The Brady’s are flying back to Salem when suddenly the plane hits some heavy turbulence. Claire asks Shawn and Belle if they hit something but they assure her that there is nothing in the air to hit. She says there are the clouds. Marlena asks John if he should talk to the pilot about it. He tells her it is ok. He comes out with an excuse of what it could have been. She is amazed and tells him he can’t remember her yet he can remember all that. He tells her he doesn’t know how he knows all that. She tells him because he was a pilot at one time.

John goes to talk to the pilot. He tells him that the passengers are getting a bit nervous. He asks if there is any chance they can fly out of the turbulence. The pilot says they are trying but they don’t think that is there problem. John asks them if he is saying there is some sort of malfunction with his plane. The pilot tells him he isn’t sure what is wrong but the controls are getting harder to use to fly the plane. John tells him he is sure they will do their best to protect his family back there. John is surprised to even hear himself call them his family. John asks him exactly what kind of problem are they talking about here. He tells John they are holding it steady and hopefully they will be able to keep it that way. He tells John they will protect his family the best they can.

John decides to take over the controls to see if he can figure out what’s going on. He agrees that there is a problem. He thinks they need to land the plane. The pilot radios in for a nearby airfield to land but gets no response and they realize the radio is out. So now they have to figure out what to do next. John is at the controls when he starts remembering a few things. He tells himself that the Doc was right. He did use to be a pilot. They have lost all control power.

He goes in and asks Marlena if he can use her cell phone. Hope tells him he can’t use them in the air. He can’t get a signal so he asks the family if anyone can get a signal and no one can. The co-pilot comes out and tells John they are losing cabin pressure. Cloe asks John if they are going to crash. He assures it is ok. He says the worse that will happen is that it may get a little cold in there so he advises them to cover up. He goes back to the pilot and takes over in the co-pilot’s seat and says ok let’s see what all he can remember. The pilot tells him good luck, and then says the plane is under his control now. John tells Steve to go tell everyone they will be in the air for a while and it is going to be getting a lot colder.

Victor is admiring a rose when Caroline walks up to him. They talk about their children. She tells him that Shawn Sr. has always been a good father to Bo but she says Bo still has his blood. Chelsea walks up and finds the two of them together. She says now that she has the two of them together she wants to know if they will let her ask a few questions. She wants to know how it came about for them to have her father. Reluctantly they tell her the story about how they all came about.

Marlena tells Bo and Hope that John is talking to the pilot about the turbulence. Hope says good, she doesn’t like all the turbulence. Bo tells her to relax because she doesn’t need all the stress. She says he doesn’t look so good himself. Hope asks him how his back is. Marlena wants to know if he has been having back problems but he blames it on the mattress they were sleeping on in Ireland. Marlena tells Bo he should see a doctor because he looks a little pale. Hope excuses herself to go do something. While she is gone Bo tells Marlena that there is something wrong but he would rather not to mention it right now. He says him and Hope are in for a long and bumpy road ahead of them so he appreciates her being there for them if they need her.

Hope is sitting with Shawn and Belle and Claire when Belle notices Bo and Marlena looking so serious in a conversation and she asks Hope if everything is ok. Hope says she is sure it is then excuses herself with them to go talk to Steve and Kayla. She tells them ok no more secrets. She wants to know what is going on. Kayla tells Hope everything is going to be OK which helps calm Hope down some. When she moves back to her seat Steve asks Kayla how come she said that to Hope. Kayla says because that is what she is hoping for.

Roman runs into Kate and she is all upset over Lucas pleading guilty. She wants Roman to do something to keep Lucas from going to jail. Roman tells her there is nothing he can do now that Lucas is adamant about pleading guilty. She says she can’t believe he won’t try and help him. Roman tells her he would do anything he could if there was something to do to keep his daughter happy but there is just nothing he can do for him. Kate is frustrated and doesn’t believe him. She tells Roman she is worried about Lucas getting hurt in jail. Roman tells her that Lucas’s confession is going to help him get more protection in jail.

Jan Barrett

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