Lexi goes in to see Abe. She asks if he has heard from Bo. She asks if Bo said about what time they would be back. She says she can’t get any of them to answer their cell phones. She asks him if he could get an ETA for them. He says sure, but then tells her that he knows her and he can tell she is really worried about something. She thinks back when she talked to the lab about the tests results. She explains it to Abe. She tells him she hopes it isn’t too late for Bo and Hope.

As she says that Chelsea and Stephanie walk and ask too late for what. Abe asks what the two of them want and they say they can’t reach their Dad’s on their cell phones and they were wondering if they had heard from them. Abe calls air traffic control to see if he can get an ETA on the plane. Abe tells them the plane took off and they should be back tonight sometime. Abe tells Chelsea he is relieved to hear all the charges have been dropped on her. He tells them they don’t have to hang around there and promises to call them as soon as he hears from them. Just as they start to leave the phone rings and it is from air traffic control. Abe tells them to wait before they leave and then tells the person on the phone that he can hold on. He tells them that the pilot on the phone didn’t check in when he was supposed to and they have had no visual contact.

John tells the crew that he doesn’t have an answer yet to how to land the plane. He tells them all to try out their oxygen masks and most of them don’t work. John says well then they are not all going to make it then. They all decide to share the working masks. John tells them to do what they want but he is not passing his around, saying he is the last person that needs to pass out.

Steve tells John he use to be good at hot wiring cars so he is willing to go look at the electrical system and see if he can figure a way to fix it. Kayla starts thinking back about when she called Steve to tell him it was time for them to make a baby and he was at the door waiting for her with flowers. Then she remembers Lexi telling her that she is pregnant. Marlena comes and sits with her and she tells her that she should have told Steve. Marlena says told him what. Kayla says that she is pregnant. Steve is in the cockpit but the oxygen mask there isn’t working and he is gasping for breath but runs out of air and collapses on the co-pilot’s seat.

After Kayla chews John out for sitting around and not helping Steve he goes back to the cockpit only to find Steve passed out. He hesitates and then decides to share his oxygen mask with Steve to save his life. He fixes the mask from the co-pilots seat and then has to give Steve CPR to get him to start breathing. When Steve comes to he asks what is going on. John tells him he has good news and bad news. He says the good news is that he is breathing again, but the bad news is that it won’t be for long.

Bo offers to help Steve but isn’t feeling so good. Finally he tells Hope that he is feeling better and tries to give his Pop the oxygen mask but he doesn’t want to take it. Bo tells him to take it anyway. Then he grabs his stomach and says his stomach is hurting. Shawn Sr. doesn’t want to take the oxygen from them thinking if one less person was using it, then the air supply would last longer but Hope and Bo insist. Bo tells Hope there is something he has to tell her. He says he is sick, he is very sick. Shawn asks what he said. Bo says they think he has cancer. He tells them there is a good possibility that some of them won’t make it back to Salem, so he thinks they should use the oxygen instead of him. Hope refuses to let him do this and so does Shawn Sr. Hope tells them they are going to just keep praying and they all will survive.

The plane hits some turbulence and knocks Bo to the floor knocking him unconscious. Everyone runs to check on Bo. When they get him back in the seat, Shawn hands Hope the oxygen mask. He tells her he is not taking any more. They are just going to have to let him go. Bo wakes up and they argue over who is going to survive here. Bo tells Hope he is sick and he is dying so it makes sense for her to use the oxygen. Bo passes out again and Hope tries sharing the oxygen with Shawn Sr. but he tells her he has to help save his son’s life. He refuses to take the oxygen.

Jan Barrett

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