The passengers are rescued from the plane crash. Belle and Claire and Shawn come in and Caroline hugs them thanking God they are ok. Claire says she is glad to be home. They bring in the bodies of the two pilots and then Cloe and Phillip come in. Phillip tells Victor and Kate that he is ok but he broke his leg but thank God it was his prosthetic leg.

Marlena walks in and Sami asks her what is wrong with her shoulder. She says she dislocated her shoulder but John popped it back in place. She then tells everyone that John and Steve were the ones that finally landed the plane. She says if it weren’t for them they all might have died. Abe says he wants to hear all the details. John says all he knows is that someone owes him a new plane.

Kayla comes in just as Stephanie wonders why they hadn’t got there yet. She runs over to Kayla and then sees Steve on a stretcher. She asks him what happened to him and he says he is fine. He says he just has a few cracked ribs. Caroline tells them all when Shawn Sr. comes in they are all going to the Pub for a good hot breakfast. Shawn Jr. starts to tell her he has to tell her something when they roll Bo in on a stretcher. Caroline is shocked and she asks if this is what they have been hiding from her. Lexi tells Caroline that they aren’t sure about what is wrong with Bo but they will run some tests on him and then they will know more.

Marlena and Shawn tell Caroline they have something else that they have to tell her. She says if it’s about Bo she will wait til Shawn Sr. gets back. She starts to walk away and then turns around and asks where he is. She asks how come he didn’t get off the plane yet. Just then they roll in a body on a stretcher and she sees it. She starts crying out “Oh no” and then cries more.

Roman and Caroline ask what happened to Shawn. They ask if it was his heart. Belle says kind of it was. Shawn says he died a hero. They explain to them that Shawn Sr. refused to take the oxygen mask because he knew that there wasn’t enough oxygen for them all to survive. So he passed out and then he died so they all could survive.

Bo is in the hospital and Lexi tells him he is in there for a long stay so they can do the tests they need to do. She tells them that they just gave Caroline the news about Shawn. Bo says he needs to be with his mother. They tell him she is in good hands and he needs to stay right there so they can find out how to help him, so he finally agrees.

The nurse wraps Steve’s ribs and tells him he can get dressed but to take it easy. She says the doctor will be in to talk to him soon. In the next room, Kayla is talking to a doctor. She says she hasn’t told anyone but she has been cramping and spotting a little. She asks the doctor if she thinks she will lose the baby. The doctor thinks she has been under a lot of stress so she says they better wait and see what happens. Stephanie catches Steve out of bed and he tells her he needs to check on her Mom. He says she is pregnant and he is worried about her. Stephanie is surprised to hear that her mother is pregnant. She goes in and checks on Kayla and she tells her that Steve told her she was going to have a baby. Kayla says she hopes she is as happy about it as they are and Stephanie says happier.

Caroline is really upset. Maggie comes in and tells her how sorry she is. Caroline looks at Shawn and she says out loud that she just can’t let him go. Marlena tells John that there was a time when he thought that Caroline was his mother and she thinks it would be nice if he has something to say to her to help comfort her. John goes over to her and even though he admits he doesn’t remember he does offer his condolences. Lexi tells Caroline that everyone there is being taken good care of. She thinks she needs to go and rest. They all watch as they roll Shawn out on the stretcher down to the morgue.

Sami and EJ talk to Marlena. Marlena tells EJ that he has earned extra points with her the minute he turned against his Father and told her that John was alive. She tells him for that she will always be grateful to him. She then tells Sami she should be home with the babies. Sami says she doesn’t want to leave til she knows that everyone will be OK. EJ tells her then at least come with him to get something to eat. He says she won’t be of any good to the twins if she doesn’t keep herself up so they go off.

Lexi tells Shawn, Belle, Cloe and Phillip that she would feel better if they all get checked out to make sure they are ok. Phillip says he is going to the prosthetic shop first. He and Cloe start to walk out but Victor stops them telling Cloe that he wants to know what she knows about his grandson’s disappearance. She tells him she didn’t do anything and she doesn’t know where he is. Phillip tells Victor that he believes her. Victor asks John if he isn’t at all interested in finding his son Brady. John says he doesn’t remember who he is. Victor asks doesn’t he want to know though. John admits he is rather curious.

Roman and Max leave the hospital to go back to the pub to check on Caroline. Abe tells Lexi that he is going back to the office too. She looks over at John when Abe walks off and she tells him it is his turn. John asks her for what. She says to be checked out to make sure he is ok. He tells her he is fine. John accuses her of only wanting to examine him for a cheap thrill. Marlena walks up and asks Lexi if John was giving her a hard time. She says he won’t let her examine him. John says it is because he is fine. She tells him then why not let a doctor find that out for sure. He says only her.

Belle and Shawn are ready to go home. Cloe and Phillip are ready to go too. Kate offers to take Phillip home. He tells her to give him a minute. He asks Cloe if she is going to be ok. She says she doesn’t know yet. She doesn’t think that any of this has actually hit her yet. He asks her to come home with him. She says no she doesn’t think that is a good idea. He asks if she really wants to be alone in a hotel room when it does hit her. She says not really, and then thanks him for helping her. So they leave together.

Jan Barrett

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