John knocks Marlena out and pulls a knife on Colleen. She tells him to go on when he tells her he was sent there to kill her. She says he will only condemn himself if he does. She tells him he is his own person. She says he is only doing what Stefano wants him to do. She tells him if he murders her he will never find peace. Marlena wakes up and says his name. He tells her she can close her eyes and pretend not to see anything and stay seated.

He kicks Marlena off of him when she grabs his leg and says he is sorry but he won’t let her stop him. He swings back at Colleen with his knife and she yells out, one last word, you will be killing your mother. She tells him she is his mother. This stops John in his tracks. Marlena shows John a picture she found in his pocket of the jacket he wore the night he was hit by the car. It is of a little boy sitting next to a woman that is wearing a medallion that is the same as the one Colleen is holding in her hand. Colleen tells him that little boy is him. Marlena asks Colleen to explain just how she could be John’s mother so she starts to explain it to them. Colleen says had Stefano known that she was John’s mother he would have never let them come together. John pulls the knife on Colleen but Marlena stops him. He runs out and Marlena runs after him.

Shawn tucks Claire into bed and he thinks back about what all happened when Claire was kidnapped. He thinks back with Belle in the hospital. Belle walks in and asks Shawn what’s on his mind. Shawn confesses that he is worried about Kayla and Steve showing up there in Ireland so suddenly.

Kayla and Steve tell Bo about the test results on the physical he took. Kayla tells her that the results showed a problem. Steve tells him they need to get him back to the states so they can run more tests. Hope comes downstairs and interrupts the conversation. Steve takes Hope out so Kayla can talk to Bo. Bo wants to know exactly what is going on. Kayla says it is serious but she doesn’t want to say what’s up til they do more tests. Outside Hope knows something is going on. She wants to know what is going on.

Victor tells Kate, Billie and Chelsea that he made Crawford Decker an offer he couldn’t refuse. Chelsea asks what it was. When he asks if she really wants to know, Billie says she doesn’t want to know. Victor says her mother is a wise woman. Roman comes in and tells them he got the autopsy reports on Ford Decker. It shows that Ford died from a fall going down the stairs. Chelsea says then this should get her off the hook right. Roman said Crawford is saying that Chelsea pushed him. Roman tells her she believes her but he thinks Decker is just looking for someone to blame. Victor tells Roman Decker won’t be a problem.

The doorbell rings and it is Crawford. Victor brings him in and tells Roman to tell Crawford what the autopsy report shows. Crawford is rude to everyone telling Kate she doesn’t know what she is talking about by saying she knows how he feels. Victor calls him out in the hall and tells him he owes his granddaughter an apology so Crawford agrees to do so. He goes back in and apologizes to Chelsea. She tells him she is sorry too.

Roman congratulates Chelsea and then leaves. Victor tells her she is an amazing woman and he is proud of her and he mother. Billie says oh well maybe she can use that on her resume. She tells Victor she is out of a job. He tells her she shouldn’t have a problem finding another job. She says at this point she could even take a waitress job. He looks at her and asks her when she can start. She asks what he means. He says he is offering her a job if she wants it. She says of course she does. Then she looks at Chelsea and says unless of course if she doesn’t want her to go. Chelsea tells her that of course she should take the job but only if she lets her go to London to visit her.

Victor calls Bo and tells him that Crawford is no longer a problem for Chelsea. He tells him that Crawford had a change of heart. Bo asks him what about the other girls. Victor says he assumes that since they won’t go after Chelsea then they won’t go after the other girls either. Kayla and Steve are happy to hear the news.

Jan Barrett

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