Sami and Belle are outside the Pub when Sami says it is not going to be the same coming here without Grandpa Shawn there. When they go inside, Caroline tells them they have been making the final funeral arrangements for their grandpa. As they talk about the funeral Sami asks Belle if she and Shawn are back together. She tells her yeah and then Belle asks Sami how she is handling all of this without Lucas.

When Caroline goes back inside Sami asks her if there is anything she can do to help her. She tells Sami no, there is nothing she can do. She tells her to just take her babies home and take good care of them. Sami says ok and that she loves her, then she and EJ leave with the twins. Caroline says she is going to make sure that Shawn is going to be sent off the best way any Irishman can be. She is going to order from a caterer and all. She says he is going to get nothing but the best.

Kayla assures Steve the baby is doing fine but he tells her he would feel a lot better if she would go lie down and take it easy. As soon as she goes to the bedroom, Steve makes a call telling someone to meet him and he starts to leave. As soon as he opens the door he finds Stephanie there and she wants to know what the hurry is. She asks if her Mom and the baby are ok. He tells her that they are fine. She says well then why the hurry. He says he didn’t want her Mom to know it but his ribs are killing him.

Stephanie doesn’t buy it and asks what is really going on. She says if he doesn’t answer her she is sure she can get it out of her Mom. Steve stops her and says ok, there are just some things that he has to go take care of and it is nothing to worry about. She asks if he is sure and then says to him, “Papa I really wish you would tell me what is going on”. He tells her he can handle it and she says well don’t take this the wrong way but he always says that.

About that time Kayla comes out the room and Steve asks her what is she doing out of bed, she says she got hungry. Stephanie offers to go get her some chips and dip. Steve tells Kayla she doesn’t get anything unless she goes back to bed and waits for it so she agrees. Stephanie leaves to get it for Kayla and then Steve calls someone again saying he got hung up and he asks them if they can still meet with him. Then he leaves the apartment. Stephanie comes back and gets Kayla to go back into the bedroom with her to watch TV.

Steve comes back and listens in when he hears them laughing in the bedroom. He makes a call and says the information they gave him was no help, it didn’t lead him back to Ava. He says she is back in Salem and she got to him. He says and people have died because of her. He says he has no idea where Ava is staying at but he knows she is in town somewhere. He tells who ever it is that he is talking to that he and Ava are a part of his past and he really wants Ava to stay in his past this time. When Kayla and Stephanie come out the room Kayla says she thought she heard him back. He says he went and got her a surprise. He gave her a bag with some chips and spicy salsa. Stephanie says she is way ahead of him. She got her Mom the same thing.

Meanwhile Ava calls someone asking for help because her Dad won’t let her out of the house again saying she wants them to find out everything they can about Patch saying he is back in Salem. She says her Daddy has more than enough money to be able to pay him what he wants. She says just to find out what he can about Patch and about that bitch that is carrying his baby.

Marlena goes to the DiMera mansion and finds John there going through papers. He says he has been busy going over his step brothers papers. He says he wants to see Stefano. She tells him that Stefano is comatose and she doesn’t see any point in seeing him. He says he is his half brother and he thinks it is important that he sees him. He tells her to come on, it could be fun. Marlena tells John that going to see Stefano is not her idea of having fun. He tells her OK then she doesn’t have to go but he wants her to at least get him in to see him. She says she would never leave him alone with Stefano. He says why not, he is comatose, what harm he can be.

The doorbell rings and it is Abe. He says he is there because he and John have some unfinished business, police unfinished business. John says they were just leaving but Abe says he isn’t going anywhere. Abe says as far as the Salem PD is concerned John was never released out of Police custody. Abe tells Marlena he hasn’t forgotten that she snuck John out of the hospital. She says he was never arrested for anything and she doesn’t believe that John is dangerous. John says he can’t hold him for anything. Abe says oh yes he can, he can hold him for 72 hours. John says he can take care of that with one phone call. He calls Lexi and she comes there and tells Abe that she doesn’t think John is anything at all like his brother Stefano. John excuses himself telling Marlena it is time to go. When he walks out Marlena looks at Lexi and then Abe and says she is sorry, and then follows John out the door.

John and Marlena visit with Stefano. John walks up to his bedside and stares down at him. He says well look at you now big guy. He tells him it was his own doing that put him there. John tells Stefano that Colleen Brady and Santos had a bastard son and he says he is that son. John tells him that his plan almost worked. He says he came too close to cutting her throat but something stopped him. Stefano is talking to himself, saying that is impossible, then he says he still owns part of him. John tells him he wanted him to know even though he is going to hate this part but Colleen died a happy woman with all of her family at her side while Stefano’s family has all turned on him leaving him there all alone. He tells Stefano one more thing. He says while he is lying there like this, he will be taking over the Mansion as his own from now on. Stefano says damn you John, damn you and your whore of a mother.

Jan Barrett

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