Cloe comes downstairs and Phillip sarcastically says someone slept in again this morning. She tells Phillip how grateful she is for all he has done to help her so she feels bad asking him for something else. He asks what she needs now. She says this one is big. She says she is running out of money and she can’t afford to get a place of her own. He tells her his Dad is running out of patience with her staying there and not knowing more about what happened to Brady. She says she doesn’t have an answer to that and asks him if he believes her. She is sort of afraid to leave the Kiriakis home right now. Phillip later walks in and catches Cloe on the phone speaking to someone in German. She gives him some story about who she was talking to. She asks if he got someone to put her bags upstairs and he says no, he has been too busy. She storms out and he asks her to close the doors on her way out. He calls someone and tells them he needs their help with someone.

Steve brings Kayla a blanket in case she gets cold and then offers to get her some chips and dip or anything she wants. She says she is fine, she doesn’t want anything. He sits down with her til the doorbell rings. He jumps up really fast saying he will get it. Kayla asks him why he is so jumpy lately. He unlocks the door but leaves the chain on it and peeks through the door to see who is there. It is Abe but Steve tells Kayla it is the pizza and he goes out the door.

Abe tells him he couldn’t find anything on Ava in the local files. Steve starts getting nervous when Abe stops him telling him to let him finish. Steve explains to Abe about how when Stefano held him captive he was doing pretty much the same thing to him as he was doing to John. While they are talking Kayla sticks her head out the door and is surprised to see Steve talking to Abe. She asks Abe if he is making some extra money now delivering pizza. She asks what they are talking about so Steve tells her they are talking about the investigation of the sabotage of John’s plane. He asks her to go back into her bedroom so they can talk.

When she is gone Abe asks more about Ava Steve tells him how before when he didn’t know who he was Ava wanted to marry him but he kept putting her off because he kept feeling like he loved someone else. Abe wants to know why he is dredging all this up now. Steve says he has seen her. He says it isn’t the same woman he use to know. The look in her eye tells him that. He thinks she is resourceful enough to sabotage John’s plane. Abe asks if he thinks she is responsible for it. Steve says he knows she is, she admitted it to him. Abe says he needs to report her but Steve says he can’t. Steve tells Abe about the note Ava left for him and how she threatened him and Kayla. He is worried that Ava will go after Kayla now so he is being extra cautious. He says he thinks Ava is capable of anything. He says she is dangerous. Abe asks Steve how come Ava didn’t just kill him right away. Steve says she said to him that she suffered all these years so now she is going to make him suffer.

Chelsea and Nick and Stephanie are at the Pub when Max comes in and he tells them how it went in court this morning. He says he was sort of a jerk in front of the judge. He said the judge said it wasn’t good to go around hiding dead bodies. Max said he told the judge that the son of a bitch that he hid had raped his girlfriend. Nick asks him if he used those words but Max says he kind of toned it down a bit. He says the judge final sentenced him to some community service but right now he doesn’t really care about any of that, he just misses his Pop.

Morgan comes in and tells the girls that she just applied for an internship that she is all excited about. She tells Stephanie and Chelsea they should go and get their internship too. Chelsea asks Morgan if she knows that her Dad is in the hospital in Intensive Care and he may die. Morgan says she didn’t know and she apologizes. She asks Nick if he got his grant but Nick says it is on hold right now. She tells him he needs to get that grant. She says with all due respect to Chelsea this grant is too important to him to wait for it. She asks Chelsea if she minds if she talked to Nick in private. She tells him he has to go get that grant. She says it is his future. When Nick goes back to the table Max pulls Morgan to the side and tells her to back off. She says she is only doing what she think is right for Nick. Max tells her she never should have pulled Nick away from Chelsea when she needs him the most.

Jan Barrett

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