John and Steve are at the controls in the airplane and Steve is telling him he will not give up. The oxygen in the cabin is starting to run low. They have less than a half an hour left of supply. Shawn Sr. is still refusing to use the oxygen for himself. The plane is bouncing around more and more. Steve looks through the wiring and then he tells John all the wires are friend. John’s response is “That’s interesting”.

Abe is on the phone with Air Traffic Control. Caroline and Max come in waiting on the news of the plane. Abe says homeland security has the plane on radar so far but there has been no radio contact. Abe says he wishes they knew what kind of trouble they are in up there. Caroline wants to know what he means. Roman says they just don’t know what is going on. Caroline asks Abe how long before the plane will run out of fuel. Abe sadly says not very long at all. Caroline says there must be someone else they can call to find out more. They try to figure out what is going on.

Shawn Jr. notices that something is wrong with his mom and dad and grandpa. Marlena tells them to try not to talk because it will only use up more oxygen. Kayla and Hope fight with Shawn Sr. about the mask while Bo is passed out. He tells them he has to do this to try and save their lives. Kayla tells him she can’t let him go. She says as soon as he goes to sleep she is going to put that mask on his face. The turbulence throws them around more and Kayla screams out for her Pop. Shawn Sr. passes away. Hope asks Kayla if what ever it is that Bo has, will he die from it.

The oxygen is out. Everyone on the plane is gasping for air. They start to panic. Slowly they all start to pass out. Hope says her oxygen is empty. Kayla says so is hers. Hope puts her arms around Bo and tells him she loves him. Kayla whispers to her Pop that she loves him. Everyone in the back has passed out and no one has oxygen.

John tries wiring a few wires together as they run out of oxygen. He manages to dump the rest of the fuel in the plane. Marlena calls the cockpit and asks John if they are going to be ok. He says they can all breathe now but they are going to have to try and land. She tells him she loves him and he says that’s good to know and hangs up. She tells the passengers that they are out of fuel so they are going to have to try and make an emergency landing so she tells them all to brace themselves.

Steve wakes up and John tells him he needs help. He says there is no flight control so he says they have to start jamming wires. The plane starts going down. The passengers start waking up. John says ok, they have regained some control but to brace himself, because they are out of fuel. Steve spots land and says maybe they can land this thing now. He says a small prayer to God to please let them land. John tells Steve there is no landing gear. Steve yells out “What, no landing gear?” John tells Steve right now to pull back on the controls as hard as he can.  Steve says ok this is it. John says yes this is it!

Cloe tells Phillip that it feels like they are going down too fast. He says he should go in the front and see what’s going on but Cloe tells him she needs him to stay there with her.

Turbulence bounces them around more waking Bo up. He notices they have a blanket covering Shawn Sr. He tells them to get it off of him. He jumps up from his seat and removes the blanket and screams “Pop” He begs his Pop to wake up but Kayla tells him that he is gone. She says he gave up his oxygen so they could all live. Bo cries out that no, it was suppose to be him to die, not his Pop.  Marlena tells Belle that they are out of fuel and they have to make an emergency landing. Cloe calls out “God Help Us”. They all confess their love to each other as they start going down. Suddenly everything in the cabin goes black and all you can hear are screams.

Abe gets a call and tells everyone that he was just told that the plane just went off of radar. Lexi asks him if that means the plane has crashed. Caroline asks him the same thing. He says all they are saying is that John’s plane is off course and they have no idea where it is. They all stand around looking worried and saying prayers.

Jan Barrett

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