Roman visits Bo and tells him Hope is trying to get some sleep. He says they want to talk to him about what happened to the plane but Roman says he wants to hear it first, so he asks what happened. Bo tells him the radios went out first and then goes into details about everything that happened.

Kayla tells Steve she and the baby are doing fine. She wants to know how he is. He says he is ready to get back in the ring and wants to know who his next opponent is going to be. She tells him her if he doesn’t watch it. He says the truth is that he just wants to be snuggled up with her for about a month. They both are released from the hospital and allowed to go home. They try being a crutch for each other but Steve’s broken ribs are still pretty painful for him. He wants to get her to lie down in bed but she says she wants to stay right there on the couch. He says ok but he will make her a deal. He says if she will lie down on the couch he will go find something for them to eat.

When Steve goes out for something to eat he sees the mystery girl and grabs her holding her by the neck. He squeezes her throat but she fights back hitting him in the ribs. He falls to the ground. She says awww does he have a little owie or is that from the crash. He asks her what she is doing there. She is really mad. She punches him again. She tells him he told her that he wanted her to have his baby. He asks her what she wants. She says she wants him back. He gets her to admit that she had her people tamper with the plane.

Steve goes home with burgers and fries for Kayla. Suddenly someone upstairs is making noises they never heard before and it is making Steve nervous. After they eat Kayla gets up and sees a picture of her Pop and Steve tells her he was a great man. They hear the noise again and he says he wonders what the noise is. He tells Kayla to go on in the bedroom and he will join her shortly. When she leaves the room, he rumbles around for his gun and the locks the door listening for anyone outside the door.

The sorority girls tell Chelsea that they are sure she knows what this meeting is all about. She says she is sure it is about her talking to the cops. Morgan says they all talked to the cops, but she is the only one that blabbed about what happened. Another of the sisters says yes especially after they all agreed not to. Then she is told that she might be off the hook with the cops but she is warned that she isn’t off the hook with them. After lecturing her about what she done, they each admit that she had the courage to tell the truth when none of them did. They tell her they want her to stay on as one of the sisters.

Shawn and Belle bring Claire in to see Bo. Claire tells him she is so glad to be home. They lift her onto the bed to sit with Bo. Shawn says there is someone else there that wants to see him. Caroline walks in and smiles at him. Roman asks Caroline if she is ready to talk about what happened to Shawn Sr. Bo tells her that his Pop died because of him. He explains about how Shawn refused to use the oxygen mask because he knew there wasn’t enough oxygen for them all.

Shawn Jr. says his grandpa died so that his family could live. Bo says it is his fault, his Pop died because of him. Caroline tells him not to say that. They tell him to just accept this. Bo says the thing is, he is sick, and his Pop could have done this for nothing. Lexi walks in and says he did not do this for nothing. Everyone starts leaving the room so Bo can get some rest. Shawn tells Bo that his grandpa really didn’t die for nothing. Caroline stays to talk to Bo. She says his Father was a good man. As she talks about it she starts to cry. She says she could just go on and on about him. Bo remembers some of the good times with him as he was growing up. After Caroline leaves Lexi arranges for more tests to be done on Bo and she promises him that when they narrow things down to a diagnosis she will be very honest with him about it. He tells her he wants to know before the family is told though.

Max comes in to see Stephanie and Chelsea. They tell him how sorry they are to hear about his Dad. He tells Stephanie his final words to his dad were that he was too busy. He had to go to work. He is feeling guilty for not taking the time to spend with him before he left for Ireland. Morgan comes in and hugs Max and asks him how he is handling this. He says not so good. He apologizes to them and they say anyone in his situation would feel the same way as he does.

Stephanie says she is going to go check on her parents. She kisses Max good bye and before she leaves he tells her thank you. When she is gone, Morgan tells him that Stephanie loves him and she trusts him. He says he knows that. He tells her she is a good friend. She says but he doesn’t love her, then she tells him not to answer that. He tells her she is one of the good girls and then hugs her.

Jan Barrett

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