things now. He denies it and says he is ready for them to get out of there now. He walks over to the bed and removes the covers from Colleen’s face and whispers goodbye Mom and then kisses her on the forehead. He covers her back up and just sits there next to her.

Kayla finally calls Lexi back and tells her about Colleen dying. Lexi tells her she does have some bad news for her. The test results show this is worse than they thought. They need Bo and Hope back home now to do more tests. Kayla says she understands and they will be back ASAP. Lexi tells her that this might now be the right time for this but she thinks she can use some good news. She tells Kayla her test results show that she is pregnant.

Jan Barrett

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