Chelsea explains to Max and Stephanie how Crawford Dexter had no choice but to drop the charges. They say now it feels so good to be rid of all these legal problems. Morgan walks up and says but now she has to deal with her sorority sisters. Stephanie stands up for Chelsea but Morgan says this is not about that. She says it is about the sister’s trust now. She says Chelsea told even after they vowed to each other not to. Stephanie tells Morgan that after all Chelsea done for them and now she can’t believe they are thinking of kicking her out of the sorority group.

Max asks Morgan to let him talk to her about this. She tells him she has no control over this. She says Chelsea betrayed the trust of the sisters so now they all have to figure out whether or not to let her stay. They go back to Chelsea and Stephanie and Morgan says she pretty much has told Max that she is on Chelsea’s side but they are still going to have to take a vote. Chelsea says they can just go on and do what they have to do so she walks away. Nick goes after it. He tells her he loves her and he isn’t going anywhere. She hugs him and says good, because she really doesn’t think she can handle losing someone else.

Marlena tells everyone to look out for John, because he ran off. She tells them the details of what happened before he ran off. She says he has a knife too. She says Colleen told them that she is John’s mother and now with this news she is afraid that John has become a walking time bomb. Meanwhile in the woods John is seen staring at his knife and thinking of Colleen telling him she is his mother. He falls to his knees and slowly puts the knife to his neck.

Cloe gets a call for a job offer. She tries to explain to Phillip about how the offer came about. He asks her what her plans are now. He wants to know if they find Brady will she go back to him. She says she loves Brady and he loves her. She tells him this can’t be easy for him. He says he refuses to sit around feeling sorry for himself.

Cloe joins Marlena and the others and hears Marlena saying that Stefano is Belle’s uncle. Belle goes upstairs to check on Colleen saying since she is her grand daughter. She goes in with Claire to see Colleen. Belle tells her she can’t believe she is sitting there with her grand mother. Belle asks her if she is going back to Salem with them. She says even though she is just meeting her she feels like she is going to miss him. Colleen gives Belle the medallion that she was wearing in the picture as a memoir of her. Big Shawn comes in and Belle leaves them alone to talk. Shawn tells her he called his wife Caroline and she is more than happy for her to come live with them. Colleen tells her she isn’t going anywhere and that is why she is glad he is there to be with her in the end. He asks what that is supposed to mean. She tells him she is dying.

Bo finds John in the woods and stops him from cutting himself. John tells him he has failed. He says he let his emotions interfere in his mission. Bo tells him he is only human, and he can deal with this. He tries taking the knife but John attacks him instead and struggle over the knife. Bo tells him he doesn’t want to do this. He says he is not the enemy. John flips over and Bo has the knife. John tells him to kill him. John says he failed his mission so he doesn’t deserve to live. John tells Bo he doesn’t remember anyone. He says not Doc or Belle or anyone. Bo tells him well his wife and daughter loves him. He says he has a good life. It is a lot better than a lot of people have.

Steve is on the phone with Kayla talking about getting Bo and Hope home so more tests can be run on them. She tells him she hasn’t had the chance to tell Hope yet. She says it was so hard to tell Bo, she just knows Hope is going to take the news hard. Steve tells her he understands. He asks her how she did it anyway. He asks how do you tell someone you love that they may be dying. Shawn and Phillip walk up and Shawn asks tell who they are dying. Steve lies and says just a patient of Kayla’s. They all say they still can’t believe that Colleen is John’s mother.

Bo brings John back to the Pub where the gang is. He tells Marlena he found John and he was about to kill himself. Hope comes downstairs and tells Bo she is glad he is ok. He is about to tell her about what Kayla told him when Shawn walks in. Hope goes to him and hugs him. As they talk she holds her back telling Shawn she and Bo are both having back problems and she thinks it is the mattress they slept on causing it. Hope asks him now that all this is settling down can he tell her that he and Belle are going to get back together. He tells her to be honest he doesn’t know. As they sit down to talk about it Belle walks up. She apologizes if she is interrupting something private.

Marlena tells John she wants to hypnotize him once they get back to Salem. He doesn’t like the idea. She tells him either he does this or she will have them arrest him for hurting her and for hurting Bo.

Big Shawn comes downstairs and tells everyone that Colleen would like for everyone to come to her room right now. Marlena asks now? He says it is important and asks them all to come.

Jan Barrett

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