Bo comes to and finds out his Pop has passed away and is taking it really hard. John holds onto Claire and tells her to put her hands over her ears as he shoots off another flare. Belle asks John if he thinks anyone will see them. He says he hopes so or else they are going to have to be building them some igloos. He asks Claire if that isn’t right. She says yes just like the Eskimos.

Steve is having a hard time breathing. Cloe asks can she help. Kayla asks her if she can go get Marlena for them. They get help to move Steve to try and get him someplace a little warmer. Marlena checks Steve out and she says it sounds like he may have a few broken ribs but she can’t hear any air coming from one of his lungs. She is a bit concerned about Kayla because she is cramping. She says she is ok though.

They go through the survival kits from the plane and find some tents so they can help try and stay warmer. Claire doesn’t want to sleep with Belle and Shawn so Hope tells her she can sleep with her and Grandpa Bo. Belle thanks Hope telling her that she is so strong. Hope tells her she is a strong woman too. She just doesn’t realize it now.

Marlena tells John that she doesn’t think any of them should stay alone tonight. He says she was thinking more of hypothermia. He says he can keep her warm. She says she will be up and down during the night to be checking on everyone. He tells her he plans to get a full night’s sleep. She asks him after all they have been through does he really think he will be able to do that. He says sure, it has been a long day and tomorrow may be too. About then Claire runs up to him and tells him she wanted to kiss him goodnight. She calls him Grandpa John.  He says people call him John, so could she too. She says ok then says good night John. She hugs Marlena and runs off to bed. Marlena tells John he is so good with Claire.

Bo wakes and is startled. Hope tells him it is ok. She says she is there. He starts talking about some of the good times he use to have with his Pop and how he is going to miss him so much. She tells him she is so glad he shared that with her. She says she is glad he told her about him being sick. She says she doesn’t want him to keep those kind of things from her.

Stephanie asks Max if they are going to find the plane. Max says he sure hopes so, since over half of his family is on that plane. He and Chelsea start arguing over their opinions and realize it is just that they are all so frustrated. Max says he has to call Caroline to let her know about what’s going on. Roman is frustrated and Abe tells him he knows what he is feeling. Roman asks him does he? Abe says yes, they may not be family but he says they are all like family to him.

Abe tells Victor and Kate about John’s plane going down. She automatically blames Stefano again for going after the Brady’s and once again her son gets caught in the cross fire. She says she wants to know why Phillip was even on John’s plane to begin with. Victor reminds her that it is because he had to have his plane back to take care of that problem for Chelsea.

Marlena makes her rounds checking all the patients. When she gets to Steve, he asks her to check on Kayla. He tells her she needs it. Kayla tells Marlena she has been cramping really bad but there is nothing they can do but wait. Kayla tells Steve she is so cold. He offers her to take his blanket but she says no. He tells her the sun will be coming up soon and he is sure there will be a rescue team out there coming to save them. They talk about how nice this new baby is going to be. He says Stephanie will be like a built-in babysitter. He promises to be there for this baby. He says he will be there for all the firsts.

After checking on everyone Marlena goes to lie down but finds John turned around sleeping. She just sits there for a minute, then pulls the covers over her and lays down. Then John is shown opening his eyes. He turns over and puts his arms around Marlena. At first she jumps. He tells her to relax. They have got to do something to keep each other warm. He makes a move towards her and she sits up asking him if that’s what he wants, sarcastically. He lays back and says fine, suit yourself. She squirms and he can see she is in pain. He asks if it is her shoulder. She says yes. He offers to look at it for her and she says ok.

Cloe tries cuddling with Phillip to keep warm. When he doesn’t respond she asks him if he would rather have Belle with him to keep warm. He tells her that Belle will always be a part of his life but he has accepted that she has chosen Shawn to be with. He tells her the only way they can survive this would be to take their clothes off and let their bodies keep each other warm. Cloe hesitates and then says maybe he is right so she starts removing her clothes but says she is freezing. They end up kissing to start heating things up between them.

Belle and Shawn start talking about how much they want Claire to grow up knowing her parents love each other. Belle asks him if he still loves her and he says yes he does. She kisses him and before you know it they are making love to each other and it helps keep them warm.

Victor and Kate go to the church to say a prayer. He tells Kate that there is something about the place that he feels comfort in. Kate says, Austin and Billie have left town, Lucas is in prison and Phillip is all she has left. She says she doesn’t know what she will do if they lose him. The rest of the family come into the church to offer their prayers to find everyone alive and ok.

Jan Barrett

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