Marlena goes to talk to Roman at the church and they talk about Shawn and what a good man he was. Roman says he is really going to miss his Pop. John walks in and sees Marlena hugging Roman as she comforts him. Marlena is startled to see John there. John says he thought that he should pay his respect for Shawn since the man was his uncle. He tells Roman then that makes them cousins. He starts to leave and says forgive him for interrupting and they can go back to their cuddling session. Marlena accuses him of being jealous. He says well for a divorced couple they seem to get along very well, he wonders what happened to all the hate and fighting that goes with divorce. They tell him they have stayed friends after their divorce. Marlena says in fact the three of them remained very close friends. John surprises Marlena by telling Roman in that case he owes him a hug. He grabs Roman and hugs him.

Lexi arranges to get Bo released long enough to attend Shawn’s funeral. Lexi makes him promise to take it easy though. Hope calls Lexi out in the hallway and asks her for the truth. She wants to know if she is going to lose her husband or what. Lexi tells her he really doesn’t know yet because the tests haven’t been completed yet. She asks her to please make sure she gets him back to the hospital after the funeral.

At the Pub Caroline is trying to hold on but is on the verge of breaking down. She says that Frankie called and said he couldn’t make it home right now but promised to come home soon. She starts to talk and chokes up when the family gather around her and tell her they are all going to get through this together. Kimberly comes in and surprises everyone. They all decide it is time to head over to the church. Max says they will have to go in a few cars since there is so many of them. Kimberly says she has a rental car and asks Caroline if she can give her a lift there.

Victor walks in and says actually he was hoping he would be able to do that for Caroline. Kimberly tells the others to go on to the church, she can handle this. When they all walk out she asks Victor what he was doing there. Caroline tells Kimberly that is all in the past now. Victor tells her a lot has happened since she was away and he is not very proud of what he done to her parents or her for that matter. Caroline tells her that it is ok, she will be fine. Kimberly tells Victor he better not hurt her mother or he will have her to answer to. When she leaves Victor tells Caroline that she and Shawn sure raised some feisty children. They talk a little and then Caroline tells him that it will more than likely upset the family if she came in with Victor. She says she will walk to the church but thanks him for his offer.

Cloe comes in at the church and tells Sami she is sorry about her grandfather. Sami thanks her and then asks her if there has been any word on her brother Brady. Cloe says no. Sami says perhaps if she had come forth when she first came back to town they could have found him by now. As the conversation starts to get heated EJ interrupts and introduces himself to Cloe. Phillip throws his two cents worth in by asking Sami about his brother. Roman walks out and interrupts their conversations saving the day.

At the church Roman and Bo talk and they start arguing about whether or not Roman can be funny making his jokes. Bo says he isn’t funny at all but Roman thinks he is. Hope walks up and interrupts them and wants to know what they were arguing about. Bo says they weren’t arguing, they were just talking about their Pop.

In the garden at the church Steve is walking around when he spots Ava spying on him. She runs off and he yells for her to stop and then goes after her. Before he can catch her Lexi and Abe walk up and Lexi asks him if he is OK? He says yes he is fine just hurting a little with his ribs. Lexi asks if he wants her to take a look at him but he says no he will be fine. He asks Abe if he can talk to him after the funeral about something. Abe says yes and agrees to meet him after.

In the church all the Brady kids line up at the coffin. First Kimberly, then Roman walks up to her and holds her hand, and then Kayla stands next to Roman and takes his hand. Then Bo goes next to Kayla and holds her hand and there is silence.

EJ tells Sami that he can tell that her family all care so much for each other. Sami says well even though they do fight now and then they are a very close family. He says very unlike his family. Sami excuses herself to make a call to check on the twins. EJ is standing at the entrance of the church when Caroline walks in. and she thanks him for coming. He tells her he didn’t want to let her down.

Once everyone is seated Roman gets up to start the Eulogy. He tells them all that he knows his Pop would want them all to rush this right on and then join all of them back at the Pub for a drink. He says a lot of good words about his Father. He says his Pop might be gone but he can say one thing. His spirit will always go one between all the Brady kids, naming them all off one by one. Kimberly stands up and says a little about her Pop. Kayla was next. She talks about how Pop liked to fish. She tells of how he use to take her fishing when she was younger. She says he gave her a lot of advice about Steve. She says one of the last fishing trips with him was just before her wedding to Steve and how he finally was able to give her his blessing to marry Steve.

Bo talks about how much Pop loved him even after he found out that he wasn’t his son by blood. He said Pop was a great man to the whole family. He called his Pop a hero. He says he lived as one and died as one. Caroline says the final words to Shawn. She says good bye to him as she cries over his coffin. She tells him good bye and she will love him forever.

Jan Barrett

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