Steve wakes up and Kayla tells him he needs to lie still. He tells her he is sorry about her pop when he hears her crying. She says it isn’t just her Pop she is crying for. He asks her what she means. She tells him she is worried how everyone else is going to take the news. Steve tells Kayla not to worry about him because he can hold this together. She says she knows he can. He asks if she is worried about Bo and she says yes she is. She jumps and he asks if she just got another cramp but she tells him no, she is ok. Steve tells her she is putting too much of a strain on herself and the baby. He asks her to take it a little easier. She says the baby will survive, but she is worried about Bo. She says he needs treatment to survive.

John is sitting up staring at Marlena. He tells her to rise and shine. She tells him she thought that was a dream. He tells her that kiss was no dream. She asks him if he can remember ever kissing her before like that. He says he isn’t sure but he would be willing to kiss her again if it will jog his memory. She says she will do anything to help him get his memory back. He asks her if she is serious. She says yes, but she wants the real John back, not Stefano’s creation. He says then let’s get busy working on it because he is getting cold. She tells him they have a special love. She says it is still there, even though he can’t feel it. He tells her his mind isn’t here but his body is and she can have it. She says she wants his mind too. He tells her one step at a time. She asks John later if he remembers anything about her. He tells her to just keep him warm. She realizes he only wants sex. She tells him she really thought she was making love to her husband. She tells him she has patients so see for.

Phillip and Cloe wake up next to each other under blankets naked. He tells her she looks pretty. She says she has just been through a plane crash and she doubts she looks pretty. He tells her to him she still looks pretty. She tells him she thinks they should get dressed since after all she is still a married woman. He says he knows, that is why he didn’t go farther the night before with her. He asks her was it weird for her to see him without his leg. She tells him no, he is an incredible man. Phillip tells her she is right though, they should get up and put their clothes on. Jokingly they agree not to look at each other while they get dressed. They agree that what did happen between them will stay there in Greenland. Phillip tells her then he is going to help her find her husband.

Hope whispers to Bo, who is still sleeping, for him to stay there and rest. She tells him to save his strength and she knows they will make it through this. She talks to Bo while he sleeps telling him not to dare give up on his family. She says they all need him. Hope can’t tell if Bo is ok or not. Marlena comes up and asks how he is doing. She tells Marlena she thought he was coming around but now she isn’t so sure. Marlena tries to wake Bo but can’t. She says it is best to keep him kind of cool anyway.

Shawn asks Belle if she was warm last night. She says yes she was. Then he tells her that it really got hot last night didn’t it? Belle tells Shawn she is so sorry. Shawn asks her for what. She says for everything that happened with Phillip. He tells her all is forgiven and he loves her. She says sometimes love isn’t enough. He says he was confused and angry with her but he never stopped loving her. He says they are a family and they were meant to be a family. Belle tells Shawn she feels like they are getting a brand new start. She says she wants to spend the rest of her life with him if he can truly deep down in his heart forgive her for what she has done. He tells her he already has. She asks if he really has. He tells her if she keeps doing like she did last night he will for sure. She laughs and they start kissing again.

Roman finds out that it appears that John’s plane went down somewhere over Greenland. Victor asks how far from an airstrip were they before they went down. Roman says a few hundred miles, but he says that the strange part is that the plane could have landed but it didn’t turn or anything to get on course. Victor wants the co ordinations when the plane went down because he is going to go and search. Roman tells them to wait 12 more hours. If they haven’t heard anything about them after that then they can get together a search party.

Chelsea is feeling guilty. She tells Kate and Nick that death follows her. She asks what she is going to do without her Dad. Chelsea says she wants her Mom. Kate says she will call her but she reminds Chelsea that she still has her. Nick says and him too.

Kayla and Steve come up and Marlena tells Steve that he shouldn’t be moving around. Kayla tells her to tell him he should listen to his wife. Marlena tells Kayla she needs to rest and try staying off of her feet. Shawn asks Marlena if his Dad is ok. She says he is not doing so good. John walks up with a box of food he got from the plane wreckage. Marlena hands Hope some food and tells her to please at least try and eat something to keep her strength up. No one wants to eat the frozen food. John says he will shoot another flare. Shawn says he will help. John asks him how his father is. While they are talking they hear a helicopter. John says they have 10 seconds to find them flares. When he gets one he shoots it in hopes that they will be seen.

Back in Salem Abe gets a call saying they found the wreckage and a flare was shot up from down there. Kate calls Chelsea and gives her the news. She tells the others at the church that they found the plane and that they are alive.

Jan Barrett

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