Everyone is at The Brady Pub after the funeral to toast to Shawn Brady. Bo is weak but refuses to go back to the hospital until after the toast to his Pop is made. Hope asks Steve to stick close by in case she needs him. Peeking in through the window is Ava looking at Steve. Kimberly gets everyone’s attention in the Pub and she makes her toast to her Pop. Roman stands and they all quote Shawn’s favorite toast as they all take turns saying a line of it.

Caroline thanks Kimberly for her toast. Kayla asks if her Mom is ok and she says yes. Bo asks Hope should he feel blessed that his Pop gave up his life for him. She says yes so don’t take that away from Shawn.

Bo doubles over in pain and Hope asks Steve to help her. Steve tells her to go get the car and they will head back to the hospital. Kimberly offers to stay one more night instead of going back to LA tonight but Bo tells her no. He doesn’t want her to change her plans for him. Bo insists that Hope stays at the Pub for a little longer and she agrees but only because he insists on it. She thanks Steve for taking Bo and she hugs him before he drives off with Bo.

Hope goes back inside to talk to Lexi. She tells her Steve is taking Bo back to the hospital but the scary part is that Bo didn’t argue about going. Lexi says she is on her way there to check on him. When Hope tells Kimberly good bye she goes out to head to the hospital. Before she can get to her car Ava walks up and says “So, you are the one”. She says she thinks it is about time they meet and she asks if she loves Steve. Hope asks her just who is she? Hope says yes she does love him and asks again who she is. She just moans and then walks away. Hope doesn’t know what to think about her but runs to her car anyway to get to the hospital.

At the hospital Steve gets Bo settled into his room. When he leaves the nurse says she needs to get Bo hooked back up to the monitors. When she comes in she finds Bo has gone into cardiac arrest and calls for Lexi. Lexi gets him back and tells the nurse to hook him up to the monitors and the IV. Hope comes in feeling guilty that she didn’t insist he stay in the hospital. Shawn asks haven’t the test results come back in yet. Lexi walks in and says yes they have, just now. She says Bo’s pancreas is shutting down little by little. She says there is no mistake in it. They want to know what that means. She says it means if it shuts down completely he will die.

Anna’s new boss orders her to find some new clients or they won’t have a business to run. When she makes all her calls on the list she finds that everyone is a client of DiMera’s Advertising already. She is mad and decides to go see what kind of operation Tony is running. When she finds Tony gone she decides to leave him a note. While writing it, Tony’s secretary comes in and asks her who she is. Anna tells her she is the ex. The secretary calls her Mrs. DiMera and tells her she doesn’t think she should be there. Anna says well not only is she the ex wife she is also the ex secretary. Anna makes up a story saying she use to work for Tony and when he made certain advances towards her he made it clear that if she didn’t go along with him she would lose her job so she figured what the hell. She said he married her and then divorced her, go figure.

Meanwhile Tony is miserable without Anna and tells himself that she should be there with him. He decides to go take her to dinner. He shows up at her office finding her gone so he helps himself to her desk and sees the paper where she was going over a clients list. He sits back in her chair and laughs.

When Anna gets back to her office she finds flowers waiting on her. She has a smile on her face after smelling them and then she sees the note. When she reads it she is furious. She tears the note up. Back at Tony’s office when he walks in he finds his secretary packing. He asks her what is going on. She says she quits. He wants to know why. She asks him when he was going to give her the lecture on the birth control. He tells her, as he is confused, that he would have thought she learned about all that in the 6th grade. She is irritated for sure now at his little joke and calls him a pervert as she goes out the door. He says was it something he said? Tony heads back to Anna’s office. He tells her ok this time she has gone to far, as he swings her chair around to face him. He grabs her and kisses her.

Caroline sits with Victor and tells him that she always loved him. Victor says yes he knows that but she chose Shawn over him. She says she was in love with two men but she had to make a decision on which way to go with it. Victor says Shawn was more of a father to Bo than he ever could be. He says he was always more Shawn’s son than his.

Max calls for everyone’s attention at the Pub and makes his own toast to Pop. With all the tears in everyone’s eyes Max says OK no more tears, let’s have this wake like Pop would have wanted it. Roman agrees and says hear, hear! They all quote different Irish toasts that Shawn use to make.

Jan Barrett

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