John tells the pilot to dump the fuel. Steve says if they do that the plane will crash. John tells Steve to go tell the others that they will be in the air for a while and for them to bundle up because it’s going to get a lot colder. Phillip offers to help by pulling out more blankets for everyone. John comes back there and Marlena asks him to tell them the truth. She asks are they going to make it. He says all the instruments in the cabin have failed and he says as they can tell they are losing cabin pressure. Marlena asks if that means they are going to crash. John says not on his watch as he buttons up his jacket.

John tells them that the plane is flying level, he tried dropping fuel but it wouldn’t work. He says they are flying level, they can’t drop, and they can’t turn. They can only fly straight ahead. He says they can stay flying like they are for another 2 hours. He tells them to keep in mind though that they can’t land as is. He says they should just hope they can keep warm and not freeze to death while waiting. Steve asks how long they will have air to breathe. He says there is a leak so it is hard to tell. Kayla asks how low they have to go before they can breathe the air on their own without oxygen. John says that’s a good question.

When he goes back to the cockpit he finds that both pilots have passed out. He goes out and asks Marlena if she will come to the cockpit for a minute. When she gets there he tells her to watch her step. She finds both pilots on the floor. She asks John if the pilots had anything to drink, he answers just water. She looks around and finds the water bottle and sees residue in the bottom. John asks her does that mean they were drugged. Marlena sits in the co-pilots seat and tells John she isn’t worried. She says he has never let her down before. He starts figuring some math in his head and then tells her he may have just figured out how to put the plane down and they may have just enough oxygen. Marlena smiles and says that would be wonderful.

Bo goes over to Kayla and Steve and asks how Shawn Sr. is doing. Shawn opens his eyes and asks why he doesn’t just ask him. He tells his Pop that he thought he was sleeping. Shawn Sr. says no, he was just resting his eyes. Marlena comes back and tells everyone that John thinks he has a way to land the plane safely. She tells them right now John is the only pilot. She says it appears that the other pilots have been drugged and they think it was by the same people that tried to sabotage the plane. The oxygen masks drop and they all grab them to try and breathe. John comes in and Marlena asks him if he figured it out on how to land the plane. He tells them all no, his plan won’t work.

Sami tells EJ what happened when she went to tell Lucas good bye. He tells her that he doesn’t mean to sound cruel but Lucas did ask for all of this. EJ asks Sami if she still loves Lucas and she says yes she does. Sami says she doesn’t know how much longer she can take it there in the cabin. EJ tells her that until her father and Abe give them the clearance they are just going to have to get use to it there. Abe comes to their door and tells them both that they are free to move back to their home. He says just be careful because they will always have to worry about Stefano.

As they are packing EJ asks Sami if sometimes on days that he takes Johnny to the parks and stuff  would it be ok if he takes Allie sometimes too. Sami is reluctant but finally agrees to let him. EJ tells her he is going to miss all those 3 am feedings. He says it will feel funny sleeping through the night. EJ can see that something is bothering her. She confesses that her Mom and John went to Ireland and found her Aunt Colleen and about her dying. She says her Mom feels that Colleen and Santos were reunited after her death. EJ says that is nice.

Sami finds the DVD that Lucas made for Allie so she gets the baby and turns the TV on with the DVD to play for her. She sits there with Allie and tells her that’s her daddy. EJ watches from behind and feels so sad for her. EJ later tells her that his feelings have grown for her recently. He says he will always be there for her.

Max and Stephanie talk. He tells her not to forget that he saved her from being run over in the parking lot today. They start talking about how they are friends. She tells him he has proven himself over and over with her. She says he is more than her friend. He says then what does that make him. She leans over and kisses him. He says he doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. She asks why not since they kissed earlier. He says he just wants to make sure she is ok before anything goes any farther. They goof off later and he leans her back on the bed playing around and her arms goes up like she is defending herself. Max pulls away immediately and apologizes to her. She says she is sorry, she didn’t mean to do that. He says it is ok, he should have never done that.

Jan Barrett

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