Abe is on the phone demanding an update on John’s plane. He gets mad because they put him on hold. Stephanie and Chelsea and Max are at the station and no one has heard from anyone on the plane. Stephanie tells Max for once she thought she and her Mom and Dad would be able to live a normal life and now this has happened. She says they just have to be ok. She says she is never letting her parents travel without her again.

The plane went down. Pieces of the plane are scattered all over. John wakes up and looks around for survivors. He walks around and sees bodies but no one is moving. He finds Steve and snaps his finger telling him he saved his life once already, does he have to do it again. He says it is his lucky day because he does have a pulse. Belle starts moving around asking for her Daddy. Shawn says Belle’s name. Belle asks for Claire. She hears Claire telling them to please get off of her.    

Belle and Shawn take a look around leaving John to watch over Claire. He calls her a Munchkin and then tells her no offence. John goes off and finds Claire some juice and him something to drink. He tells Claire never to leave other kids with her toys like he did with his airplane.

Belle finds Cloe and she says she thinks she is ok. They see Phillip. Belle goes to see if he is ok but he is not awake. She shakes him telling him to wake up. He tells her to stop hitting him. Cloe stays with Phillip but his leg is caught up under a piece of the wreckage. She can’t seem to lift it because it is too heavy. He says he is going to have to take the leg off so he can help her lift it so he can get the leg out but he wants to know if it will freak her out. She says of course not.

Belle goes off to look for Marlena next. She finds her but she thinks she has knocked her shoulder out of place. John finds her and asks if she is ok. She tells him about her shoulder and asks him to help her pop it back in place. He says she is a doctor, she can fix it herself. She says no, she needs his help. She says no matter how loud she screams, she wants him to help her put it back for her. He finally agrees and she screams. He asks her if it worked. She tells him no. She says this time to pull and then rotate her shoulder. He says ok, and this time he pops it back in. He tells her he always got the feeling that she likes it when he hurts her. She says no she doesn’t. She says she sticks around because she loves him.

John is sitting around drinking the liquor in the little sample bottles from the airplane. Belle brings Claire over to him asking him to watch her because she has to go help the others. He says no but she doesn’t wait around for him to hear him say no. He asks Claire ok so he was saving this juice for a screw driver but she grabs it and drinks it. He laughs and says she sure does like her juice. He asks her what they are going to do next. She tells him go home. He pulls out a flare gun and tells her to hold her ears. He shoots it in the sky and Claire says ‘pretty’.

Kayla is ok but crying over Shawn Sr. dying. Hope tells Shawn Jr. that his grand father gave up his oxygen so they all could have enough to breathe longer. Kayla looks for Steve. She finds him unconscious. She begs him to wake up. She says she just lost her Pop, she can’t lose him now too. She also tells him she has something she needs to tell him. She whispers that she is carrying his baby. Steve wakes up and he tells Kayla that he heard a rumor that he made her pregnant. He wants to know if it is true and she tells him yes it is. John walks up and asks how Steve is. She tells him he is ok but she wants to check him out so she asks John if he can look around and bring her Marlena’s medical bag. Steve suddenly starts gasping for breath and Kayla says she thinks he has a collapsed lung. Suddenly she grabs her stomach and is cramping.

Shawn finds Hope. Bo is still unconscious. Shawn and Hope are sitting over Bo trying to get him to wake up. Hope tells Shawn that his dad is very sick. She says she found out just before the plane went down. Shawn notices that he isn’t breathing so Hope starts giving him CPR and they both keep telling him to breathe. Marlena comes around and helps them give Bo CPR. Finally they bring Bo back.

Max is worried about Caroline. He tells Stephanie that sometimes Roman treats him like a kid that doesn’t know anything. He says if his Pop doesn’t hurry up and come home he doesn’t know how his Mom will be able to cope. He says she has a hard time coping without him around.

Chelsea asks Abe and Roman if they think Stefano DiMera is behind all of this. Chelsea tells Stephanie that the last time she talked to her Dad was when he was trying to get her to tell the truth about Ford Decker. She is feeling so guilty for not telling him the truth.

Max starts arguing about all the DiMera’s and all the bad things they have done in the past to the Brady’s. Lexi tells him she truly believes that her brother EJ has changed his ways. Max says her family is all evil and then excuses himself saying he needs to go out for some air. Later when he comes back in, Max apologizes to Lexi. He says he had no right to take his frustrations out on her. He tells her he always worries that he will turn out like his biological father that was abusive. She says she knows the feeling and she says they should both be thankful that they weren’t raised by their biological fathers.

Abe comes out of his office and Lexi asks him what is wrong. He tells them that the FAA has come to the conclusion that John’s plane has gone down.

Jan Barrett

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