Tony and Anna visit Stefano. Anna tells Tony this is totally creeping her out. Tony walks over to Stefano and asks him if he can hear him. Stefano says to himself yes he can hear him but he can not move. Anna says ok now you have seen him. She says she will wait for him outside. Tony tells Stefano that he seems to have had a lot of time to think. He asks him if he has any idea at all of all the evil he has done. Stefano thinks back to when he was programming John. Tony says he wonders if he will ever know the true extent of all his evil. Tony says he has no idea why he came there anyway and then he leaves. Stefano thinks back more and remembers holding a disk up to John saying how amazing it is that one can extract everything from one’s brain and put it all on this disk.

John calls Marlena and asks her to come out to the mansion. She wants to know what all of this is about. He tells her as she knows he has been going through all this paperwork and even though she thinks of Stefano’s money as blood money he wants to know if she will help him. She thinks he should just give Stefano’s money away. Someone rings the doorbell and Marlena asks him if he was expecting someone.. He says Stefano’s lawyers.

When he opens the door he finds Belle and Claire with Claire saying hi Pop Pop. He asks what are they doing there then John says he is pretty busy right now. Claire begs him to let them stay so he invites them in. Belle tells John after burying Grandpa Shawn yesterday made her think of him so she thought she would like to spend some time with him. He tells her that is nice but right now he is pretty much in the middle of something  but maybe he can clear some time on Saturday for her. Belle is hurt as she walks away. Marlena tells him that was so mean. He says he was only being honest and then Marlena reminds Belle that he isn’t himself. Belle gives John a picture and tells him Claire wanted to give that to him, it is her favorite picture of him and her together.

EJ goes to see Sami and she tells him Johnny was sleeping. She says she has been up since 4 am and she really wanted to lay down while she was able to. He says he wants to talk about last night and how she turned to him for comfort. She tells him the only thing she wants to talk to him about is how quick they can get that annulment. After they both tend to the babies EJ agrees to take care of the annulment papers. She wants Mickey Horton to take care of it but he says he can do it.

The doorbell rings and it is a messenger delivering a registered letter for EJ. He tells Sami it is probably something to do with his trust fund, he gets them all the time. Sami agrees to let EJ take care of the annulment but asks if she can let Mickey look over the papers before she signs them. EJ says sure he can do that and then he leaves.

Shawn and Chelsea talk about how they wish they could have been closer as a brother and sister. Chelsea says that is kind of hard to do when you don’t grow up together. She asks has there been any change in Bo’s condition. He says no, his pancreas is slowly shutting down and if it shuts down completely he will die. Victor walks up just in time to hear that and he asks if Bo has pancreatic cancer. Lexi walks up and says Bo doesn’t have cancer but his pancreas is shutting down. Victor starts yelling at Lexi demanding that they find out how to help Bo. He says he will call every specialist there is to help because he is not going to lose Bo. Caroline walks in and says she won’t lose Bo either.

Bo wakes up and asks Hope if any of the tests results have come in. She says yes they have. He jokingly asks her how long he has to live. Hope fusses at him telling him he is not going to die and she doesn’t want to hear him say that again. Caroline and Victor go into Bo’s room to hear Lexi explain to them exactly what is going on with Bo.

Stefano’s lawyer shows up at the mansion and he tells John that he has some interesting things for John. He has news regarding the DiMera estate but he says the other members of family should be there to hear what he has to say. John says ok, he will call them now, and then he whispers DiMera meeting number 2. He calls EJ and then Tony and asks them to meet him at the mansion.

When all the family are there the lawyer goes over to how the estate is to be handled. Since Stefano isn’t dead the lawyer says it is up to him to appoint an executive to look over the estate and handle the affairs. Tony asks ok then which one of them would that be. He explains that Stefano cut Lexi out of his will some time ago. He says recently he also wrote Tony and EJ both out of his will too. So as far as he can tell the only blood relative left is John.

He does say that Stefano did start a trust fund for his grandson Johnny though. Sami says she doesn’t want her son to have any of Stefano’s money. The lawyer tells her that the baby wouldn’t gain access to the trust fund til he turns 21 anyway so by then he can decide on his own if he wants the money. The lawyer says as far as he sees then John is the one that would get the money.

Anna asks how much money they are talking about anyway. The lawyer says tens of millions dollars. John smiles and says there is his new jet. Marlena asks him surely he isn’t planning on keeping that money. He says yes, so Marlena tells him she is so disappointed in him. He tells her to lower her expectations of him then. When everyone is gone Marlena tells John that the man she knew would have never taken Stefano’s money.

Jan Barrett

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