Tony goes to see Anna and when she answers the door he is startled. He asks her if she knows her face is green. She says it is what you call a beauty mask. He tells her she needs to get dressed so she can come with him. He says it is important. He tells her about them putting Stefano into an institution. He says Marlena has called him and asked him to meet her at the mansion tonight and he was hoping he would have the woman he is in love with by his side. She says he is pulling her into a firing range. He tells her the truth of the matter is that he misses her and was hoping this would give them a chance to be together for a little while. She agrees to go with him after all.

John and Marlena are walking through the DiMera mansion. He is looking around wanting to know the value of the place. He tells Marlena to say what she wants about him but he has to admit his brother has good taste in some of the things. Marlena asked him doesn’t it bother him that everything in the house was bought with blood money. She accuses him of sounding just like a DiMera.

Roman goes to talk to Steve and catches him up and walking around. He helps Steve back to bed but Steve asks him not to tell Kayla he was up walking around. Roman promises his secret is safe. Roman asks Steve more about the plane crash. Steve says the plane was definitely sabotaged and he is going to find out who is responsible for it and make them burn in hell for it.

Sami and EJ are on their way to the mansion. She is off in another world in her mind and doesn’t hear a word EJ is saying when he asks her about taking Johnny with him to stay with him now and then. When he gets her attention they start talking about his father. He admits a part of him wishes things were different but in reality he knows it is best for everyone that his father is in a coma where he can’t hurt anyone else. Sami thinks what if the reason her Mom called this meeting was to tell them that Stefano has come out the coma. She tells EJ they have to hurry and get there. She asks why is he driving so slow. So he speeds up to get there faster.

Lexi checks in on Kayla. She orders her to take it easy and not to do anything stressful. She says she has to go but will check in on her later. When she is out at the front desk she puts Kayla’s records in the file and then walks away. A woman walks up and asks the nurse where Steve Johnson’s room is. Meanwhile Steve realizes the mystery woman could be behinds this and starts screaming knocking over a glass breaking it. A Nurse walks in and asks what the hell is going on in here. He tells her he needs help. The mystery woman is standing outside his door watching

At the mansion there is loud music playing making everyone think that Stefano is back. Marlena tells them she is sorry, she didn’t hear them come in and she turns the music off. John gets up from the chair and thanks her for turning the hideous music off. Marlena explains to Tony and Anna and Lexi and EJ and Sami how John happens to be a DiMera surprising them all. Lexi looks at John and says “Then you are my Uncle”. John just gives her a half smile back.

After everyone is gone Marlena tells John she is going home and wants to know if he is going with her. He says he is home now. She can’t believe he wants to call the DiMera mansion his home. He invites her to stay there with him but she declines the offer and says she will just go to her home. She tells him this doesn’t mean she is giving up on him though. He says he is counting on that. After Marlena leaves John walks around the house. He looks at Stefano’s picture and tells him Well big brother it looks like he is finally getting what he deserves. Then he makes a toast saying here’s to you big brother.

At the hospital Steve receives a note from the mystery woman. He says Oh my God she is here and then starts gasping for breath. He tries getting out of the bed but collapses on the floor before he can get out the room. Kayla sneaks in and helps him get back in bed. He tells her he has to tell her something but before he can he passes out.

Tony gets Anna back to her apartment and puts the moves on her. He wants her to go back to his place but she doesn’t want to go. She accuses him of thinking of her as some airhead that can’t hold a job so she is going to show him how wrong he is. She tells him she starts her new job in the morning and she has to be fresh for it. He tells her to go on and do whatever it is she feels she needs to do but he is telling her that she is just setting herself up for frustration. He asks her what she wants from him. She says his love and respect. He says but she already has that and she says no she doesn’t. He says oh he sees, she must want something more, then grabs his jacket and walks out. He starts to knock on the door again, but holds back and walks off leaving her standing at the door on the other side thinking about him.

Jan Barrett

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